Descendants of Governor Richard CASWELL

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Descendants of Governor Richard CASWELL
Surnames : Allen, Desmond, Gatlin, Herittage, Jerkins, Lovick,
McIlwean, Pridgen, Rouse,Sheppard, White
First Generation
1. Governor Richard CASWELL was born on 3 Aug 1729 in Joppa, Md. (Mulberry Point).
He died on 10 Nov 1789 in Fayetteville, NC and was buried in Kinston, NC.
Richard Caswell was the first Governor of the independent state of North Carolina. .He was the
only one ever to serve for six one year terms, and the only one ever from Lenoir (then Dobbs)
County. Caswell was distinguished also among governors of the newly independent states for
having directly participated in the Revolutionary battles.
While serving in the militia with rank of colonel in 1771, Caswell saw action under Governor
Tryon in the Battle of Alamance. Three years later the First Provincial Congress met at New
Bern to name delegates to the First Continental Congress, opening in Philadelphia on
September 5, 1775. In May 1775, while enroute to the Continental Congress, Colonel Caswell
learned of the April 19th battles at Lexington and Concord. By the time he returned to North Carolina,
Colonial Governor Josiah Martin had fled the Royal Palace, Tryon, at New Bern, taking refuge on a
British warship at the mouth of Cape Fear River. Military preparations increased throughout North
Carolina andCaswell was named commander of the militia in one of the six military districts. Then, at the
battle of Moore's Creek Bridge on Feb. 27, 1776, Caswell led some 1,100 Whig troops who
ambushed the Tories, upset British invasion plans and made him a hero of the Revolution.
In 1776, after the Provincial Congress enacted the Halifax Resolves, military preparations
escalated and Caswell was promoted to brigadier general of militia. Later he was to command
all North Carolina militia and was to join General Horatio Gates in the unsuccessful action
against Cornwallis at the battle of Camden. In the meantime, Caswell served as chairman of a
group to draft a state constitutuion, which was adopted, following the Declaration of
Independence, by the Continental Congress. General Caswell was chosen and reelected
Governor of North Carolina by the general assemblies of 1777, 1778, and 1779. The
constitution permitted only three successive terms for governor. It was in 1777, his first year as
constututional governor, that Caswell bought Harmony Hall; according to Dr. Charles Holloman,
Caswell occupied Tryon Palace for a brief period, but then moved the government to Kinston,
feeling the palace presented too exposed a target for British warships. Caswell was again
elected N.C. Governor in 1785 and was re-elected for the full legal limit of three successive
terms, serving until 1788. He suffered a fatal paralytic stroke while presiding over the state
senate in the general assembly at Fayetteville in the Fall of 1789. He died on 10 Nov. 1789 and
is believed to be buried at Kinston in what is now Caswell Memorial Park. The park houses the
Caswell museum and Visitors Center Since Caswell left no land or houses and precious
momentoes, his wealth having been sorely depleted as a result of the war, only Harmony Hall
remains as the restored proof of his courage and service to the State and the Nation.
SOURCES: Harmony Hall LH 08288-6 Lenoir Community College
History of Lenoir County by Charles Holloman
*Note-Richard Caswell and his second wife Sarah raisedtheir grandson Richard William after
Caswell's son (by first wife Mary Mcllwean) William's death (Jan.6, 1785) and wife Gatsey's
death(1785) They also raised Sarah Richard, dau. of his son Richard,jr (d.Dec. 27,1784). and
Mary McIlwean Mary married Benejah White shortly after Gov. Caswell's death (c.1790) so it is
unclear where Sarah Richard was by 1790 census.. They also reared Richard Francis
McIlwean and his 2 sisters Sarah and Elizabeth, children of his daughter Sarah (d.1787) and
her husband John Sturgis McIlwean(d.(d.1788). In addition, he appears to have taken in William
and Elizabeth Lovick,nephew & niece of his wife Sarah Sarah also took in Benjamin John
Caswell(b.c1793) following John Caswell's death in 1795.
SOURCE: 1790 census- Sarah Caswell has two males over 16, two boys under 16, and 3
females (including herself) and 21 slaves.
Copy obtained from the North Carolina Archives. Submitted by Clair Hadley
In THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I, Richard Caswell, of Dobbs County in the State of North
Carolina, Do this second day of July, in the Year of our Lord, one thousand, Seven hundred and
eighty seven, make and declare this to be my last Will and Testament as the one I made on the
death of my dearly beloved son, William Caswell, will not suit with my present circumstances. I
declare the and all former Wills and Testaments by me made, null and void, holding this and
this only for firm and effectual, which is as follows:
First, I reserve for the use of a burying ground for all those of my family and Connections who
may choose to bury their Relations and friends there, one half acre of land where the Bones of
my dear father and Mother lie, at a place called the Hill, to be laid out East, West, North and
South so as to leave those Bones near the center of the said half Acre of Ground, and I also
reserve in like manner, one half Acre of Land where the Bones of beloved wife (and) son,
William, now lie near the red house, to be laid out in the same manner and for the same
purpose as the above half Acre is directed; and these two half Acres to be reserved for the
uses afores'd forever. And its likewise my Will that those who wish to bury their Dead at either
of the said places and coming with in the meaning of the description above, shall always have
liberty of Egress, Ingress and regress to, at and from the said respective burying grounds to
bury the dead or repair or raise an enclosure to the same,
Secondly, to prevent any kind of Dispute which might arise between my Brother Martin Caswell,
or his heirs or Assigns With those claimings under me, I declare all the land comprised within
his Title from Samuel Caswell of the Title to Samuel
Caswell or Nathaniel Bird, I have no claim to, notwithstanding my patent may be of a Younger
date, than the Deed I granted to Nathaniel Bird for the same.
