Descendants of John Sutton

   Descendants of John Sutton

   Generation One

1. JOHN1 SUTTON was born circa 1730. He married Ann (Sutton). John died before February 1773 in Dobbs County, North Carolina.
It is not known where John Sutton came from but not New Jersey as has always been written. Extensive work has been done by a number of people on the New Jersey Sutton's and all of the John's are accounted for. More than likely, he came from NE NC and was part of the George Sutton line but proof has not been found. It is entirely possible he was the son of Thomas Sutton, whose daughter, Mary, and her husband, Lemuel Hardy along with his brother, Benjamin, moved to Dobbs County. The below entry in Bertie County could be a clue as this was about the time John arrived in Dobbs County. One should also note that the Suttons of Bertie lived at Buckelsberry as did the Suttons of Lenoir County.
JOHN SUTTON to JAMES LOCKHART of Scotch Hall May 17 1750 . 15 pounds for 100 acres.." JOHN SUTTON of the province a'f'said son of THOMAS SUTTON, SEN....whereas MARY JONES my aunt by her last will and testament ....bequesthed to me JOHN SUTTON....part of that plantation on which she had lived..." In Cashoke. Adj. Hendersons Corner on Moratuck Bay at Spring Branch....Wit: GEORGE LOCKHART, NATHANIEL ?, ELIZABETH LOCKHART. August Court 1750. (Bertie County Deed Book G 299)
The following entries are found in the Johnston, Dobbs, Lenoir Cross Indices. BOOK 2 - April 1750 - April 1754
John Turner     to     John Sutton     454
BOOK 5 - April 1757 - April 1758
John Sutton & Others     to     Charles Norden     383
John Turner     to     John Sutton     120
John Twiner     to     John Sutton     116
BOOK 10 - April 1773 - May 1775
Robert Reynolds     to     John Sutton     225

John was on the 1769 Dobbs County Tax list but not on the 1780 Tax List. On the 1769 List John Sutton, James Turner, and George Wiggins were listed together with three white taxables and three black taxables. What their relationship was is not known. Ann Sutton was on the 1780 List worth 1,427 pounds and it is assumed she was his widow but it is not known if she was the mother of his children. John, Benjamin and Thomas Sutton were also listed in the same District, Capt. Henry Taylor's, with a considerable lower worth. It is assumed they were the sons of John Sutton.
It has been written that Ann was a Turner, daughter of John Turner probably of the Southampton County, Virginia family who owned land in Johnston, now Lenoir County. The names Simon, James, and Richard are found in that family. It should be noted that John had land taken up by John Giles so it is possible Giles was his father-in-law.

EARLY RECORDS OF N.C. - by Steve Bradley
VOL III - Loose Papers and Related Materials - 1712 - 1798
Joseph Sutton of Dobbs Co - inventory taken 8 Feb 1773 by Ann Sutton widow and admrx - included were 1 Negro woman and child - proved 12 Aug 1773
NOTE: This says Joseph - someone needs to check original

COLONY OF NORTH CAROLINA LAND PATENTS - 1735-1764 - by Margaret Hoffman
#960 - John Sutton - 25 May 1757 - 275 acres in Johnston Co in Bucklesberry adj Thomas Uzzell, John Row and lands sd Sutton lives on (which was) taken up by John Giles
#1908 - John Sutton - 21 December 1763 - 75 acres in Dobbs on NS Neuse adj John Giles, Simon Herring, his own line to a Branch I checked for John Giles and there was nothing in the index earlier than entry #960

SURVEY #334 Grant No 68 issued 21 Dec 1763 entered 4 October 1763 Book 17 page 18
October ye 4th 1763
Surveyed for John Sutton
A plantation Containing 76 acres of Land in the County of Dobbs on the NS of Nuse River adj JOHN GILES, SIMON HERRING, his own line.
   Philip Stone, surv

No doubt John had daughters but there is no evidence as to they might have been. The only "sons" actually proven are John Jr, William and Benjamin. The rest could have been from elsewhere but for the time being I am putting them under John as pure speculation.

