91st PA--men in the National Home, 1919

National Military Home, 1919

[Report of the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1919. December 1, 1919. Serial Set volume 7755, session volume 84, 66th congress, 2nd session, House Document 365. 3 pages with relevant entries]
Name. Rank. Company Organization. Length of service (months). What war. Rate of pension per month. Nativity, State or country. Date of admission. Age when admitted. Status.
[page 204]
Beal, WilliamPC91 Pa. Inf.36C25PA9, 9, 1267Mt. dis. 13, 12, 18.
[page 234]
Davis, BenjaminPA91 Pa. Inf.18C21 1/2Pa.22, 1, 1671C. pre.
[page 347]
Scott, George WCD91 Pa. Inf.17C35PA13, 12, 0562Mt. pre.
Mt. = Mountain Branch

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