Thirdly, Whereas my Brother, Samuel Caswell, in his life time and myself, agreed for two
hundred acres of Land whereon he lived, immediately before his death, which was to begin at
Mackilwean's (corner) next to the river, near Mrs. Skiners dwelling and run up Mackilweans to
Dosiers out corner, then with his line to the flat branch near the end of Mr. Caosts field, then
with the side of the said Flat and land down to where a small branch empties into the said Flat
branch, which runs through Kellings old field, then a direct line to the mouth of the Cypres Gut.
Then down the river a small distance to Boxes corner, then with his line out to my corner and
then to the Beginning, which included part of Dosiers, Kellings, Boxes and my own former
claims, for three hundred pounds and notwithstanding a very small part of that Sum was paid
me in my said Brother's life time, and knowing it would very much distress his family was I to
require the remainder, therefore, I leave the use of the Land aforesaid with the plantation and
appurtenances to my sister, Eleanor Caswell, the widow of said Brother, until her son, Shine
Caswell, arrives to the age of twenty one Years, at which time I give and devise the same to
him, the said Shine Caswell, his heirs and Assigns for ever.
Fourthly, I give to my Grandson, Richard William Caswell, a Negro boy named Boson, and his
assigns forever.
Fifthly, I give to my Grandson, Richard Francis Mackilwean, a Negro boy named Daniel, and to
his Assigns forever.
Sixthly, if Jonathan Morris chooses to take the land whereon old Jack lives, which I bought at
the vendue of Richard Caswell, Junr's estate at the price I gave for it, I desire that the Title may
be made to him for the same,
Seventhly. Whereas I purchased at the Vendue of the Estate of my Son, Richard Caswell, one
Lot and half a Lot of Land in Kinston, with the house wherein Mrs. Caswell now lives and the
appurtenances, one Negro Woman named Sarah, one Negro girl named Sall, one Negro boy
named Charles, and one Negro boy named Jim, which Lot and Half and premises with the said
Negroes, I leave the use of to my Daughter in Law, Mary Caswell, until my Niece, Sarah
Caswell, her daughter, arrives to the age of eighteen Years, if my said Daughter should so long
live, and at that period or at the time of my said Daughters Death, if it should happen before my
said granddaughter arrives to the age aforesaid, I give, devise and bequeath the said Lot, half
Lot, an premises with the said negroes, to my said Grand Daughter, her heirs and Assigns
forever, to be delivered over to her free of any charges or incumbrances on account of the
maintenance and support of my said grand Daughter. And as it is uncertain into whose hands
she may fall, or it may so happen that she may fall into distress unless provided for by me, I
therefore desire the Executors of this will in such case to find her reasonable and decent
support, in cloathing and board, and attend to her Schooling and Education, which they shall
themselves pay to those who may be intitled to receive the expenses of the same, without its
going through other hands, and shall be a charge against my Estate, which support in the case
aforesaid, I direct shall be made and continued to her until she arrives at the age of eighteen
years or marries.
Eighthly, and, as I have heretofore virtually given to my daughter, Anna Fonvielle, the land I
hold on the east side of the Atkin branch form the road down to the river and down the same to
the mouth of the Cypress gut, bounded by the lines form thence of the Land herein given to
Shine Caswell, and John Coasts lines and my own lines to the road, and then with the road to
the Beginning, including all the land I claim adjoining the Atkin and Neuse, below the road, is
what is called the Walnut Hill and contains about three hundred acres. I have also verbally
given to my said daughter, Anne, Negroes Peter and his wife Barbara, and Doll, these verbal
gifts I now confirm to the said Anna Fonveille, her heirs and Assigns forever.
Ninthly, Whereas I am engaged to pay very considerable sums of money of account of
purchases made of my dear son, Richard's estate, and as the articles then purchased will by no
means bring a sum sufficient, and as I cannot now discriminate what of my property may be
best to dispose of, to raise money sufficient to pat all my debts, I hereby direct the Executors
hereof or such of them as may be acting at the time it may become necessary to dispose of
such part of my real or personal estate, as he or they Judge necessary and on such terms, I
think twelve months credit will be best, may appear most for the advantage of my Estate and I
hereby empower such Executor or Executors or acting Executor to make Legal and authentic
conveyances to the purchasers for the same.
Tenthly, After my debts are paid and the expenses of my household, and schooling of my
children, with every other incidental charge so as a fair and just inventory of the remainder of
my estate can be made, of both real and personal property, I require my Executors or acting
Executor to return such inventory with his or their account of the whole transactions relative to
my estate, to my friends Spyers Singleton, Robert White, John Heritage, Jesse Cobb, Francis
Childs, Simon Bright, Joshua Croom, Benjamin Caswell and John Coart, or the majority of them
or of the Survivors of them, and I request such majority, will arrange the personal estate into
five equal divisions or parts as near as may be, of which parts, I give my wife, Sarah Caswell,
one, which I request she may be allowed to choose, at the same time, I request such majority
of my friends may set apart for my said wife, in lieu of her dower of my Lands, as she may
choose to live on, and such part I leave her the use of during her natural life; the other four
remaining parts of my personal property, I request may be drawn for by my three sons, Winston,
Dallam, and John, and Susannah, and such lot I give to the respective drawers, his or her heirs
and Assigns forever.
