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Jewish men who served in the regiment

Morais, Henry Samuel. The Jews of Philadelphia: their history from the earliest settlements to the present time. A record of events and institutions, and of leading members of the Jewish community in every sphere of activity.. Philadelphia: the Levytype Company, 1894. [Based on a series of articles published in the Philadelphia Public Ledger in 1891.]

PART III: In the army and nave. In the Civil War - Pennsylvania Volunteers. Companies' officers.
page 501

Corporal Goldberg, Company A. [perhaps Isaac Goldbecker, corporal in company A?]

Morris Kayser. First Lieutenant, and Captain, Company B. (Term of service, November 6th, 1861-February 16th, 1864, when he resigned.)

Isaac Goodman. Private, Corporal, and Sergeant, Company F. Wounded at Petersburg, June 18th, 1864. (Term of service, October 25th, 1861-July 10th, 1865.)

[no privates in the 91st are listed, but the book lists very few privates; I suspect the author made more of an effort to determine which commissioned and non-commissioned officers were Jewish than privates.]

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