91st PA: Robert Simpson

Robert Simpson

Before the war

He was born in 1830/31, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [sources: date: 4, 8 (30 in 1861). place: 4]

Staring about 1858, Robert's father, James Simpson, couldn't work, because of chronic rheumatism. They were so poor that he did not see a regular physician, but was treated at the Episcopal Hospital, which gave him medications without charge (but kept no records). Robert was a glassblower, and earned on average about $20 (or $20 to $25, according to one report) per week; he supported his parents. [source: 8]

When he enlisted, he was a glass blower. [source: 4]


When he enlisted, he was 5 feet 6 inches tall, and had a dark complexion, dark eyes, and dark hair. [sources: 4, 8]

During the war

He enlisted and was mustered into service on 26 or 27 November 1861. He was enlisted for three years, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Lieutenant Parsons. He was a private, in company G. [sources: 1, 4 (27 Nov), 8 (27 Nov; mustered in 2 Dec), 10]

He was transferred on 4 December 1861 to company A. [sources: 1, 6, 8]

During the winter of 1862, he contracted a cold, while the regiment was marching to Falmouth, Virginia. [source: 8]

He was discharged at camp near Falmouth, Virginia, on 21 March 1863, on surgeon's certificate of disability. He was discharged because of phthisis pulmonalis. He was then a private. [sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 (20 Mar), 10]

After the war

On 20 March, he arrived at the Sanitary Commission home, in Washington DC. A home official later claimed that he did not appear very ill then, but F H Gregory claimed 'that he was in an extremely feeble an[d] emaciated condition'. [source: 8]

On 23 March 1863, he died, at the Sanitary Commission Home, in Washington, DC. He died of the effects of consumption and heart disease (or of debility). He was buried in the Military Asylum Cemetery, in Washington, DC. [sources: 8, 9]

On 11 April 1863, the Sanitary Commission replied to a letter from Robert's parents. They asked how they wanted his money ($144.75) and other effects sent to them. [source: 8]

In July 1863, James Simpson, Robert's father, died. [source: 8]

On 28 October 1867, his mother, Anna Simpson, applied successfully from Pennsylvania for a pension under the Act of 14 July 1862. Her address was Cedar Street above Ann Street, Port Richmond, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She hadn't applied earlier because she had been told that she was not eligible, because Robert died after he was discharged. F H Gregory and Frank G Clough were witnesses to her identity, and Gregory also gave a deposition supporting her claim. Her application was accepted on 9 July 1868, retroactive to 26 March 1868, and she received $8 per month. [sources: 5, 7]

On 10 September 1868, Anna Simpson applied for her pension to be extended retroactive to Robert's death, under section six of the Act of 27 July 1868. Her application was apparently accepted on 6 October 1868. [source: 8]

On 8 December 1875, the Pension Office instructed the pension agent to suspend payment of Anna Simpson's pension. This was presumably because her application had been improperly executed. On 25 January 1876, the Pension Office instructed the pension agent to resume payment. [source: 8]

On 14 November 1900, the Pension Office issued a certificate for $8.40 under the Reimbursement Act of 2 March 1895. This was presumably for expenses relating to Anna Simpson's death. [source: 8]


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1 Bates, Samuel Penniman. History of Pennsylvania volunteers, 1861-5. Harrisburg: B. Singerly, state printer, 1869-71. 5 volumes. 'Ninety-first regiment', volume 3, pages 186-233. (In the roster)

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9 Find a grave, memorial 35809633, created by GulfportBob, added 12 Apr 2009, accessed 21 Apr 2013 [includes a photo of the headstone; identification is not certain, since the only information is his name and state] (Rob't Simpson)

10 index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania (Robert Simpson)