Lastly, I nominate and appoint my said Sons, Winston, Dallam, and John Caswell, Executors of
this my Last Will and Testament, that is to say, Winston to act alone until Dallam arrives at
twenty one Years of age, then those two to Act until John arrives to the age of twenty one, after
which the whole to act as Executors until the business is compleat, and I appoint my good
friend James Glasgow, in trust to advise and direct the due Execution hereof, which I beg he
will attend to.
In testimony of the premises, I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal, the day and year first
herein written, contained on five sides.
R. Caswell (Seal)
Executed in presence of us, who have subscribed our names as Witnesses in presence of the
Testator, and of each other:
Simon Bright
James Bright
A codicil to the foregoing last will and Testament of Richard Caswell, made and executed the
same day of the will and is to be considered as a part of the same, that is to say, I give to my
son, Winston Caswell, Negroes Venus and Diamond, and to his Assigns for ever, to be
appraised in like manner and by the persons named in my will, and the value deducted from his
one fourth part, with my sons, Dallam, John, and Daughter Susannah. It is further my will, that
in case of the death of any of my now living children, to wit, Winston, Anne, Dallam, John, and
Susannah, before marriage, arriving at lawful age or legally disposing of any of the property,
herein given then that such property shall go to my surviving children and their heirs and
Assigns, to hold forever.
Witness my hand and seal which is affixed to the string which binds these two sheets together.
R. Caswell (Seal)
Executed in presence of:
Simon Bright
James Bright
State of North Carolina, Dobbs County January Court 1790
Then was the within Last Will and Testament of Richard Caswell, deceas'd, exhibited into Court
and proved by the oaths of Simon Bright and James Bright, the only Subscribing witnesses
thereto, who swore that they saw the Testator sign, seal, publish and declare the dame to be
and contain his last Will and Testament, and that they also saw him Sigh and Seal the Codicil
thereto, and acknowledged it to be a part of his Will; and to the best of their knowledge, he was
at that time of perfect mind and memory. At the same time, Winston Caswell, one of the
Executors therein named appeared and Qualified as such. Ordered that Letters Testamentary
issue accordingly.
Test. W. Caswell, Cler.
(Official Seal)
Copy of Original Will, filed in the office of the Secretary of State
**NOTE-By 1828 William Croom was in possession of most or all of Gov. Richard Caswell's
WILL of WILLIAM CROOM - June 2, 1828 From original at the NC Archives, Raleigh, NC.
Abstracted and contributed by Guy Potts
.In the name of God, Amen, I, William Croom of NEWINGTON, Lenoir County,North Carolina,at
the home of George Whitfield on my way to Florida, do on this 2nd day of June inthe year of our
Lord one thousandeight hundred and twenty eight, make and declare this instrument of writing,
written on one sheet of paper, to be my last Will and Testament, in manner and form following ,
viz.1st. I give to my beloved wife Elizabeth Croom for and during the termof her natural life my
NEWINGTON PLANTATION and lands adjoining called the RED HILL plantation,containing in
the whole about twelvehundred acres....3rd. I give to my son Bryan Croom in Florida, all
thenegroes I have then in his possession,also Jacob and John, in the possession of Joshua St.
Byrd, and all my right of lands in Florida. Also twothousand dollars to be paid him out of the
sales of my estate to aid him in purchasing more lands in Florida, to him, his heirs and assigns
forever.....5th. I give to my son William Croom my TOWER HILL plantation, beginning at Neuse
River, ..6th. I give to my two daughters Anne and Eliza Croom all my lands below Tower Hill
given to William, including the Collier, MCILWEAN PLACEwhere Wingate now lives(**I think
Wingate must be related to the Isaac Wingate who married Martin's daughter Mary) and the
Stonington lands where David Evans lives to be equally divided by three competent
commissioners chosen bymy Executors for that purpose, to them, their heirs and assigns
forever.." **NOTE-other former Caswell lands are also mentioned.This Bryan is probably the
Bryan lost in the wreck??? and perhaps the William is the one who married Sarah R. Caswell
Mrs. W.T. Hines of 207 East King Street has in her possession a list of the persons buried
in the Caswell graveyard which was given to her by Mrs. Sue Bond, granddaughter of
Dallam Caswell, son of Richard Caswell, on April 2, 1914.
