91st PA--Deaths in Company A

Deaths in Company A

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[source: Descriptive Rolls of 91st PA; National Archives and Record Administration]
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[Bates's death dates: Bernstein, 13 Apr; Hurst, 4 February; the others are the same]

Register of Deaths.

No. Names. Rank. When. Where. Cause. Remarks.
1 Gustavis J Bernstine Private April 14th [1862] Washington Typhoid Fever  
2 Thomas P Aitkins Corporal June 1st [1862] Alexandria Exposure  
3 Jarett Hurst Private Feb 5th [?] [1863] Division Hospt Typhoid Fever  
4 Amos Godfrey " Dec 13th [1862] Fredericksburg Killed Battle of Fredericksburg [illegible word]
5 Samuel W Wilson Corpl May 3rd /63 Chancilville [sic] Killed Killed at the battle of Chancilville [sic]
6 Joseph Mills Private June 17 /63 Washington of wnds received at Chanclersville [sic]
7 Rudolph Madeil " May 3 /63 Chanclville [sic] Killed  

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