91st PA--M E Jenks

91st PA--M E Jenks

M E Jenks was a Special Agent for the Pension Office. He investigated a number of pensions relevant to the 91st Pennsylvania. I've found very little about him.

pensions investigated

Ambrose Baker (C)
20-27 October 1878
whether Mary Baker had remarried (under common law)
Mary Baker was dropped from the pension rolls
Christian L Lawrence
January 1877
whether Sarah Lawrence had remarried
Sarah Lawrence was dropped from the pension rolls, and prosecuted for having drawn pension money illegally
William B Miller
March 1879
whether Eliza Jane Miller had remarried
Eliza Jane Miller was dropped from the pension rolls
Isaiah Collins
21-23 September 1880
whether Isaiah Collins's death was caused by a disease contracted in the service
investigation rated "Fair"
Barbara Collins was restored to the pension rolls (apparently against Jenk's recommendation)


[Register of the Department of the Interior" containing appointees of the President and of the Secreatrary of the Interior. US Government Printing Office, 1877, page 36]
[transcribed from Google Books, 11 January 2015]


Is charged with the conduct of all business transacted under authority found in section 4744, Revised States; with all questions affecting the status of attorneys and magistrates, and, generally, with all violations of law in claims or other matters before the Pension-Office.

[I have transcribed only the one relevant entry]
Name and position.Where born.Whence appointed.Present legal residence.When appointed.Salary.
Clerks and Special Agents.
M. E. JenksPaPaPaBucksJuly --, 18721,200 00

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