Sources checked unsuccessfully

1850 US census
FamilySearch index (accessed 22 April 2013)
Robert Simpson 21 born Ireland is living with John and Mary J Simpson (Lombard Ward, Philadelphia, microfilm series M432, film 812, page 254 recto = 503 handwritten = 123 handwritten, FamilySearch)
Robert Simpson 14 born Pennsylvania, is living with William and Mary Simpson, in Kingsessing, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, microfilm series M432, film 808, page 8 verso = 16 handwritten, FamilySearch)
Robert J Simpson, 10, born Pennysylvania, in Pine War, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is living with William and Matilda Simpson, microfilm series M432, film 813, page 327 verso = 122 handwritten, FamilySearch
1860 US census
FamilySearch index (accessed 22 April 2013)
Robert Simpson 30 born Ireland, living in Nichol's House, ward 8 (microfilm series M563, film 1158, page 347, FamilySearch) was a hotel keeper, not a glassblower)
Robert Simpson 24, in precinct 1, ward 24, is a laborer (microfilm series M653, film 1175, page 569 = 183 handwritten, FamilySearch)
Robert Simpson 26, born Ireland in ward 15, is a shoemaker, and apparently married to Lutoba (microfilm series M653, film 1165, page 479 = 39 handwritten, FamilySearch)
Robt Story Simpson, 24, born Pennsylvania, in precinct 3, ward 24, is a gardener, and is living with J A Simpson (attorney at law) and M A Simpson et al. (microfilm series M653, film 1175, page 623 = 167, FamilySearch)
Robt Simpson, 24, is in stationary, and is living with Ann (50, b. Ireland) and David (21, paper closer) Simpson, in ward 8 (microfilm series M653, film 1185, page 619 = 257 handwritten, FamilySearch)
I could not find him using the city directory (see below)
1870 US census
FamilySearch index (accessed 22 April 2013)
[note Robt Simpson, 40, b. England, with Isabel Simpson 38 et al., FamilySearch]
[note 1871 Gopsill's p.1296: 'Simpson Ann, wid James C., h 1850 N 11th']
1880 US census
FamilySearch index (accessed 22 April 2013)
[note Robt Simpson, 50, hosler, b. Ireland, with G H Kinzer, microfilm series T9, film 1171, page 32 B FamilySearch]
1890 US census, veterans schedule
Ancestry index (accessed October 2005)
1900 US census
FamilySearch index (accessed 22 April 2013)
1910 US census
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1920 US census
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1930 US census
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Pennsylvania, veterans burial cards, 1777-1999
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applications for headstones for military veterans, 1925-1941
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records of headstones of deceased Union veterans, 1879-1903
FamilySearch index (accessed 22 April 2013)
RootsWeb WorldConnect
searched for Robert Simpson son of James and Anna OR Robert Simpson died 1863 (accessed 22 Apr 13)
Philadelphia death certificates
searched for James Simpson died 1863
note James Simpson 47, married, glassworker etc., born Ireland, to Thos Simpson and Ann Wood, died 27 July 1863, accidentally, 25th ward, Ann Street + Gunners [?] Run [?], buried 29 July 1863, Franklin Cemetery (FamilySearch--James Simpson's death certificate is one prior to the certificate to which this links (accessed 22 Apr 13))
'Casualties', Philadelphia Inquirer 28 July 1863, page 8: 'CASUALTIES.--A man, named JAMES SIMPSON, was crushed between his cart and a car, on Ann street, near Gunner's run, Richmond. The unfortunate sufferer was injured to such an extent that he subsequently died.'
checked death notices in Philadelphia Inquirer and Public Ledger on 28, 29, and 30 July (on GenealogyBank)
1861 city directory: OCR index s.v. 'Gunner's run' (on Fold3):
(a) Biddle's p.1159: Glass Manufacturers. 'Sheets & Duffy, York ab Gunner's Run'
(b) Biddle's p.1136 (headed 'McElroy's Business Directory'!): 'Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co., 122 S 2d & Richmond ab Gunner's Run'
(c) Biddle's p.11: 'Allen, Knight & Co. (Ellwood ALlen, Franklin Knight & Frank C. Gillingham), lumber mer, Richmond ab Gunner's Run'
