91st PA--service in the war with Mexico

91st PA--Mexican War

At least four men had served in the Mexican War: Edward Wallace, Reuben Peel, John P Carie, and John Donnell. Perhaps John Q Adams, who served in the "old war", also served in the Mexican War.

Pennsylvania in the War with Mexico

[Randy W. Hackenburg. Pennsylvania in the War with Mexico. Shippensburg PA: White Mane Publishing Co., 1992.
[I did not find an entry under 'John Q Adams', 'John Donnell', or 'Reuben Peel' in the index]

Edward E Wallace
WALLACE, Edward E.: Sgt., enl. 1 Dec 46 at Phila., age 20, promoted to 1st Sgt. 11 Jun 47, left sick in hospital at Perote 29 Nov 47, rejoined Co. before 29 Feb 48, mo. with Co. 28 Jul 48. Lt. Col. 91st P.V.I. 4 Dec 61 to 10 Jan 63. Born 1 Mar 25 & died at Phila. 2 Jan 08. [page 149, UNDER 'Company F, 1st Pennsylvania Regiment: Philadelphia Light Guards']
John P Carey
CAREY, JOHN P.: (Carie): Pvt., enl. 1 Dec 46 at Phila., age 25, mo. with Co. 15 Jul 48. Capt. Co. I, 91st P.V.I. 10 Sep 61 to 10 Feb 63. [page 250, under 'Company F, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment: Philadelphia Rangers']
George W Todd
[page 61]

On 2 November the announcement was made at dress parade of the elections to fill the vacancy Colonel Roberts' death [on 3 October 1847] created.

They were held the next day with the following results:

For Colonel
Lt. Col. John W. Geary 256
Capt. Thomas A. Leoser 152
Sgt. Maj. George W. Todd 87

[page 201, under 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment]

TODD, George W.: enl. 4 Dec 46 at Ebensburgh, age 22, occ. clerk, mi. 4 Jan 47 at Pittsburgh as Pvt. of Co. D, promoted to 1st Sgt. 26 Jan 47, appointed Sgt. Maj. 10 Sep 47, promoted to 2nd Lt. of Co. D 10 Jun 48 to rank from 11 Feb 48, mo. with co. D 14 Jul 48. Major 91st P.V.I. 4 Dec 61 until 19 Dec 62 when he died of wounds received at Fredericksburg 13 Dec 62, Bvt. Lt. Col. 13 Dec 62.

[page 233 has a picture, with this caption:] George W. Todd as Major of the 91st Pennsylvania in the Civil War Charles B. Oellig Collection
[page 342, from Geary's report of 15 September 1847]

My non-commissioned staff, Sergt. Maj. Todd and Quartermaster Sergeant Shellcross, rendered me valuable assistance.

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