91st PA--John Conor

John Conor

Before the war

He was born in 1804/05, in Baltimore, Maryland. [sources: date: 2 (56 in 1861 (?) or possible 1863). place: 2]

He was a shoemaker when he enlisted. [source: 2]


When he enlisted, he was five feet eight inches tall, and had brown eyes, grey hair, and a sallow complexion. [source: 2]

During the war

On 17 December 1861, he enlisted, and was mustered in, at Philadephia, Pennsylvania. He enlisted for three years. He was mustered in as a private in company B. [sources: 1, 2]

On the January-February 1862 muster roll, he was reported absent without leave. [source: 2]

On 18 March 1862, he deserted, from Washington, DC. I assume this is the date he was reported deserted, since he had been absent without leave. [source: 2]

Since he was discharged from Forrest Hill Prison (which was used as a jail for deserters), he must have been caught or returned voluntarily. [sources: 2, 3]

On 18 December 1863, he was discharged on surgeon's certificate of disability, from Forrest Hall Prison, Georgetown, District of Columbia. He had a left oblique inguinal hernia, and debility from old age. [source: 2]


1 index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania (John Conor)

2 compiled service record, company B 91st Pennsylvania Infantry (John Conor)

3 'Then and now: Georgetown's Forrest Hall', accessed 14 February 2015

Sources checked unsuccessfully

Bates, Samuel Penniman. History of Pennsylvania volunteers, 1861-5. Harrisburg: B. Singerly, state printer, 1869-71. 5 volumes. 'Ninety-first regiment', volume 3, pages 186-233.
(not in the roster)


John Conor in the 91st PA database

index to compiled service records

[index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania]
[transcribed 24 Mar 2014, from Fold3]

Conor John
Co. B, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
Pvt | Pvt
See also [blank]


compiled service record

[compiled service record, 91st Pennsylvania infantry, John Conor]
[transcribed 14 February 2015, from five images, obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration]

[image 1]


Conor John
Co. B, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
Private | Private


1 22042308
2 22042402
3 22042517
[the rest of the card numbers are blank]

Number of personal papers herein 1
Book Mark: [blank]
See also [blank]

[image 2]

Connor [sic] John
Pvt, Co. B, 91 Reg't Pa. Inf.

1 Enclosures.

Bed Cards [blank]
Burial Records [blank]
Certs. of Dis. for Discharge 1
C.M. Charges [blank]
Descriptive Lists [blank]
Discharge Certificates [blank]
Enlistment Papers [blank]
Final Statements [blank]
Furloughs or L. of A. [blank]
Med. Certificates [blank]
Med. Des. Lists [blank]
Orders [blank]
Pris. of War Record [blank]
Resignations [blank]

Other papers relating to--
Admission to Hosp'l [blank]
Casualty Sheet [blank]
Confinement [blank]
Contracts [blank]
Death or Effects [blank]
Desertion [blank]
Discharge from Hosp'l [blank]
Discharge from Service [blank]
Duty [blank]
Furlough or L. of A. [blank]
Med. Examination [blank]
Misc. Information [blank]
Pay or Clothing [blank]
Personal Reports [blank]
Rank [blank]
Transfer to Hosp'l [blank]
Transfer to V.R.C. [blank]
Transportation [blank]

[image 3]


John Connor [sic], of Captain Boormans' [sic] Company, (B), of the Ninety-first Penna. Regiment of United States Volunteers was enlisted by Captain Boorman [sic; presumably this should be 'Bowman'] of the Ninety-first Regiment of Penna. Vols. at Philadelphia, Penna. on the [blank] day of December, 1861, to serve three years; he was born in Baltimore in the State of Maryland, is Fifty-six years of age, Five feet Eight inches high, Sallow complexion, Brown eyes Grey hair, and by occupation when enlisted a Shoemaker. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty [blank] days.

STATION: Forrest Hall Prison
DATE: December 15th 1863.

D. W. C. James
Captain Commanding Post

I CERTIFY, that I have carefully examined the said John Connor of Captain Boormans [sic] Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of Left Oblique Inguinal hernia, and debility from Old Age (56) existing prior to enlistment. Not a subject for the Invalid Corps.

Chas McCormick
A. Asst. Surgeon. U.S.A.

DISCHARGED, this 18th day of December, 1863, at Forrest Hall Prison, Georgetown D.C.

D. W. C. James
Captain Commanding the Post

The Soldier desires to be addressed at Town Philadelphia County Philadelphia State Pennsylvania.

[image 4]

C 2731 of 1863
Mil. Dist. of Wash
No 54 Dupl


John Connor
a Private Co. "B.
91st Reg't of Pa. Vols.

R. D. [?] Abbott [?]
Surg U.S.A. & Med. Director

Adjutant General's Office
Dec 23 1863
Duplicate in the Pension Office

Pay account suspended on account of desertion

Dec. 18 1863
To be discharged
T. M. Anderson

Received (A. G. Office) Dec. 21, 1863.

Entd on C.R.
R L H W Dec. 18.

[image 5, which consists of three cards]

[card 1]

C | 91 | Pa.
John Conor
Pvt, Co. B, 91 Reg't Pennsylvania Inf.
Appears on
Company Muster Roll
for Mch + Apr, 1862.
Present or absent [blank]
Stoppage, $[blank]
Due Gov't, $[blank]
Remarks: Deserted Mch 18 /62 from Washington D.C.

Not borne on Sub. rolls of Co.

Book mark: [blank]
Patterson Copyist.

[card 2]

C | 91 | Pa.
John Conor
Pvt, Co. B, 91 Reg't Pennsylvania Inf.
Appears on
Company Muster Roll
for Jan + Feb, 1862.
Present or absent Absent
Stoppage, $[blank]
Due Gov't, $[blank]
Remarks: Absent without leave

Book mark: [blank]
Patterson Copyist.

[card 3]

John Conor
Pvt, Co. B, 91 Reg't Pennsylvania Inf.
Appears on
Company Muster Roll
for from Oct 7 to Dec 31, 1861.
Present or absent not stated
Stopage, $[blank]
Due Gov't, $[blank]
Remarks: (Enrolled and mustered in Dec. 17. 61 at Phila. Pa. for 3 yrs.)

Book mark: [blank]
Patterson Copyist.

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