91st PA: Jesse Wharton's arrest

Jesse Wharton's arrest

[Jesse Wharton was shot by the 91st while imprisoned at the Old Capitol Prison.]
[source: National Archives, State Department, Civil War Papers, entry 962 (Proceedings of the Commission Relating to State Prisoners) or 963 (Correspondence regarding prisoners of war, 1861-62)]
[5 pages; the right edge of several pages has been slightly damaged]
[I have proofread this page and added the information to my summary of Wharton's shooting]

[first page]
Jesse B. Wharton
[stamped] [illegible word; perhaps EXAMINED] FOR Series II. [blank] 189[blank]
[I assume this stamp indicates someone checked this document to see whether they should include it in series 2 of the Official records.]

[second page]
Jesse Warton [sic]
Evidence case of
United States
Jesse Warton [sic]

[third page]
Jessie Warton [sic] Taken near the 4 Locks; Said Warton is kown [sic] to belong to a clique regularly formed for the purpose of aiding the Seccession [sic] cause. On the night he was taken and during the day--it being the day and night on which the Rebels attacked dam No 5--he was riding about, and visiting those known to be of seccession [sic] sentiments. and Evidence can be procured to show that it was the object of the Seccessionists [sic], should they be able to induce the Rebels to cross the River, to rise and assist them. it was to this purpose that Warton endevoured [sic] to cross the River. He was taken while trying to bribe one of the Pickets, by offering him Twenty dollars to allow him to cross. While going to the Guard House he destroyed a paper probably intended for the Rebels. An amount of evidence can be procured if necessary to insure his safe keeping.

Lieut John G. Hovey
13th [illegible word] Marshal
Provost Marshal

[fourth page]
Old Capitol Prison
Washington D.C. Jan 4th
Statement of Jesse B. Wharton

Deponent says that he [is] 27 years old and was born two mile[s] north east from Clear Spring, Washington County. MD. Is married. I have been for the last two years in Nevada Territory mining, and came home in the latter part of October to attend to the settlem[ent] of my mothers [sic] estate, who recently deceased, and to raise what money I could & return next spring to Nevada again. I have served 3 years ni [sic] the U.S.A. from 1855 to 1858, and have never borne arms against the United States Govt.

I was arrested near the Four [the numeral '4' is crossed out and the word written above it] Locks at abt. 2 miles from Dam No 5, on the Chesepike [sic] & Ohio Ca[nal] on or about the 22d Dec. last, and taken to Williamsport, and was sent to Frederick on the 30th, and arrived in Washington on the 31st. I have never either directly or indirectly rendered any aid, comfort, or assistance to any person or persons now in arms or Rebellion against the Govt. of the U.S. While I was at the Two [the numeral '2' is crossed out and the word written above it] Locks, I heard some of the soldiers say that Capt. Russels [sic] Compy [page 5] of Home Guards from Washington Co. Md had crossed into Va. by the way of Hancock, and being well acquainted with Lieut. Nesbitt of the said Company, I remarked that I would give $20. to send a messag[e] to him. I was in jest when I made the foregoing remark. I deny that I belong to any party or clique to aid the Secessionists.

Question--have you been in the habit of visiting and holding communication with thos[e] who are known to be Secessionists and opposed to the Govt of the U.S. and in favor of the Confederate govt

Deponent declines to answer this question.

Deponents says he did not attempt to cross the river into Va. and he never did give any information to any person in the Rebel service or friendly to the same, as to the moveme[nts] of the Federal Troops. And he never destroyed any paper going to the guard house, when arrested; nor had he any pap[ers] in his possession for any person connected wi[th] the Rebels.

in presence of D. G. McKelvey
J B Wharton

[written vertically:]
(W. D.C.) 161.C [?]
Statement of Jesse B Wharton
Prisoner of War
4th Jany 1862

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