The following graves are on the list:
Richard Caswell, born August 3, 1729, died November 10, 1789; Susan Caswell Gatlin,
died March 5, 1843 at 67 years of age; Sarah C. Reavis, daughter of John and S. Gatlin,
died March 24, 1838, age 23 years; Lewis C. Desmond, born April 19, 1812, died
October 24, 1868. Joshua Desmond, born November 26, 1827, (epitaph reads "Here lies a
good man"); Eliza W., wife of Lewis Demond, born September 1804, died September,
1844 (granddaughter Richard Caswell); Mary E. Fonville, daughter of Lewis and Eliza
Desmond, born July 25, 1823, died April 18, 1900; John Gatlin, died June 20, 1830, age
67 years; Walter Davenport, a native of Connecticut, died 1832, age 32 years; Mary
Catherine, wife of J. Chestnut and great granddaughter of Richard Caswell, died February
23, 1854, age 24 years; Mary McIIwain, first wife of Richard Caswell;William Caswell;
Dallam Caswell and Holland Caswell West, daughter of Dallam Caswell and wife of
William B. West.
The list notes the unmarked graves of several children. Indisputable evidence as to the
people buried in the several remaining graves has never been secured. Governor
Caswell's grave was marked by the Masons in 1908. "Until then the only marker was one
erected by nature--a giant oak tree, still standing."
(The article had to have been printed in the newspaper prior to 1958, because there is a
handwritten notation stating that Mrs. Waitman Thompson Hines (Leone Hardy) died
December 4, 1958.)
Richard married (1) Mary MCILWEAN on 21 Apr 1752. Mary was born in 1732.
They had the following children:
2 F i. stillborn daughter CASWELL was born on 15 Sep 1753.
+ 3 M ii. Gen. (Rev. War) William CASWELL was born on 24 Sep
1754 and died on 6 Jan 1785.
Richard also married (2) Sarah HERITTAGE, daughter of William HERITTAGE and Susannah
MOORE, on 20 Jun 1758. Sarah was born in 1740. She died in 1794.
SOURCE: 1790 census- Sarah Herittage Caswell has two males over 16, two boys under 16,
and 3 females (including herself) and 21 slaves.
*Note-Richard Caswell(died 1789) and his second wife Sarah took in their grandson Richard
William after Caswell's son (by first wife Mary Mcllwean) William'sdeath (Jan.6, 1785) and wife
Gatsey's death(1785). They also raised Sarah Richard, dau. of his son Richard,jr (d.Dec. 27,
1784) and wife Mary McIlwean.Mary remarried Benejah White by 1788.
They also reared Richard Francis McIlwean(b.1784) and his 2 sisters Sarah and Elizabeth,
children ofhis daughter Sarah (d.1787) and her husband John Sturgis McIlwean(d.(d.1788). In
addition, he appears to have taken in William and Elizabeth Lovick,nephew & niece of his wife
Sarah. They were the children of Sarah's sister Ann and George P. Lovick.
Richard and Sarah had the following children:
+ 4 M iii. Richard CASWELL Jr. was born on 15 Sep 1759 and
died in 1784.
+ 5 F iv. Sarah CASWELL was born on 26 Feb 1762 and died in
+ 6 M v. Winston CASWELL was born on 7 May 1764 and died in 1799.
+ 7 F vi. Anna CASWELL was born on 4 Dec 1766.
+ 8 M vii. Dallam CASWELL was born on 15 Jun 1769 and died in
+ 9 M viii. John CASWELL was born on 24 Jan 1772 and died on
14 Apr 1795.
+ 10 F ix. Susannah CASWELL was born on 16 Feb 1775.
11 F x. Christian CASWELL was born on 7 Jan 1779. She died at
Second Generation
3. Gen. (Rev. War) William CASWELL (Richard) was born on 24 Sep 1754. He died on 6 Jan
1785 and was buried in Johnston Co. NC.
.William Caswell (b. 24 Sept 1754 - d. 06 Jan 1785)
William grew to manhood and attained distinction during the Revolution. He
was a Farmer, County Official, State Legislator and a Continental Army
Captain and became a Brigadier General. He also served as the North
Carolina Adjutant General. His father, Richard Caswell Jr, wrote him a
letter telling him of the hardships and dangers that were soon to be his lot
as a soldier of the Revolution. The letter was written from Philiadelphia on
11 May 1775 and it described the growing spirit of the Revolution and
advised him to prepare to risk his life in the service of his country.
William was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine and spent a misreable winter
at Vallley Forge with Gen. George Washington. When William was 28 years old,
he married Gathra (Gatsey) Mackilwean on 22 Dec 1782, a daughter of his
mother's brother, Francis Mackilwean and his wife Mary. They had a son,
Richard William Caswell born 05 May 1784. On 06 jan 1785, William died from
an illness probably brought on by the wounds and wartime hardships, leaving
a wife a son who was just a little over a year old. His wife Gathra died
later that same year. Their child, was an orphan who was taken in by Richard
CASWELL Jr and his 2nd wife, Sarah HERITAGE.
William married Gathra MCILWEAN, daughter of Francis MCILWEAN and Mary NIXON, on 22
Dec 1782 in Christ Church, new bern, NC.
They had the following children:
+ 12 M i. Richard William CASWELL was born on 17 May 1784
and died on 5 May 1810.
4. Richard CASWELL Jr. (Richard) was born on 15 Sep 1759. He died in 1784.
In Dec. 1784 Richard was a successful merchant in Kinston; he made a voyage to Charlston,
SC to purchase a cargo of goods fro transport to New Bern. His ship sailed on Dec. 27, 1784.
Neither ship nor any person aboard was ever seen again. He was then 25 years ofd. It is
presumed the ship was taken by pirates He and his wife Mary lived at Harmony Hall.