ANN (SUTTON) died BY 1790 in Dobbs County, North Carolina.
   The seven known children of John1 Sutton and Ann (Sutton) were as follows:
      2.  i.   BENJAMIN SUTTON was born circa 1752 in Dobbs County, North Carolina; Moses Westbrook to Benjamin Sutton; Deed. He married Sarah Hardy, daughter of William Hardy and Sarah Sowell, circa 1777. He died in 1837 in Lenoir County, North Carolina; The estate records state he had a will in 1837 and that his wife Sarah died in 1846 after the spring; Estate of Benjamin and Sarah Hardy Sutton, Found in John Heritage Bryan Collection and in the Re-registered Deeds of Lenoir County. It is family tradition that his middle name was Oxley but there is nothing to support it and the use of middle names during this period was unusual. It is also family tradition that Sarah was a Hardy. That much is probably true but is not proveable, much less who her parents were. If Sarah was the daughter of William and Sarah Sowell Hardy of Bertie County, the Benjamin was her 2nd husband and she was his 2nd wife and his oldest children were by another wife.

#950 - Major Croom - 3 April 1780 - 270 acres NS Neuse - Bucklesberry Poc. Adj his own line,
Turner's Patent, Edward Searles and Benjamin Sutton

Benjamin was on the 1780 Tax List, voted in 1788 and was a Private in 1780 in the Militia in Captain Creech's Company.

SUTTON FAMILY PAPERS - East Carolina Manuscript Collection
1. Deed - 22 November 1791 - Dobbs County - Moses Westbrook of Dobbs, merchant, and Persis his wife formerly Persis Young daughter of Charles Young, dec (or) Benjamin Sutton (ee) - Charles Young in his life made a sale of a tract of 200 acs on NS Neuse and lower side of Bear Creek being part of a tract Young bought of Harry Roberts and being part of tract he sold to James Uzzill the original grant was made to Thomas Burnett ? for 350 acs to William Waddle and by the said Waddle conveyed to the aforsaid John Sutton, dec father of the aforesaid Benjamin Sutton and the said Charles Young having given his bond to make the transfer of land and John Sutton dec in his last will and testament unto his son Benjamin and in order to comply with the said Charles Young's contract and take up the bond as one of the heirs, Moses Westbrook and Persis his wife in consideration of 30 shillings paid by Benjamin Sutton ---
WIT Joshua Croom and Major Croom
To Court April Term 1792 on oath of JOSHUA CROOM
Winston Caswell, Clk
Enrolled in Lenoir County 5 May 1792 - Liber I ? pages 122, 123, 124
D. Caswell, Regt
The above deed proves that Benjamin was the son of John. There is no entry in the Cross Indices for a land transfer between William Waddle to John Sutton. There does not appear to be another John with a son Benjamin to which this deed could apply although the transfer of the land was at least 12 years after the death of John Sutton I.
2. I Benjamin Sutton of County of Dobbs firmly bound to John Herring 1000 lbs 24 August 1791
In consideration of above obligation the said Benjamin Sutton made an entry in land office for 350 acs land in Bucklesbury on ES Bear Creek in Dobbs County. If a grant is obtained for land by virtue of said entry and the said Benjamin Sutton doth within two months after it is obtained make and asign unto John Herring a lawful deed of sale for all the grant covers lying above the land formerly surveyed and held by John Sutton now the property of Benjamin Sutton which deed is to include the land formerly held by John Herring----
WIT Can't read
3. Mr. John Sutton Jr. To Bryan Whitfield and son - this looks like a receipt for several items among others - tobacco and blue flannel. Received 15 April 1803 or 1808 of Benjamin Sutton one lb 17 shillings in full of John Sutton Jr.
This above deed indicates that John Sutton Jr. (the younger) was the son of Benjamin who was paying his bill.
4. Grant from State of NC - to Benjamin Sutton - 200 ? acs Buckelsberry - adj Simon Herring's patent
- this is torn

1. several copies of receipts for Benj Sutton's paying taxes in 1780's - 1790's
2. Receipt on 5 March 1785 of Mr. William Sutton by the hand of his brother Mr. Benj Sutton - 7 lbs 12 shillings 10 pence - signed by B.V. Whitfield
NOTE: The above proves that Benjamin had a brother, William
2. received of John Herring for Simon Sutton in full on account - M.R. Croom - 22 Dec 1786
NOTE: This indicates a possible connection with John Herring - maybe he was the fatherin-law of Simon

