91st PA--commissioned officers in Company H

Commissioned officers in Company H

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[Source: Descriptive rolls of 91st PA; National Archives and Record Administration]
[related page: officers in the 91st PA (Official Army Register)]

List of Commissioned Officers.

[A paper saying that only the descriptive list has been carded is at the bottom of the page; it claims that 194 names were carded]
[No.]NamesRankDate of Appointment.Remarks.
 Chas S BrownCaptNov 25resigned Feb 22nd 1862
 ['George Black' is crossed out]
 Charles HenryCaptMay 12Promoted from 2d Lt Resigned [several illegibly light words follow]
 James H ClossonCaptMay 12th /63Mustered as Captain March 1st [1864]
Killed in [illegible]
 George P. FinneyCaptDec 1st /64Mustered as Captain Jan 4th [?] Promoted from 1st Lt [?]
 George Black1 LieutNov 14Wounded at Chancellorsville, May 3rd /63
 George P Finney1st Lieut Mustered Nov 3rd /64 Promoted from 1st sgt [?]
 Wm [?] H Frailey1st LieutJanuary [?] 6th /65" [sc. Mustered] Jan 6th [?] /65 " " " [sc. promoted from 1st sgt]
 James J Donnelly1 LieutMay 1st /65Transferred from 118th Regt P.V. by Order No [the right side of the page seems to be cut off]
 Charles Henry2 LeftNov 25Promoted to Captain May 12th [1862]
 Stephen Eastwick2 Lieut May 14thResigned May 22d 1862
 John Q Dyke2nd LieutMay 24th [1862]Resigned December 30th 1862
 Joseph T Jones2d LtMarch 18th /63wounded in action June 2nd [?] 64

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