Richard married Mary MCILWEAN, daughter of Francis MCILWEAN and Mary NIXON, on 26
Mar 1782 in Harmony Hall, Kinston NC. Mary died in 1801 in Kinston, NC.
Mary McIlwean was the first wife of Richard Caswell,Jr., the son of Gov. Richard Caswell. After
Richard's untimely and sad death in 1784, she married Benejah White by 1788, brother of Sec.
of State William White, who was married to Gov. Caswell's daughter Anna.
Richard and Mary had the following children:
13 F i. Sarah Richard CASWELL was born in 1783 in Kinston, NC.
Sarah Richard 's father, Richard Caswell, jr,. died in 1784. She and her mother
lived with Gov. Richard until Sarah's mother married again.. Her mother Mary
remarried Benejah White, brother of William White. When her mother died
Sarah Richard went to live with her aunt, Anna Caswell White, in Raleigh. Sec.
of State William White was Anna's husband.Sarah Richard was mentioned in
Gov. Caswell's will.
Sarah married Grove WRIGHT in 1801.
5. Sarah CASWELL (Richard) was born on 26 Feb 1762. She died in 1786.
Sarah married John Sturgis MCILWEAN, son of John MCILWEAN and Zilpha WILLIAMS, in
1779 in Dobbs Co. NC. John was born in 1757. He died in 1788.
They had the following children:
14 F i. Sarah MCILWEAN was born in 1780.
Sarah married Ridgen WHITE in 1798.
Ridgen White was the brother of Sec. of State William White who had married
Gov. Caswell's daughter Anna. he is also the brother of Benejah White, who
married the widow of Gov. Caswell's son Richard,jr. He was a wealthy man
15 F ii. Elizabeth MCILWEAN was born in 1782. She died in infancy.
+ 16 M iii. Richard Francis MCILWEAN was born in 1784.
6. Winston CASWELL (Richard) was born on 7 May 1764. He died in 1799.
Winston married Hollon GREEN, daughter of Furnifold GREEN Sr and Hollon APPLEWHITE, in
1788. Hollon died by 1827.
They had the following children:
17 F i. Elizabeth Green CASWELL was born on 9 Jul 1791.
Elizabeth married Mr. Fonville.
7. Anna CASWELL (Richard) was born on 4 Dec 1766.
I have a note that Anna reared Sarah Richard Caswell, dau. of Richard,jr. and Mary McIlwean.
Mary had remarried to Benejah White before the death of Gov Caswell. When Mary died, date
unknown, Sarah Richard probably went to live with her aunt Anna. Benejah did bring a lawsuit
(1802-6) against the estate of Gov. Caswell for the expenses of rearing Sarah Richard. It
appears that Benejah remarried; possibly at that point, Sarah went to live with Anna & William.
Anna married (1) FONVILLE.
Anna also married (2) Sec. of State William WHITE, son of Robert WHITE.
They had the following children:
18 F i. Ann WHITE.
Ann married Gen. Daniel L. BARRINGER.
19 F ii. Elizabeth WHITE.
Elizabeth married Gen. & Senator Boone FELTON.
20 F iii. Eleanor Hope WHITE.
Eleanor married Governor David Lowry SWAIN.
21 F iv. daughter WHITE.
8. Dallam CASWELL (Richard) was born on 15 Jun 1769. He died in 1834.
Dallam married Catherine BOND AND/OR PEARCE.
They had the following children:
+ 22 F i. Elizabeth CASWELL.
23 F ii. Holland CASWELL.
Hollon had her grandfather's (Gov. Caswell's) papers and turned them over to
scholar Hardy Bryan Croom, who was to write a biography of Gov. Caswell. All
the papers were lost in the summer of 1737 when the ship THE HOME sank off
the North Carolina coast.The Croom family was among the 70 passengers and
25 crew members lost and the Governor's papers were never found.
Holland married William B. WEST.
Jake West of Kinston is a descendant of William West. Jake recovered the
memorial obalisk commemorating Gov. Caswell after it had been hit by a car.
The recovered section is now in front of St. John's Lodge in Kinston.
24 M iii. Jordan CASWELL was born in 1812.
25 F iv. Betsy Martin CASWELL was born in 1814. She died in
Betsy married (1) William WILLIAMS.
Betsy also married (2) Nathan Potter.
26 F v. Ann Elizabeth CASWELL was born in 1816. She died in
Ann married Reuben WALLACE on 27 Apr 1832 in Snow Hill NC.
27 F vi. Susan Jane CASWELL was born in 1818.
Susan married Joshua ROUSE.
28 M vii. George Skidmore CASWELL was born on 21 Oct 1820.
29 F viii. Mary Anne CASWELL was born on 12 Nov 1821.
Mary married John Pridgen.
John Pridgen was listed as a tavern owner in the Greene 1850 census. Lewis
Caswell, age 21 in 1850, and William
H.Caswell, age 23 in 1850, also children of Dallam, lived in the same home and
were listed as clerks Their father Dallam died in 1834 so the boys obviously
went to live with their sister Mary Anne and her husband John.
30 F ix. Carolyn Catherine CASWELL was born in 1823.
+ 31 M x. William Heritage CASWELL was born in 1826 and died
in 1870.
