91st PA: Jesse Wharton's shooting

Prisoner lists including Jesse Wharton

[I have transcribed here the three lists of prisoner in the Official records that include Jesse Wharton. The National Archives has sent me copies of two lists of prisoners including Jesse Wharton, from entry 962 [Proceedings of the commission relating to state prisoners. 1862] or 963 [Correspondence regarding prisoners of war. 1861-62]. I have transcribed them separately, on this page, because the relationship between the two sets of lists isn't obvious.]
[more information about Wharton and his death]

[source: Official Records series 2 volume 2 page 237:]
[Note: this list accompanies a letter dated 19 February 1862]

List of prisoners received at the Old Capitol Prison other than prisoners of war since the 1st of March, 1861.
Name. Date of arrest.

Jesse B. Wharton(*) Do. [sc. 1 Jan 1862]
[The '*' indicates that he was still being held.]
[I assume the date in the later lists is more accurate, but have no evidence for that assumption.]

[source: Official Records series 2 volume 2 page 271:]
List of prisoners confined in the Old Capitol Prison, Washington, D. C., March 17, 1862.
Name. Jesse B. Wharton
Date of arrest. Dec. 22, 1861
Nature of offense. Do. [sc. Taking up arms and aiding rebels.]

[source: Official records series 2 volume 2 page 277]

List of prisoners examined by the commission relating to political prisoners and how disposed of

Name. Wharton, J. B.
Date of arrest. Dec. 22, 1861
Where arrested. Near Dam No. 5, Md
On what charge. Being a spy; taken with arms in his hands
When discharged -----
Condition of discharge [blank]

[source: National Archives. State Department. Civil War Papers. Entry 962 or 963.]
List of Prisoners confined in the Old Capitol to Feb 19, 1862

Rec 20 Feb
The following report is Respectfully forwarded to Hon W H Seward Sec' of State
A Porter
Brig Genl
Pro Mar Gen Army Potomac
Feb 20.62

Head Quarters City Guard
Office of the Provost Marshal
Washington DC 19th February 186[2]

Brig Gen'l A Porter
Provost Marshal

In accordance with the request of the Hon. Wm H Seward Sec'ty of State "that you would furnish that Department with a list of all the persons received at the Old Capitol Prison, other than Prisoners of War, since the first of March 1861 with a statement, showing when and on whose order any of them were transferred to any other place of detention, or discharged: and especially designating such as now remain in the Old Capitol Prison aforesaid." I have the honor to submit to you the following report.

The request of the Honorable Secretary of State, enquires only, in relation to Prisoners, "confined in the Old Capitol Prison". In preparing the following Report, I have however given a list of all Prisoners arrested by your command, or sent to you for safe keeping the Prisoners arrested by command of General Mansfield, I have no record of, except the few found in custody at the time you assumed the duties of Provost Marshal, those are embodied in this Report.

Very Respectfully
Your Obedient Servant
E. J. Allen

[This page includes five other prisoners arrested on 1 January 1862 by order of General Banks. Since they are at the bottom of the page, more may appear on the next page.]
[The charges, under 'Transferred to', are written in a different hand]

NoNameBy whose order arrestedWhere confinedDateTransferred toDateBy order ofNoRemaining in Old Capitol
95A. J. MichaelGenl. Banksdo [sc. Old Capitol]1st Jan 1862Court-& Serving [?] [illegible word; appears to be Notces]
observing men
  50A. J. Michael
96Wm. J. Fleecedodo" " "Sheriff & Seizing [?] Property
observing men
  51Wm. J. Fleece
97George H. Johnsondodo" " "Spy  52Geo. H. Johnson
98George D. McGlinceydodo" " "Spy  53Geo. D. McGlincy
99Jesse B. Whartondodo" " "Spy  54Jesse B. Wharton
100Samuel Van Orsdaledodo" " "Spy  55Samuel Van Orsdale

[source: National Archives. State Department. Civil War Papers. Entry 962 or 963.]
[This seems to be an alphabetical list. I have the first and last page only.]

NamesBy whose order arrestedDate of ArrestWhere ArrestedOn what charge arrestedDate of DischargeConditions of DischargeWhen Remanded
Wharton, J. B.Gen. Banks.Dec. 22, 61Near Dam No. 5, MdSpy-taken with arms in his hand  Mch 27

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