1. Nancy Sutton, Winnifred Barwick wife of John Barwick, Mary Rains wife of Richard Rains, Elizabeth Ellis wife of Alfred Ellis - heirs at law of Sarah Sutton dec widow of Benjamin Sutton - the mother had Negro slaves and the children wanted them - July term 1846 - next page says Winifred was wife of Joshua Barwick
PART OF ESTATE RECORDS FOR BENJAMIN AND SARAH HARDY SUTTON - from Russell King found in John Heritage Bryan Papers - UNC
Benjamin d 1837 with a Will - his wife Sarah d in 1846 after the spring slaves to be divided between 3 daughters - Richard Rouse was ext and md Mary (Polly) Sutton, Joshua Barwick md Winifred Sutton, Alfred Ellis md     Sutton

DUPLIN COUNTY - information from Christine Grimes Thacker and Pam on the Lenoir List
Book 3A, page 549 BENJAMIN SUTTON of Lenoir Co., to John Roberts of Duplin Co., Dec 1807, (sum not given), 39 3/4A on the SS of the Great Branch, beg. at the fun of the great Branch, with exception of building a mill across sd. branch, which sd., SUTTON has liberty to do where most convenient whatever.
Wit: William Roberts, Sanders Thompson. Apr. Ct. 1809.
Book 4A page 373 BENJAMIN SUTTON, patent No. 1914, 1 Dec. 1780, for 40A on BS of the Beaverdam Branch, adj. his own & John Rouse's lines beg. at a black jack his own corner. Entered 10 Dec. 1807. Signed by B. Williams, Will White, Sec.
BOOK 7A p 412
Benjamin Sutton to William Sutton, both of Lenoir Co - 374 acres - $500 - waters of Great Branch - 124 acres - Beaverdam; another tract - adj John Thomsoe patent, Gray - 95 acres; another tract adj Gray, Stanley - 55 acres - another tract patented by Benjamin Sutton 14 Oct 1808 - 40 acres; another tract adj Hoody's ?? corner, SS Branch - 50 acres
Signed by Mark
WIT A. Keaton
To court July Term 1822 - on oath of Edward Alberton

9 Jan 1817 - Benjamin Sutton and wife Sarah to Jesse Hardy - $1000 - Benjamin and Sarah to retain during their lifetime - Great Branch adj Edward Carter, Richard Rouse - 200 acres; another tract adj to above tract of 100 acres - runs through Picadilly
signed with mark
WIT Ed Alberton, Barbara Hardy

BOOK K19 - p 445
16 April 1800 - Windel Davis of Lenoir to Benjamin Sutton of Lenoir - 390 acres for 108 pds - 200 acres - both sides of Beaver Dam - adj Carter, through Picadilly, John Albertson's patent of 1779; another tract of 190 acres - part of patent to same John Alberton in 1785
BOOK 4A p 349
Indenture - 4 Feb 1811 - Windal Davis of Lenoir to Benjamin Sutton of Lenoir - 63 pds, 7 shillings, sixpence - 85 acres - Great Branch adj Rouse, sd Sutton
WIT Jesse Hardy, James Davis

BOOK Q p 264
8 August 1807 - Alexander Carter to Benjamin Sutton of Lenoir - 174 acres - 107 pds - Great Branch called the Gray land - part of patent to Bibby Bush
WIT L. Davis, Meclendal Jarman

BOOK N p 500
22 March 1802 - Jesse Waters of Lenoir to Benjamin Sutton of Lenoir - 100 pds - one tract on NE side of the N East Branch of the Cape Ferar - 95 acres granted to Moses Stanley on 16 November 1790 - fork of Great Branch adj to John Thompsons; another tract - 55 acres adj the before mentioned being part of a 200 patent granted to John Thompson 10 November1 1784
WIT James Hall, Jo Gillisphee.

  3.   ii.   THOMAS SUTTON was born before 1758.
Thomas was on the 1780 Dobbs Tax list worth 132 pds and he voted in 1779. It is assumed he was a son although he could have been from somewhere else. No older Thomas appears on the 1790 or 1800 Census. The dates are right for Thomas of Dobbs to be the one found in Sampson County.
P 48 - John Bizzell Jun of Wayne to Thomas Sutton of same - 28 March 1783 for 100 pds - 250 acres both sides of Horse Swamp adj Joshua Grantham - part of patent to John Grantham on 5 Dec 1761 -
wit Joseph Pipkin, Joseph Sandefur
There is no further mention of Thomas in the Wayne abstracts, but they are selected abstracts and I have not consulted the Indices for Wayne.

