91st PA: David Bachtel

David Bachtel

Before the war

He was born in 1822/23, in Chester County, Pennsylvania, perhaps to [unknown] and Elizabeth [unknown surname]. [sources: date: 4 (38 in 1861), 6 (21 in 1850), 7 (40 in 1865). place: 4, 7. parents: 6]

In 1850, he may have been living in Lower Oxford Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. He was living with Elizabeth Bachtell (presumably his mother), Linford, Rebecca, Susanna, Samuel, William, and Margaretta (presumably his siblings). He was a bricklayer. [source: 6]

When he enlisted, he was a farmer [source: 4]


When he enlisted, he was 6 feet 0 inches tall, and had a dark complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair. [source: 4]

During the war

He enlisted and was mustered into service on 21 November 1861. He was enlisted for three years, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Captain Fetter. He was a private, in company G. [sources: 1, 4, 8]

He was transferred to company F on 4 December 1861. [sources: 1, 5]

He was discharged at camp in the field on 13 February 1863 on surgeon's certificate of disability. He was a private, in company F. [sources: 1, 2 (12 Feb), 3 (13 Feb), 4 (13 Feb), 8]

After the war

On 28 February 1865, he may have died, of phthisis. He died in Camp Cadwalader, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was single. On 28 February 1865, he was buried, in Glenwood Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [source: 7]


1 Bates, Samuel Penniman. History of Pennsylvania volunteers, 1861-5. Harrisburg: B. Singerly, state printer, 1869-71. 5 volumes. 'Ninety-first regiment', volume 3, pages 186-233. (In the roster)

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8 index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania (David Bachtel)

note on identification

I have ruled out two candidates because they were not living in or near Philadelphia in 1860. The first matches more closely the age in the regimental records, but according to the 1900 census his daughter Susan was born in Ohio in 1850 (apparently confirmed by the 1850 census), which makes his serving in the 91st unlikely. Similarly, the second apparently had a child Effie born in 1858/59 in Iowa. The third is therefore the most likely candidate, despite his being 6 years younger than reported in the regimental records. There are also David Bechtel's living in Heidelberg and Tulpehocken, Berks County, Pennsylvania, whom I have excluded because of their location.

candidate 1

(1) The first was born in Pennsylvania in January 1822, married Fanny, moved to Wyandot County Ohio, and died there on 21 June 1900.

1850 US census, Ohio, Seneca County, Liberty Township, microfilm series M432, film 728, page 407 verso = 874 handwritten (FamilySearch record)
David Bechtel (29, cooper, b. PA), with (Fanny 33 b. PA) and Susan (6/12, b. OH)
1870 US census, Ohio, Wyandot County, Antrim Township, post office Nevada, microfilm series M593, film 1284, page 614 = 9 handwritten (FamilySearch record)
David Bachtell (47, farmer, b. PA), with Fanny (54, b. VA) and Fanny (16 b. OH)
1880 US census, Ohio, Wyandot, Eden Township, household 134, family 136, supervisor's district 1, enumeration district 166, microfilm series T9, film 1079, page 532 = 16 D handwritten (FamilySearch record)
David Bachtell (58, farmer, b. PA), with wife Fanny Bachtell (62, b. VA)
1900 US census, Ohio, Wyandot COunty, Antrim Township, microfilm series T623, film 1334, supervisor's district 12, enumeration district 120, page 4 = 4 A handwritten (FamilySearch record)
David Bachtel (b. Jan 1822 PA, widowed, no occupation listed), with daughter Susan E Rex (born June 1850 Ohio) and her family
death record, 21 June 1900, David Bachtell, Antrim Township, Wyandot County, Ohio, in Ohio deaths and burials 1854-1997 (abstract on FamilySearch)
d. 21 June 1900, Antrim Twp, Wyandot, OH, farmer, father Jacob Bachtell, mother May Baiber, 78 years old, b. PA

candidate 2

(2) The second was born on 18 December 1819, in Londonderry Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, to Samuel Bachtell and Elizabeth White, married Susannah David, and died 18 Feb 1891, in Aurora Iowa.