+ 32 M xi. Lewis A. CASWELL was born on 22 Aug 1828 and died
in 1863.
9. John CASWELL (Richard) was born on 24 Jan 1772. He died on 14 Apr 1795.
John married Mary Gray SHEPPPARD, daughter of Col. Benjamin SHEPPARD and Elizabeth
RUFFIN, in 1793 in Kinston, NC. Mary died by 1798.
There is evidence that her father, Benjamin Sheppard, was not married to Hannah McIlwean.
John and Mary had the following children:
33 M i. Benjamin John CASWELL was born 1793 ca.
10. Susannah CASWELL (Richard) was born on 16 Feb 1775.
Need to check dates for her 2 husbands.
Susannah married (1) John S. GATLIN. John was born in 1769. He died in 1826.
They had the following children:
34 M i. Brig. Gen. Richard Caswell GATLIN was born on 18 Jan
1809 in Lenoir Co NC. He died on 8 Sep 1896 in Mt. Nebo, Ar..
The only Confederate General from Lenoir County was Brig. Gen. Richard
Caswell Gatlin. He was born 18
Jan 1809 inLenoir County, NC to John S. Gatlin and Susannah Caswell,
daughter of governor Richard Caswell. He graduated from West Point in1832;
served as acareer military officer in Florida, Mexico, and theAmerican West;
and resigned his commission in Arkansas in 1861 to jointhe Cofederate Army in
NC. After the War, he returned to Arkansas where he farmed. He died at
Mount Nebo, AR on 8 Sep 1896 and is buried at the National Cemetery in Fort
Smith, AR. His wife was Mary AGibson and they had a daughter, Mary Knox
Gatlin, who married U of NC
geologist Collier Cobb.
Richard married Mary A. GIBSON.
Susannah also married (2) John LOVICK c1794. John died c1799.
SOURCE:The heritage of Lenoir County: John Lovick was a cousin of Susanna's and was
reared by Gov. Caswell
SOURCE:This is from LCC," The Peebles House in Kinston"-chapter 5
.'"First of all, that house was occupied by John Lovick in 1800. John Lovick had married
Susannah Caswell in the mid 1790s and in 1796 he and Susannah petitioned the court for his
wife's share as one of the heirs to Richard Caswell's properties"...and further along.."The orde
rof enumeration shows that the Bright Street house was then the residence of John Gatlin, who
apparently had purchased the lot from the estate of
Richard Caswell, Sr...."."Sometime shortly after 1800, Gatlin married Susannah Caswell Lovick,
daughter of Richard Caswell and widow of John Lovick. They moved outside of town before
1810 and apparently rented out
the house for a short time.." The article goes on to describe the house that John & Susannah
John and Susannah had the following children:
35 F ii. Sarah LOVICK.
Third Generation
12. Richard William CASWELL (William, Richard) was born on 17 May 1784. He died on 5
May 1810 and was buried in Lytle graveyard, Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Richard was killed when he was thrown from his horse; he was only 25 years of age.
Richard married Sarah LYTLE on 27 Nov 1806 in Rutherford Co. Tenn. Sarah died
Murfreesborough, TN.
They had the following children:
36 F i. Jane Eliza CASWELL was born on 16 Mar 1808 in Spring
Hill Tenn. She died on 17 Jun 1887 in McMinnville TN..
Jane married John Rogers GRUNDY on 12 May 1825. John was
born on 7 Dec 1803 in Bardstown, Ky. He died on 5 Jun 1836 in Columbus Miss.
37 M ii. Major General William Richard CASWELL was born on
22 Oct 1809 in Tennessee. He died in Aug 1862.
William Richard Caswell, was a Major General for the
Confederacy in Tennessee. He was the great grandson of Gov. Richard
William Richard Caswell ( born 22 Oct. 1809 d. Aug. 1862) was the son of
Richard William Caswell and Sarah Lytle. Richard William was the only son of
General William Caswell and Gathra McIlwean. General William Caswell (b.24
Sept. 1754,d.Jan, 1785) was the only surviving child of Gov. Richard Caswell
's first marriage to Mary McIlwean.
William Richard Caswell attended Nashville University. He held the rank of
Captain in the Mexican War. A lawyer by profession, he was appointed
attorney general for the 12th Judicial Court of Tennessee in 1843, and
attorney general for the 12th Solicitorial Court in 1849. Each appointment
was for six years.
He was one of the early advocates of the Confederacy in Tennessee and was
appointed a Brigadier General by Gov. Isham G. Harris, commanding
troops until they were turned over to the Confederate government. On 17 Nov.
1847 he was commissioned as Major General of the 1st Division of the
Tennessee Militia. Major General William Richard Caswell was murdered in
August 1862, being found about a half mile from his home with his throat
cut. Newspaper clippings indicate that the murderer was not known at the
time and that blame was placed on a runaway slave and a group of
unidentified men who supposedly ambushed him. He was 52 years old when
was killed.
At the time of his death, The Knoxville Register contained comments about
General Caswell:
"One of the most universally esteemed and respected of our citizens. Perhaps
no man who occupied as prominent a position as a public man ever enjoyed
more personal popularity. Affable in his demeanor to everyone, kind and
generous and upright, and just in all his transactions, it is remarkable
that he should have an enemy so desperate a character as his slayer must
have been".