(d) Biddle's p.217: 'Davis Courtland H., bookkeeper, Richmond ab Gunner's run, h 412 Wildey' and 'Davis David, agent for Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company, Richmond above Gunner's run, h Richmond bel Palmer'
hence all business and useless
1861 city directory: OCR index s.v. 'Ann St' (on Fold3):
Sherman's p.829: 'Righter John, cooper, Richmond ab Ann', Righter William, carpenter, Richmond ab Ann', 'Rilatt Joseph, shipcarpenter, Ann st whf, h Ann ab Bath'
Biddle's p.8: 'Allbright Caroline, eating stand, stalls 20, 24 & 26 Girard av Market, h Waterloo n Ann'
Biddle's p.72: 'Blackman Remmington G., hotel, Brabant n Ann', 'Blackman William T., lumber merchant, Ann st whf, h 332 Richmond'
Biddle's p.1256:
'Ann st, W fr 262 S 17th'
'Ann st. see Rodman'; p.1279: 'Rodman st. (Bonsall, Washington, Ann, Owen,) W fr 516 S 9th to 517 S Broad'
'Ann st. see Wilton'; p.1285: 'Wilton st. see Wylie'; p.1286: 'Wyle [sic] st. (Ann or Wilton) W fr 1618 Ridge av to 19th'
'Ann's pl. E fr 1219 Wheat'
'Ann st. (Richmond la) W fr Del ab William to Fkd av, R'
[the list of streets doesn't have 'Gunner's run', which apparently was a stream, apparently running along present Aramingo Avenue]
[note that Cedar Street is one block south of Aramingo Avenue--see Anna's address in 1867; Cedar Street above Ann St, Port Richmond]
Biddle's p.959: 'Straightly John, blacksmith, York n Cedar'
Biddle's p.1071: 'Wilson Charles, carpenter, Otis n Cedar'
Biddle's p.1087: 'Woodward William, glassblower, Gordon n Cedar'
note that in the 1860 census a William Woodard, glassblower, 30, b. NJ (with Clara 25, Anna 7, Elisa 4, Albert 2, and Charles 20) is living in ward 19, Philadelphia (microfilm series M653, film 1169, page 129 = 129 handwritten)
Sherman's p.886: 'Shalbraugh Jacob, shoemaker, Dauphin n Cedar'
Biddle's p.1102: 'Zimmerman John, butcher, 1 York Mkt, h York c Cedar'
Biddle p.1072: 'Wilson Hugh, butcher, Dauphin n Cedar'
Biddle p.955: 'Stintzel John, laborer, Townsend n Cedar'
Biddle p.208: 'Curran John, laborer, Dauphin n Cedar'
Sherman p.915: 'Smith Christian, glassblower, Dauphin n Cedar'
Biddle p.1023: 'Walker Rosanna, widow washerwoman, h Cedar n Gordon'
Sherman p.743: 'Nobling Christian, butcher, 121 E Market, n H W York & Cedar'
Sherman p.732: 'Nanstill Henry, laborer, Townsend n Cedar' (see Henry Nansteel, 28, b Darmstadt, lab, in ward 19, microfilm series M653, film 1169, page 131 = 131 handwritten)
Biddle p.1031: 'Ward Thomas, carpenter, Otis n Cedar'
Biddle p.181: 'Conrad Peter, blacksmith, Dauphin n Cedar'
Sherman p.467: 'Hulseman John, 215 Lombard, h Cedar bel Dauphin'
Sherman p.809: 'Rath Christian, carpet weaver, Townsend n Cedar'
Sherman p.761: 'Owens Samuel, laborer, Gordon n Cedar'
Biddle p.214: 'Daniels Aaron, laborer, Gordon n Cedar'
Sherman p.435: 'Hevlin William, mor dresser, Dauphin n Cedar'
Sherman p.728: 'Myers Frederick, butcher, Girard av Market, h York n Cedar'
Sherman p.676: 'Meely William, laborer, Cedar n Gordon'
Sherman p.447: 'Hoffman Frederick, shoemr, r Cedar n Dauphin'
Sherman p.484: 'Jefferies William, painter, Otis n Cedar'
Sherman p.775: 'Pehler Charles, glassblower, Gordon n Cedar' [none in ward 19 in Ancestry index]
Sherman p.280: 'Engle Joseph S., painter, Dauphin n Cedar'
Sherman p.708: 'Morgan Albert, Townsend n Cedar'
Sherman p.780: 'Peter Henry, rags, Dauphin n Cedar'
Sherman p.852: 'Rubates Peter, cabinetmaker, Dauphin, N Cedar'
Sherman p.288: 'Everhart Frederick, laborer, Gordon n Cedar'
Biddle p.1076: 'Wilt William, laborer, Gordon n Cedar'
Sherman p.730: 'Myers Lewis, glassblower, Gordon n Cedar'
Sherman p.493: 'Jones Andrew, laborer, Gordon n Cedar'
Sherman p.671: 'Matlock William, carpenter, Townsend n Cedar'[perhaps Wm Matlock, carpenter, 44, b. Phil, in ward 19, microfilm series M653, film 1169, page 327 = 327 handwritten]
[ward 19 apparent went from Germantown on the west to Oxford/Frankford/Norris on the South, to the river on the east, to Lehigh and ? on the north; see 1855 ward map (accessed 22 Apr 13)
[an 1857-58 map shows Ann st or Richmond Lane, and Gunners Run--Ann is between William and Maple; Gunners Run crosses Ann between Tulip and Lernon, just north of Cedar]
ah--OCR 1861 directory for 'Richmond Lane' or 'Richmond La' yield nothing; 'Richmond' yields too many (Fold3, accessed 22 Apr 13)

