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It is not known where John Sutton I came from but not New Jersey as has always been written. Extensive work has been done by a number of people on the New Jersey Sutton's and all of the John's are accounted for. More than likely, he came from NE NC and was part of the George Sutton line but proof has not been found. It is entirely possible he was the son of Thomas Sutton, whose daughter, Mary, and her husband, Lemuel Hardy along with his brother, Benjamin, moved to Dobbs County. The below entry in Bertie County could be a clue as this was about the time John arrived in Dobbs County. One should also note that the Suttons of Bertie lived at Buckelsberry as did the Suttons of Lenoir County.

This information is a result of the research of a number of people including Dr. Francis Hodges, Troy Helman, Mattie Sutton Jolly, Mickey Elmore, Martha Mewborn Marble, Marjorie Sutton Oliver and many others. Some of the information is additional and some corrected to published histories. As in any research in a burned county, some of this information is right and some wrong. Under no circumstances is it to be used as the "end word" because it is not. Any additions and corrections are greatly appreciated especially if they can be proven.

The information will be slow in going up on Old Dobbers.

JOHN SUTTON to JAMES LOCKHART of Scotch Hall May 17 1750 . 15 pounds for 100 acres.." JOHN SUTTON of the province a'f'said son of THOMAS SUTTON, SEN....whereas MARY JONES my aunt by her last will and testament ....bequesthed to me JOHN SUTTON....part of that plantation on which she had lived..." In Cashoke. Adj. Hendersons Corner on Moratuck Bay at Spring Branch....Wit: GEORGE LOCKHART, NATHANIEL ?, ELIZABETH LOCKHART. August Court 1750. (Bertie County Deed Book G 299)

The following entries are found in the Johnston, Dobbs, Lenoir Cross Indices.

BOOK 2 - April 1750 - April 1754

John Turner to John Sutton 454

BOOK 5 - April 1757 - April 1758

John Sutton & Others to Charles Norden 383
John Turner to John Sutton 120
John Twiner to John Sutton 116

BOOK 10 - April 1773 - May 1775

Robert Reynolds to John Sutton 225

John was on the 1769 Dobbs County Tax list but not on the 1780 Tax List. On the 1769 List John Sutton, James Turner, and George Wiggins were listed together with three white taxables and three black taxables. What their relationship was is not known. Ann Sutton was on the 1780 List worth 1,427 pounds and it is assumed she was his widow but it is not known if she was the mother of his children. John, Benjamin and Thomas Sutton were also listed in the same District, Capt. Henry Taylor's, with a considerable lower worth. It is assumed they were the sons of John Sutton.

It has been written that Ann was a Turner, daughter of John Turner probably of the Southampton County, Virginia family who owned land in Johnston, now Lenoir County. The names Simon, James, and Richard are found in that family. It should be noted that John had land taken up by John Giles so it is possible Giles was his father-in-law.

EARLY RECORDS OF N.C. - by Steve Bradley

VOL III - Loose Papers and Related Materials - 1712 - 1798

Joseph Sutton of Dobbs Co - inventory taken 8 Feb 1773 by Ann Sutton widow and admrx - included were 1 Negro woman and child - proved 12 Aug 1773

NOTE: This says Joseph - someone needs to check original

COLONY OF NORTH CAROLINA LAND PATENTS - 1735-1764 - by Margaret Hoffman

#960 - John Sutton - 25 May 1757 - 275 acres in Johnston Co in Bucklesberry adj Thomas Uzzell, John Row and lands sd Sutton lives on (which was) taken up by John Giles

#1908 - John Sutton - 21 December 1763 - 75 acres in Dobbs on NS Neuse adj John Giles, Simon Herring, his own line to a Branch

I checked for John Giles and there was nothing in the index earlier than entry #960


SURVEY #334 Grant No 68 issued 21 Dec 1763 entered 4 October 1763 Book 17 page 18
October ye 4th 1763
Surveyed for John Sutton

A plantation Containing 76 acres of Land in the County of Dobbs on the NS of Nuse River adj JOHN GILES, SIMON HERRING, his own line.
   Philip Stone, surv


No doubt John had daughters but there is no evidence as to they might have been. The only "sons" actually proven are John Jr, William and Benjamin. The rest could have been from elsewhere but for the time being I am putting them under John as pure speculation.

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