This information was kindly sent me by Mae Hooten.
16. Richard Francis MCILWEAN (Sarah CASWELL, Richard) was born in 1784.
Richard Francis was born in 1784 and was taken in by his grandfather, Gov. Richard Caswell,
and wife Sarah after his mother's death in 1787. His mother, Sarah Caswell was a daughter of
Gov. Caswell.He was left a negro boy in his grandfather's will. He and his sister Sarah were
taken in by Benejah White and his second wife, Mary Allen following the deah of Sarah Caswell
in 1794. Richard Francis had a son, Lewis S. McIlwean and possibly a daughter Sarah who
would have been born in 1809. A Sarah McIlwean married Alonzo T. Jerkins in 1831 Her birth
on the tombstone was 1809.
A Richard McIlwean was detached from the 2nd regiment 3rd Co.(Pitt Co) in 1812
A Richard McVain is listed in the Pitt 1820 census with a wife , a male 0-10 (doesn't match
Lewis S's birth of 1807) and a female 10-16 years of age.
*Note There are land transactions which strongly suggest that Richard Francis married a
daughter of a Lewis Cannon.
SOURCE: Pitt Deed Book Q, p.357 date:2-10-1805 Grantor: Shadrach Allen Grantee: Richard
McIlwean 100A +95A + 110 A; $1500. Former owners; Peter Nelson; henry Smith, Sr. (Pat.
1746); Robert Palmer (Pat. 1759); Stephen Pugh (Pat. 1787). Adj. Dennys Cannon, Hugh Pugh,
sr. Wit: Simon Burney, charles Tripp
*NOTE: Shadrach Allen was probably the brother of Sarah Allen who married Lewis Cannon.
Perhaps Richard Francis McIlwean married another Allen sister? If so, then the Lewis Cannon
land that was divided between Lewis and Sarah McWain in the 1830's could be this land.
SOURCE: Pitt Deed Book Q (1805-7) p. 192 Date: 3-18-1806 Grantor: Richard Francis
McIlwean Grantee: Guilford Murphey . Negro: $500.00 Wit: Harmon Handcock
SOURCE: Pitt Deed Bk Q. p. 195, Date: 5-14-1806 Grantor Richard McIlwean Grantee: John
Washington (Lenoir)Mtg. yellow boy 6lbs. Wit: Samuel Braxton, Richard Washington
Richard and his spouse had the following children:
38 M i. Lewis S MCILWEAN was born in Aug 1807.
It has not been proved that Lewis and Sarah were children of Richard and Mary.
SOURCE: Pitt Deed book DD (1825-30) p. 34; date: 10-12-1824 Grantor:
Matthew Manning Grantee: Lennington manning 25A +3A; $50. Formern
Owners: Charles Jinkins, dec. Joseph Jackson. Wit: Edward Sturdivant, Lewis
SOURCE:Pitt Co. Deed book EE (1826-1832), p. 463 date: 5-6-1829 grantor;
Lewis S. McIlwean Grantee: William Gardner negro: $180.oo Wit; I. B.
+ 39 F ii. Sarah MCILWEAN was born on 28 Jul 1809 and died on 13 Sep 1874.
22. Elizabeth CASWELL (Dallam, Richard).
SOURCE: Newspaper "The Spectator" Rueben Wallace of Snow Hill to Ann Elizabeth Caswell
April 27, 1832. Married by Richard Croom, esq.
Elizabeth married Lewis Clay DESMOND c1828. Lewis was born in 1812. He died in 1868.
Lewis and Elizabeth had the following children:
40 M i. William DESMOND was born on 28 Sep 1826.
41 F ii. Elizabeth DESMOND was born in 1832.
42 M iii. Sarah Catherine DESMOND..
31. William Heritage CASWELL (Dallam, Richard) was born in 1826. He died in 1870.
William married Absely HART. Absely was born in 1842.
They had the following children:
43 M i. George CASWELL was born in 1859.
32. Lewis A. CASWELL (Dallam, Richard) was born on 22 Aug 1828. He died in 1863.
Both Lewis and his brother William went to live in the home of their sister Mary Anne Caswell,
wife of John Pridgeon Both boys are listed as clerks in the Green Co. census of 1850. John
Pridgeon was a tavern owner and had many people in his home.
SOURCE: Carolyn Black's mother-in-law (old bible)
"L.A. Caswell was a direct descendent of Richard Caswell. His first marriage
was to a woman named Nancy Pridgen. Marriage date:March 7, 1854.
This wife died, and on Dec. 10, 1857, he married an Indian woman known only
to us as "Tuscumbia".Now, according to the writing on an old Bible page, (I believe my
mother-in-law has only the page, not the whole Bible. It is very old, and has been taped
together. I have a photocopy. This is how it reads:*Mary Catherine, daughter of L.A. Caswell
and Tuscumbia his wife,
born Sept. 3,1858.*Catherine Ann, second daughter of L.A. & Tuscumbia Caswell was born
October 15, 1859.
Then, it goes on to list the children of Isaac Carr and Annie his wife.This Annie, was Catherine
Ann Caswell, my husband's great-grandmother. She was born in Bull Head, GreeneCounty, NC
(near Kinston at a place called Snow Hill).
The family story is this-- The first daughter of L.A. Caswell and Tuscumbia died as an infant.