index to compiled service records

[index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania]
[transcribed 4 April 2015, from Fold3]

Simpson Robert
Co. A G, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
Pvt | Pvt
See also [blank


mother's pension certificate file

[dependent's pension certificate file, National Archives and Records Administration, WC 116,098, Anna Simpson mother of Robert Simpson]
[abstracted from 41 pages on Fold3, April 2013]
from ca 1858
Robert's father James Simpson couldn't work because 'of Chronic Rheumatism which affected his whole system, often confining him to his bed for weeks at a time' (p.4)
Robert lived with his parents and was their entire support (p.4)
Robert was a glassblower and earned an average of $20 per week (p.4)
27 Nov 1861
Robert Simpson enlisted in by Lt Parsons co G 91st PA at Philadelphia (pp.9, 18)
born in Philadelphia; 30 years old; 5'6" tall; dark complexion; dark eyes; dark hair; glassblower (p.18)
2 Dec 1861
Robert Simpson mustered in (p.9)
4 Dec 1861
Robert Simpson transferred to co. A (p.9)
winter 1862
Robert Simpson contracted a cold from exposure on the march to Falmouth VA (per Capt Gregory)
15 March 1863
Robert Simpson discharged at Camp near Falmouth VA because of phthisis pulmonalis contracted since enlistement (pp.9, 18)
unfit for duty 60 days in past two months (p.18)
the certificate of discharge says: 'The said soldier Robert Simpson has been most of the time since enlistment in the Hospital, and in my opinion will never be fit to perform the duties of a soldier' (p.18, statement by F H Gregory, dated 6 Mar 1863)
K [?] P Stittles [?] asst surgeon in charge 91st PA, gave the cause as: 'Phthysis pulmonalis, contracted since his enlistement in this Regiment, in my opinion' (p.18)
discharged 20 March 1863 at Camp near Falmouth VA, with J D Lentz, capt Commanding the Regiment, signing the discharge (p.18)
approved 19 March 1863 by the 5th Corps medical director, and AAG (p.19)
20 March 1863 according to Capt Gregory and Anna Simpson's application (p.7)
20 March 1863
Robert Simpson came to the Sanitary Commission home (p.20)
"He was not very ill apparently, as he was able to be around but on the morning of the 23d he was found dead in his bed" (p.20)
23 March 1863
Robert Simpson died at Sanitary Commission Home, DC, of debility etc. (pp.6, 7)
of the effects of consumption and heart disease (p.7)
"He probably was troubled with a chronic afflication of the heart which usually ends thus suddenly" (p.20)
11 April 1863
the Sanitary Commission replied to a letter of 10 April from Mr + Mrs Simpson (p.20)
when Robert died, he had his discharge and other papers, as well as $144.75, which the Sanitary Commission was sending to Robert's parents (p.20)
the letter stresses that they collect the money without any expense to the soldier and will therefore forward it to the parents 'if you will write and specify in what way you will choose to have it sent' (p.21)
the usual way to send it was 'by draft to the order of the soldier or if he be deceased previously to the parents or heirs' which was 'the safest and least expensive way' (p.21)
they could also send it in bills by express (p.21)
they would also forward articles from his knapsack when the parents let them know how to forward them (p.21)
'At this "Home" he had everything comfortable, a nice bed, good food, and every want supplied and his remains were properly interred in the beautiful Government cemetery and the grave marked for identification' (p.21)
July 1863
Anna Simpson's husband James Simpson died (pp.4, 7)
he was not attended by a regular physician (p.5)
17 Oct 1867
F H Gregory, resident of Philadelphia, testified to the following claims (p.10)
that he was Captain of A 91 PA; Robert Simpson enlisted as a private in his company (p.10)
that Simpson was a 'sound and hearty man when he enlisted'; Gregory knew him for three years before his enlistment (p.10)
that Simpson contracted a severe cold because of exposure and hardship while on the march to Falmouth VA in November or December 1862 (p.10)
that he was sent to the Hospital near Falmouth, and discharged there on 20 March 1863 (p.10)
'that deponent saw him after his discharge[,] that he was in an extremely feeble an[d] emaciated condition, so much so that deponent wanted him to remain in the Hospital; and that he was not surprised to hear a few days afterwards of his death' (p.10)
that Simpson was a good soldier, and that Gregory had no doubt that Simpson died of disease contracted in the service of the US and in the line of his duty (p.11)
that Simpson asked him at various times how to best send money home to his mother (p.11)
the prothonotary added this note: 'I certify that deponent is a highly respectable citizen, entitled to full credit and belief' (p.11)
23 Oct 1867
Anna Jane Sherrard [?] (or Sheerer??), resident SE corner of Front + Vine, Philadelphia, swore that she had known Anna Simpson for 20 years, lived with them for most of that time, that James Simpson was unable to work (chronic rheumatism) for 'upwards of three years' before Robert's enlistment, that Robert earned $20-$25 per week as a glasslower, and 'was steady and industrious in his habits', and supported his family, before and after his enlistment (pp.33-4)
24 Oct 1867
William M Rifford, 1215 Savia [?] St, bewteen Girard Ave and Thopmson St, Philadlephia, swore that he was intimately acquainted with Robert Simpson, knew him for 7-8 years before enlistment, that Simpson was a glassblower, lived with his parents, that James Simpson couldn't work (chronic rheumatism) for 2-3 years before his enlistment, that Robert 'was the sole and only support of his parents, with the exception of what his mother could earn', that Rifford had seen envelopes with money from Robert Simpson (pp.31-32)
