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Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House.
July 26, 2007
A HOUSE RESOLUTION honoring the memory of Richard Caswell, Revolutionary War hero and the Governor of North Carolina, and recognizing the month of August 2007 as Richard Caswell month.
Whereas, Richard Caswell was an early and effective leader of the Patriot cause in the American Revolution; and
Whereas, Richard Caswell represented North Carolina at both Continental Congresses and served in all five Provincial Congresses; and
Whereas, Richard Caswell commanded the Patriot forces in the important early victory over the Loyalists at the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge in February 1776, thus becoming one of North Carolina's first heroes; and
Whereas, Richard Caswell served throughout the American Revolution as commander of the North Carolina cavalry; and
Whereas, Richard Caswell ultimately served as Major General of the North Carolina Militia during the American Revolution; and
Whereas, Richard Caswell chaired the committee that drafted the first North Carolina Constitution; and
Whereas, Richard Caswell served as the first Governor of the State of North Carolina; and
Whereas, Richard Caswell still holds the distinction of having served more terms than any other Governor of our State; and
Whereas, Richard Caswell served North Carolina in many other significant and progressive leadership roles as well; Now, therefore,
Be it resolved by the House of Representatives:
SECTION 1. The North Carolina House of Representatives honors the memory of Richard Caswell for the service he rendered the State of North Carolina.
SECTION 2. The North Carolina House of Representatives wishes to recognize the month of August 2007, the month in which the Governor Richard Caswell Memorial State Historic Site will be reopened, as Governor Richard Caswell Month to honor this important patriot and the first Governor of North Carolina.



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