91st PA-Texas Freedman's Bureau, articles in Galveston Daily News, 1866

Complaints from the Louisville Courier

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[source: Galveston Daily News 5 April 1866, page 2 column 2]

A correspondent of the Louisville Courier, writing to that place from Galveston, under date of the 6th, after complimenting Gen. Magruder's recapture of the city, etc., says:

Gen. Gregory, Commissioner of the Freedmen's Bureau, is stationed at Galveston. I have heard more complaints of his administration than of any other such officer in my travels in the Southern States. He is represented to be unsympathizing with the wants of the people, overbearing and insulting to citizens, officious in the affairs of master and servant, and repulsive to petitions for redress. Under his government the civil authorities are paralyzed, and much evil results. A number of murders and outrages have been committed by soldiers here, especially by negroes, of which little notice has been taken. Recently several of them seized and outraged the person of a young lady in the suburbs of the town. These crimes leave a gangrene upon the temper of the people that will not be cured in a long time.

Galveston, like all other cities, is reviving in population and business, and rents are very high. The shipping in the harbor and other appearances indicate a healthy growth towards prosperity.

There is said to be a considerable emigration to Texas from various parts of the world. There is room enough for a few million more, on easy and propitious terms. But I will write more of this when I get within the State.

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