91st PA: John Martin

John Martin

Before the war

He was born in 1833/34, in Madeira, Ireland. [sources: date: 2 (30 in 1864). place: 2]

When he enlisted, he was a longshoreman. [source: 2]


When he enlisted, he was 5 feet 6 inches tall, and had dark eyes, dark hair, and a dark complexion. [source: 2]

During the war

On 5 February 1864, he enlisted and was mustered in as a private in company E of the 91st. He was enlisted by Howard W Shipley. William G Keir certified that he was able to perform a soldier's duty. [sources: 1, 2]

He was reported deserted on 26 February 1864. [source: 3]

He is listed on a Descriptive list of deserters, dated 31 March 1864, Warrenton Junction, Virginia. According to this roll, he enlisted and was mustered in on 15 January 1864, and deserted on 22 January 1864--but that is inconsistent with the Volunteer enlistment and Declaration of recruit (images 2-3 above). [source: 2]


1 index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania (John Martin)

2 compiled service record, E 91 PA (John Martin)

3 consolidated morning report, 91st PA, 26 Feb 03 (Martin)

Sources checked unsuccessfully

Bates, Samuel Penniman. History of Pennsylvania volunteers, 1861-5. Harrisburg: B. Singerly, state printer, 1869-71. 5 volumes. 'Ninety-first regiment', volume 3, pages 186-233.
[no reference]


John Martin in the 91st PA database

index to compiled service records

[index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania]
[transcribed 3 January 2015, from Fold3]

Martin, John
Co. E, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
Pvt | Pvt
See also [blank]


compiled service record

[compiled service record, E 91 PA, John Martin]
[transcribed 5 July 2015, from 7 images obtained from National Archives and Records Administration]

[image 1]

Martin. John
Co. E, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
Private | Private
1 22039479
[the rest of the card numbers are blank]
Number of personal papers herein 2
Book Mark: [blank]
See also [blank]

[image 2]

STATE OF Pennsylvania TOWN OF Philadelphia

I, John Martin born in Madeira Ireland aged Thirty years, and by occupation a Longshoreman DO HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE to have volunteered this Fifth day of February 1864, to serve as a Soldier in the Army of the United States of America, for the period of THREE YEARS, unless sooner discharged by proper authority: Do also agree to accept such bounty, pay, rations, and clothing, as are, or may be, established by law for volunteers. And I, John Martin do solemnly swear, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United States of America, and that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies or opposers whomsoever; and that I will observe and obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the Rules and Articles of War.

John Martin x his mark
Sworn and subscribed to, at Philada Pa
this 5th day of February 1864.
BEFORE Saml Hildeburn [?]

I CERTIFY, ON HONOR, That I have carefully examined the above-named Volunteer, agreeably to the General Regulations of the Army, and that, in my opinion, he is free from all bodily defects and mental infirmity, which would in any way disqualify him from performing the duties of a soldier.

W G Keir
Asst Surgn 91 P Vol

I CERTIFY, ON HONOR, That I have minutely inspected the Volunteer, John Martin previously to his enlistment, and that he was entirely sober when enlisted; that, to the best of my judgment and belief, he is of lawful age; and that, in accepting him as duly qualified to perform the duties of an able-bodied soldier, I have strictly observed the Regulations which govern the recruiting service. This soldier has Dark eyes, Dark hair, Dark complexion, is 5 feet 6 inches high.

Lt Howard W Shipley
91st Regiment of Penna Volunteers,

[the muster information, which runs vertically in the right margin, is blank]

[image 3]


I, John Martin desiring to VOLUNTEER as a Soldier in the Army of the United States, for the term of THREE YEARS, Do Declare, That I am 30 years and - months of age; that I have never been discharged from the United States service on account of disability or by sentence of a court martial, or by order before the expiration of a term of enlistment; and I know of no impediment to my serving honestly and faithfully as a soldier for three years.

GIVEN at Philadelphia
the 5 day of February 1864
John Martin X his mark
Witness: Priv J P Kochersperger

From 2nd Ward 1st Dist
John Martin
Volunteered at Philadelphia
February 5 1864.
By Lieut H. W. Shipley
91st Regiment of Pa. Vols.

[the previous enlistment information is blank]

For Co. E. 91st Reg. P.V.

[the "consent in case of minor" is blank]

[images 4-5 are duplicates of images 2-3; the only significant difference is that on this copy Sergt [illegible] Gettins witnessed John Martin's "declaration of recruit"]

[image 6]

Martin, John.
[blank], Co. E, 91 Reg't Pa. Inf.
2 Enclosures.
[all the lines are blank except this:]
Enlistment Papers 2

Other papers relating to--
[all the lines are blank]

[image 7]

M | 91 | Pa.
John Martin
Pvt, Co. E, 91 Reg't Pa. Infantry.
Appears on
Descriptive List of Deserters
dated Warrenton Junction Va Mch 31 1864.
Age 30 years; height 5 feet 6 inches.
Complexion Drk; eyes Drk; hair Drk
Where born Madeira Ireland
Occupation Long Shoreman
When enlisted Jan 15, 1864
Where enlisted Phila. Pa.
When mustered in Jan. 15, 1864.
Where mustered in Phila. Pa.
For what period mustered in 3 years.
When deserted Jan. 22, 1864
Where deserted Phila. Pa.
When apprehended [blank]
Where apprehended [blank]
Remarks: Recruit
Book mark: [blank]
Ronafy Copyist.

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