   4.   iii.   JOHN SUTTON JR was born in Dobbs County, North Carolina, circa 1758. He married Ferebee Isler.
John died between 1820 and 1830 in Lenoir County, North Carolina; 1830 Lenoir Co, NC Census. I think this line may be very mixed up as written. I have seen no documentation that Ferebee was an Isler or that she was the only wife. Ferebee is said to have been a daughter of William and Hester William Isler and indeed they had a daughter Ferebee who was not married when William died in 1784. WIlliam had a daughter Ann said to have been born in 1757. The dates of some of John and Ferebee's supposed children really push the child bearing age of Ferebee even if she was much younger than her sister Ann. There was a William Isler Sr. and Jr. on the 1790 Dobbs County Census. Most likely William Sr. was her father.
The 1790 Census states there were two males over 16 and two females. James Sutton and William Isler Sutton were suppose to have been sons of John and Ferebee but John F. I. Sutton was not, as proven in the Will of his father, William. Since the daughters can not be proven, I have not included them; however, it is entirely possible that Richard Sutton Jr. married a daughter of John and Ferebee. Since the Isler name comes down the line of William, son of William I and Sarah Arendell, it is possible William had two wives, the first one a daughter of John and Ferebee. It is written that Harriett was a daughter and married John Stroud. There are Marriage Bonds for this couple - 10 October 1837 which would indicate that Harriet was bc1819 which appears to be too late for a child of John and Ferebee.
John was on the 1780 Tax List indicating he was at least 21 years old. He also voted in 1788 and is listed as a Private in the Dobbs Militia in 1780. The 1800 Census supports a possible son born before 1800 and a possible daughter born earlier. On the 1830 Census there was a Ferebee Sutton with a woman b between 1750 and 1760 consistent with the assumed age of a wife of John; however, there is also a woman born between 1790 and 1800 in the household, a male and female born between 1800 and 1810 and one can assume they are the parents of the two young children in the household.
The 1800, 1810 and 1820 Census is not consistent with the 1790 or 1830 if one assumes that Ferebee was between 70 and 80.
The 1810 Census supports one son b 1794 - 1800, one b 1800 - 1810, two females born 1800-1810, two females b 1794-1800 and I am not sure about the older female.
The 1820 Census supports only 1 male b 1805-1810. James does not appear on the census and is not in his own household. There are three females 16-25.
John was deceased by 1830. There was a male child in the household of Ferebee b 1825-30. Ferebee was a bit too old to be having children indicating that was not her son or the age on the 1830 census is incorrect.

