91st PA-Texas Freedman's Bureau, articles in Galveston Daily News, 1866

Two notices of Gregory's relief

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[official notice of Gregory's relief]

[source: Galveston Daily News, 13 April 1866 page 2 column 1]
GEN. GREGORY RELIEVED--We copy the following from the "Army Bulletin"--remarking only that if the "Commissioner" is satisfied with the manner in which Gen. Gregory has performed his duties, the great majority of the people of Texas will be abundantly delighted to hear of his removal. It will give more satisfaction among those who wish peace and quiet than anything that has been published for many a day:

RELIEVED.--Brevet Brigadier General E. M. Gregory Colonel 91st Pennsylvania Volunteers, from duty as Assistant Commissioner of the Freedmen's Bureau, Texas. The Commissioner takes this occasion to commend Gen. Gregory for the marked energy and ability with which he has discharged his duties as Assistant Commissioner. The new duties to which he is assigned are deemed at present of paramount importance.

ASSIGNED.--Brevet Major General J. B. Kidnoo, Colonel Twenty-second United States Colored Troops, to duty as Assistant Commissioner of the Freedmen's Bureau for Texas, with headquarters at Galveston.

[Gregory's replacement]

[source: Galveston Daily News, 14 April 1866 page 2 column 5 (under "FROM WASHINGTON. Special Dispatches to the St. Louis Republican)"]

Maj. Gen. Kelso [sic], of Pittsburg, has been assigned by the President to duty as Commissioner of the Freedmen's Bureau for the State of Texas.

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