91st PA: Henry Francis Gray

Henry Francis Gray

Before the war

He was born in 1840/41 (4 (21 in 1862), 7 (21 in 1862)). He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4, 6, 7).

He was a bonnetboard maker, and was living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4, 7).


When he enlisted, he was 6 feet 0 inches tall, and had a light complexion, gray eyes, and light hair (4, 7 [6'1"]).

During the war

He enlisted and was mustered into service on 4 or 14 January 1862 (1 [14 Jan], 4 [4 Jan], 7 [14 Jan]). He was enlisted for three years, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Captain Fetter (4, 7). He was mustered in as a private in company F at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1, 7 [transferred from co.G], 9 (transferred from F to G)).

He fought at the Battle of Gettysburg (8).

He reenlisted as a veteran volunteer on 25 February 1864, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1, 7).

He was killed in action on 18 June 1864 at Petersburg, Virginia (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7). He was a private (1 [co.F], 9 [co.G]).


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index to compiled service records

[index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania]
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Gray, Henry F.
Co. F, G, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
Pvt. | Pvt.
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