many gedcom's on WC including 'Ancestors of Susan Barnett and James Harwood Rech, contact Susan Rech, updated 6 May 2012, accessed 17 July 2012
b. 15 Dec 1818 Londonderry Chester PA to Samuel Bachtell (d. 1833) and Elizabeth White (d. 1868), d. 17 Feb 1891 Aurora Buchanan IA
ktinkham, updated 20 July 2004, contact Kenneth Tinkham, accessed 18 July 2012, lists spouse as Susannah Davis (b. ca 1818 Chester Cty PA), with 8 children: Thomas David (b. 23 Nov 1840 Chester Cty PA), Elizabeth (b. ca 1843 PA), John A (b. ca 1845 PA), Dirastus S (b. ca 1848 PA), Charles B (b. ca 1850 PA), Howard H (b. ca 1852 PA), Effie J (b. ca 1859 in IA), and Mary W (b. ca 1861 in Clayton Cty IA)
1870 US census, Iowa, Clayton County, Boardman Township, microfilm series M593, film 383, page 153 = 29 handwritten
David Bachtell (51, farmer, b. PA), with Susannah (50, b. PA), Effis S (11, b. IA), and Mary (9, b. IA)
1880 US census, Iowa, Clayton County, Boardman, supervisor's district 2, enumeration district 126, microfilm series T9, film 333, page 280 = 27 C handwritten (FamilySearch record)
David Bachtel (62, farmer, b. PA), Susanna V Bachtel (62, b. PA), Howard H Bachtel (28, farmer, b. PA), and Mary W Bachtel (17, b. IA)

Sources checked unsuccessfully

Find a grave
no Bachtell in Glenwood Cemetery (accessed 17 July 2012)
also searched David Bachtel d. 1865 anywhere and David Bachtell d. 1865 anywhere (accessed 17 July 2012)
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I have not found him or his family
1870-1930 US censuses
searched David Bachtell b. PA 1828-1830 without finding him (FamilySearch, accessed 17 July 2012)
searched David Bachtell, b. PA 1829 +/-1 without finding him (Ancestry, accessed 17 July 2012)
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Ancestry index (accessed September 2006)--note that some were almost illegibly light
Find a grave
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no death notice in Philadelphia Inquirer 28 February 1865 page 4, 1 March 1865 page 5, 2 March 1865 page 5, 3 March 1865 page 5, 4 March 1865 page, March 1865, 7 March 1865 page 5
no death notice in North American 1 March 1865 page 2
no death notice in Public Ledger 1 March 1865 page 2, or 7 March 1865 page 2
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accessed 16 July 2012
RootsWeb WorldConnect
unsuccessfully searched David Bachtel (metaphone) died 1865 (accessed 17 July 2012)


David Bachtel in the 91st PA gedcom on RootsWeb WorldConnect

David Bachtel in the 91st PA database

1850 census

[1850 US census, Pennsylvania, Chester County, Lower Oxford Township, microfilm series M432, film 764, page 60 verso = 120 handwritten]
[available on FamilySearch]
[identification is speculative; see the note on identification above about other candidates, and note that his occupation does not match the occupation recorded in the regimental records eleven years later]
[note that the siblings don't match the children listed in the gedcom for the second rejected candidate above, and the apparent mother Elizabeth isn't the same age (Elizabeth White being born 15 April 1780)]
Dwellings visited286       
Families visited293 [?]       
NameElizabeth BachtellLinford "David "Rebecca A "Susanna "Samuel R [?] "William H "Margaretta "
Occupation of males over 15 years FarmerBricklayer     
Real estate owned        
Married within year        
Attended school within year     1  
Over 20 & can't read/write        
Deaf, dumb, blind, etc.        

index to compiled service records

[index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania]
[transcribed 11 Mar 2014, from Fold3]

Bachtel David
Co. G F, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
Pvt | Pvt
See also [blank]


death certificate

[death certificate, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 28 February 1865, David Bachtel]
[transcribed 25 July 2012, from FamilySearch)]

1. Name of Deceased, David Bachtel
2. Colour, White
3. Sex, Male
4. Age, Forty
5. Single
6. Date of Death, February 28th 1865
7. Cause of Death, Phthisis
[illegible] M.D.
[blank] Hospital.
8. Occupation, [blank]
9. Place of Birth, Chester Co. Pa.
10. When a Minor, [blank]
11. Ward, Twenty First
12. Street and Number, Camp Cadwalader
13. Date of Burial, February 28th 1865
14. Place of Burial, Glenwood Cemetery
Rulon + Blank [??] Undertaker.
Residence, 1515 [illegible]

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