24 Oct 1867
William Taylor (2411 [?] Martha St, Philadelphia, a policeman) swore that he had known Anna Simpson for more than 15 years, that Robert was a glassblower, 'and a hale and hearty young man, steady and industrious in his habits', earing about $20 per week on average, that he lived with his parents, that James was unable to work because of chronic rheumatism for 2-3 years before Robert's enlistment, that Robert was his family's only support for more than two years before his enlistment, and set his mother money for her support after his enlistment (pp.35-36)
28 Oct 1867
Anna Simpson, 56, mother of Robert Simpson, applied for a pension under the act of 14 July 1862 (pp.4, 7)
dated 24 October 1867 (p.4)
an attached application (see p.4) is dated 27 September 1867 (p.7)
she had not applied for a pension earlier because she had been told and believed that she was not eligible because Robert died after being discharged (p.4)
resident of Philadelphia; post office address Cedar Street above Ann St, Port Richmond, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (p.7)
Robert regularly sent money when he was paid in the army; she worked at the US Arsenal and the combined amounts were enough support herself and her husband (p.5)
attorney: Mathews, Poulson + Co, 816 Walnut St, Philadelphia (p.7)
admitted 9 July 1868, retroactive to 26 March 1868 [when the last paper was filed], for $8 per month; the certificate was dated 17 July 1868 (p.14)
witnesses (to identity only): F H Gregory and Frank [sic] G Clough (p.7)
application 154,008 (p.9)
23 Dec 1867
the Pension Office sent circular 16 to the Adjutant General and circular 14 to the Surgeon General (p.17; p.25 is circular 14)
28 Dec 1867
the Adjutant General's office reported the above-summarized facts to the Pension Office (p.9; see p.16 for the request)
14 Jan 1868
the Assistant Quartermaster's Office reported to the Surgeon General that Robert Simpson, private A 19th [sic] PA, died at the Sanitary Commission Home DC on 23 March 1863, of debility, and was buried at the military Asylum National Cemetery DC on 25 March 1863 (21, born PA, resident of Philadelphia before enlisting) (p.23)
16 Jan 1868
the Surgeon General reported that Simpson was discharged on 20 March 1863 o/a/o consumption; they also sent the report from the Assistant Quartermaster's office (p.26)
17 Jan 1868
the Pension Office received responses to the circulars 16 and 14 they had sent on 23 December 1867 (p.17)
the pension office sent circular 2 for medical [?] evidence about her husband's disability prior to his death (p.17)
20 Jan 1868
Anna Simpson swore that her husband couldn't work for 'some three years' before Robert's enlistment because of chronic rheumatism and Robert was her main support, that James had no regular physician, but was treated at the Episcopal Hospital (a charitable institution), that he 'was furnished medicine gratuitously' there, becuase he was so poor, that the hospital didn't record anything about the patients, and that the physicians changed every year, and that she couldn't find the attending physician of 5 or 6 years prior, that she has provided 'evidence very full and respectable' despite that (pp.37-38)
28 Feb 1868
F R Blake MD swore that he knew James Simpson, attended him for several years before his death , that he was entirely unable to support his family because of chronic rheumatism and heart disease, and that he believes Robert 'contributed materially' to his parents' support (p.39)
27 Mar 1868
the pension office received responses to their circular 2 of 17 Jan and to circular 16 from the AGO about Captain Gregory's service (p.17)
1 July 1868
the Pension Office sent circular 16 to the Adjutant General's office asking for information about F H Gregory, and in particular whether he was Captain of company A in service in Nov/Dec 1862 and in Mar 1863 (pp.12, 17)
the AGO replied that F H Gregory was mustered in as 1st lt of co.A to date 30 Sep 1861, and as captain to date 18 Jan 1863 (p.13)
his individual muster-out roll, dated 11 Oct 1864, Gregory was reported captain co.A, mustered out and honorably discharged because his term had expired (p.13)
co.A muster roll for Nov/Dec 1862 reported him 1st lt (p.13)
the Pension Office received the response on 9 July (p.17)
12 Aug 1868
the Pension Office [requested?] evidence about his death [from?] the 2nd auditor (p.15)
10 Sep 1868
Anna Simpson made a declaration for arrears of pension (under the act of 27 July 1868) (p.29)
55 years old, resident of Philadelphia, post office address Cedar St above Ann, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (p.29)
applying for the pension from her son's death, under section 6 of the act of 27 July 1868 (p.29)
William Taylor and James Wilson (residents of Philadelphia) witnesses to her identity (p.29)
attorney: Mathews, Poulson + Co (p.29)
6 October 1868
the Pension Office reissued the pension certificate, apparently under the acts of 14 July 1862 AND 27 July 1868 (p.27)
Anna Simpson's attorney was Mathews, Poulson + Co (p.27)
8 Dec 1875
the Pension Office told the Pension Agent to suspend payment (p.28)
25 January 1876
the Pension Office sent a letter to the Pension Agent instructing him to resume payment (p.28)
14 Nov 1900
the Accounting Officer issued a certificate for $8.40 under the Reimbursement Act of 2 March 1895 (p.28)