Tuscumbia died
not long after this. It seems that she went to a fancy dress ball not properly attired for the cold
weather. She got
very sick from the exposure and died. Annie's father died in the Civil War, leaving her an
orphan. An aunt took
care of her. I don't know whether the aunt died, or what,but she was sent to an orphanage near
Raleigh, NC
when she was about 17 years old. For some reason in the later family records, Annie is called "
Annie Caroline".
My mother-in-law doesn't know why this is, but she always thought her name was Annie
Caroline. She is very
positive that her parents are L.A Caswell and Tuscumbia.
Annie Caswell married Isaac Newton Carr on May 30, 1878."
SOURCE: Greene Co Civil War records: Lewis A. Caswell 3rd reg. Co. A DIS (died in service)
Lewis married (1) Nancy PRIDGEN on 7 Mar 1854 in Greene Co NC.
They had the following children:
44 F i. Nancy E. CASWELL was born on 11 Nov 1856.
Lewis also married (2) Tuscumbia on 10 Dec 1857 in Greene Co NC.
They had the following children:
45 F ii. Mary Catherine CASWELL was born on 3 Sep 1858.
46 F iii. Catherine Anne CASWELL was born on 15 Oct 1859 in
Bull Head Greene Co Nc.
Catherine married Isaac Newton CARR.
Fourth Generation
39. Sarah MCILWEAN (Richard Francis MCILWEAN, Sarah CASWELL, Richard) was born on
28 Jul 1809. She died on 13 Sep 1874 in New Bern, NC and was buried in Cedar Grove
This Sarah McIlwean is the most likely one to have married Alonzo Jerkins as his wife Sarah's
birthdate on her tombstone matches. I had thought Sarah, sister of Francis mcIlwean was the
correct one; Francis married Alonzo's sister and thus it seemed likely. However, that Sarah was
born in 1799.
SOURCE: Lois Neale, ABSTRACTS of VITAL RECORDS 1830-1839:#3054 JERKINS:M. at
Fort Barnwell on the 29th ult. Mr. Alonzo T. Jerkins of New Bern to Miss Sarah McIlvain
RaNCSw Thurs. 14 July 1831 3:6
Sarah married Alonzo Thomas JERKINS1, son of Thomas JERKINS and Grizzle SEARS, on
28 Jun 1831 in Ft. Barnwell Craven Co NC. Alonzo was born on 2 Jun 1807 in Craven Co. NC.
He died on 7 Apr 1895 in New Bern, NC and was buried in Cedar Grove cemetery.
SOURCE: Years of Light: History of St. John's Lodge, no.3 by Gertrude Carraway.p.141
The New Bern Mason during the middle of the 19th century who took the most active part in
Grand Lodge activities was Alonzo Thomas Jerkins, who served as North Carolina's 24th Grand
Master, elected in 1850, 1851 and 1852, the fifth member of St. John's Lodge to hold this
exalted position and a worthy successor to the first four-Richard Caswell, Judge John Louis
Taylor, Robert Williams, and Gov. Richard Dobbs Spaight, Jr.
Born June 2, 1807, in the brick house at 39 Johnson Street built by his father, he was the son of
Thomas Jerkins, A mason and sea captain who operated ships between New Bern and the
West Indies. A native of Beaufort County, the father had settled here in 1804. While he was
away on one of his long voyages, his wife died. After that he stopped his sailing trips and
remained in New Bern. The epitaph on the tombstone at the wife's grave in Cedar Grove
cemetery, erected in 1824, reads: "Look where the silent marble weeps
A friend, a wife, a mother sleeps."
At the time of the death of his mother, who was a sister of Capt. George Sears, Alonzo Jerkins
was a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. But for her death he would
probably have remained there to graduate. For some time he taught school at his local home
assisted by his wife. The young man became an active merchant, shipper, banker, and
business man in general here, long recognized as one of the community's outstanding citizens.
In 1850 he represented his section in the State House of Commons. He served as president of
the Bank of Commerce here, and was a prominent official of the First Baptist Church….After an
active career in business and civic life, he died here on April 7, 1895. He is buried in Cedar
Grove cemetery in a family lot near the Confederate Monument. Near him are the graves of his
two wives: Sarah, born July 28, 1809, who died Sept. 13, 1874; and Susan Carr, who survived
him, having been born March 14, 1836, and dying Feb. 19, 1911.
Alonzo was the executor of Harriet McIlwean Caswell's will of 1858. I believe she chose him
because of the family connection of his first wife, Sarah McIlwean. She may have been the
daughter of Richard Francis Mcilwean and thus her cousin.******************************************
SOURCE: The final accounting of Susan C. Jerkins , EX. of A.T. Jerkins, deceased, Cr.
wherein he leaves his only personal item, his watch and chain, *noted as $400.00 to Sallie E.
Caswell *note-. Don't know who she was.
Alonzo and Sarah had the following children:
47 F i. Susan JERKINS. She was related to her parents by adoption.
Susan was adopted.
Susan married John Durant FLANNER on 16 Feb 1854.
Appendix A - Sources
1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ancestral File (R), Copyright (c) 1987, June 1998, data
as of 5 January 1998, Family History Library, 35 N West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150 USA.

Please Credit Clair Hadley when using this material.  

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