Philadelphia directories

[transcribed April 2013, from GenealogyBank]
1861 Sherman's Philadelphia directory, page 906
Simpson Robert O., glassblower, r 1064 N Front
[p.737] Nessle William, butcher, Girard Av Market n Randolph, h 1064 N Front
[p.95] Brannan Sarah, widow Henry, 1064 N Front
[p.31] Baird John, gentleman, 1062 N Front
[p.25] Assum Hironimus, shoemaker, 1056 N Front
[p.451] Hollowell William, carpenter, S E Jefferson and Hancock, h 1048 N Front
[p.995] Tomlin Eliza, wid Captain Reuben, 1046 N Front
[p.995] Tomlin Emma, teacher pub. school, 1046 N Front
[success! Eliza and Emma Tomlin are in the East Division, ward 16, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, microfilm series M653, film 1166, page 136 = 138 handwritten]
[Hallowell is 929/1082; previous page]
[no Assum, Baird, Brannan, Nessle, Simpson however]
[928/1081 is Fredk Unkel skin dresser; this is presumably Biddle's p.1009: 'Unkel Frederick, morocco finisher, Oxford bel 5th']
[928/1080 = Max Tammer O Cooper]
[927/1027 = Fredk Hess Tailor; this is presumably Sherman's p.434: 'Hess Frederick, tailor, r 1011 Crease']
[927/1078 = Peter Armerd [?] currier]
[931/1084 = John Wallace grocer; perhaps Biddle p.1024 'Wallace John, grocer, S E Front & Coates, h 1044 N Front]
[932/1085 = James Menu [? ancestry has 'Menes'] currier]
[ditto John hatter]
[ditto james C Baker]
[933/1086 = S S Tomkins trunk maker]
[ditto Geo Dowell com merch]
[934/1087 = Jacob Steiner D. Lab.]
so overall: Hallowell (929/1082, 1048 N Front), Tomlin (930/1083, 1046 N Front), and Wallace (931/1084, 1044 N Front) match

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