   5.   iv.   WILLIAM SUTTON was born circa 1760 in Dobbs County, North Carolina. He married Sarah (Sally) Arendell, daughter of William Arendell; Will of William Arendell, written May 1822, probated July 1822, copy in the Bryan Collection. He died between 1813 and 1820 in Lenoir County, North Carolina; 1820 Lenoir County, NC Census.
William voted in 1788 indicating he was born before 1767. William was not on the 1780 Tax List indicating he was not 21 years of age. He does appear on the 1790 and 1800 Census. William Sutton was a proven brother of Benjamin per the below receipt
Receipt on 5 March 1785 of Mr. William Sutton by the hand of his brother Mr. Benj Sutton - 7 lbs 12 shillings 10 pence - signed by B.V. Whitfield
It is not clear if the William on the 1790 Census and later is the son or grandson of John I. Sarah Arendell married a Sutton and she was born ca 1775. No William appears on the Cross Indices until the late 1790's. Francis Hodges and I have decided that William of the 1790, 1800 and 1810 Census was the same person. What we know about his children appears to indicate this.
1790 Census
William - 1 male over 16, 1 under, 1 female 1800 Census
William - 1 male 0-10, 1 male 27-45, 2 females 0-10, 1 female 27-45 - 1 slave
Benjamin Sutton with the three wives was born in 1795 - proven - and his father was said to be William who married a Davidson but there is only one William on these census records. Mattie Jolly states that there is no evidence of a William married to a Davidson. According to the late Hattie Daly, William and Sarah had two sons and one daughter that lived to adulthood - William Jr was born 1796 according to the census, his sister Polly was born c1792 and John was also suppose to be a son. If we are correct and John who md Polly Edwards was this son, that John was bc 1800 and would not be on the 1790 census and depending on when in the year he was born might not be on the 1800 census
1810 Census
William - 1 male 0-10, 1 male 11-16, 1 male over 45 1 female 0-10, 2
females 16-26, 1 female 27-45
The 1810 Census is consistent with William Jr's birthdate, John who married Polly Edwards, daughter Polly, another daughter and two younger daughters we don't know about.
Sarah - 1 female over 45 - 2 females slaves, 1 free female
William - 1 males 18-25, 2 females 15-25, 1 female over 45 - 1 male slave which one was Sarah Arendell?
It would be consistent for William Jr being this William with his brother John living with him, one possible wife, one possible sister - question is - who was the female over 45.
1830 Census
Sally - 1 male 0-5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 23-30, 1 female 30-40, 1 female 60-70
William 30-40 - etc
There are two females under age ten in William's household in 1800 whom we can't account for. I think there is a good chance one of them was Susan Elizabeth Sutton (b. 1791) who married Dennis John Daly (after her Herring jhusband died?), and that she was by an earlier wife of William, since she wasn't Sarah Arendell's daughter. That might account for the relatively large difference (twelve years or so?) in the ages of William and Sarah, since second wives were often younger. If this is true, then his first wife may have died in childbirth, as only a year or so separates Susan from Mary "Polly" (b. 1792), who we know to be Sarah Arendell's daughter. (FRH)
William died after 1813 and was in the Rev. War.
NC General Assembly Session Records Nov-Dec 1812, Box 4
State of NC, Lenoir Co - personally appeared before me this day William Sutton of the County aforesaid & after duly sworn Deposeth and sayeth - That he was Solder in the last revolution War & served under Jacob Johnston as Captain & that he was well acquainted with Isaac Parker who served under the same Captain & that at the Battle of Rock Fish the said Isaac Parker was severely Wounded in the Head, Arms, thigs & Legs, this deponant further Sayeth that he helptd to carry the said Parker between three & four miles on a Blanket, & assesed in Mursing him until he was nearly well, & do now know the sad Parker & think him an object of Legislative Linity.
signed by mark
Swore & Subscribed before the the 8th of Novr. 1813, Jas Bright, J.P.
Above information from Roger Kammerer
NOTE: Battle of Rockfish was where Wallace is now in Duplin Co. Aug, Sept or Oct of 1881.

  6.   v.   JAMES SUTTON was born between 1755 and 1767 in Dobbs County, North Carolina.
James was on the 1790 Census by himself indicating he was at least 21 and born by 1769. He was on the 1800 Census between the ages of 26 and 45 indicating birth between 1755 and 1774. He does not appear on the Lenoir Census after 1800. He was not on the 1780 Tax List indicating he did not live by himself and he was on the 1788 Voters List. Together this would indicate he was born before 1767. There is no evidence he had children. It is possible that James and Simon left the area together.
KINFOLKS OF WAYNE CO, NC - 1793 - 1832 by Joseph Watson
P 71 - James Sutton of Lenoir bought land on 31 Dec 1804.
NOTE: Nothing in the book to determine what happened to this land but this book is selected abstracts
BOOK 14 - April 1789 - April 1792
Benjamin Sutton & Others    to     James Sutton     457
BOOK 23 - 1805, 1806 to Aug 1810
James Sutton     to     Bryan Whitfield     83 There is no further mention of James
Wayne County
Read from microfilm
Book 6 p 513
Grant #772 to James Sutton - 50 shillings - NS Buck Swamp adj McCullock, himself - 8 acres - entered 11 Feb 1814
BOOK 8 p 249
Indenture - 31 Dec 1804? - David Beamon to James Sutton of Lenoir - 625 pds - NS Buck Swamp in fork of Marsh Branch adj John Rhodes, Caleb Buck, down swamp - 300 acres
WIT John Rhodes, Thomas (x) Barfield
BOOK 10 p 122
22 Feb 1814 - Dennis Perdue to James Sutton both of Wayne Co - 4 pds 2 shillings, sixpence - Buck Swamp and Falling Creek adj to patent of Caleb Buck in 1797
WIT Sam'l Sugg, Henry (x) Rouse
BOOK 12 p 204
Indenture - 19 Jan 18--- - James Sutton to Asher McCuller - 3 parcels of land - $368 - one on Marsh Branch adj Rhodes corner, Caleb Buck, Buck Swamp - 300 acres; another tract NS Buck Swamp adj Asher McCullock, Rhodes - 8 acres; another tract purchased from Dennis Perdue
Signed by name
WIT John Odum, Josiah (x) Odum
BOOK 19 p 540
1840 - Division of land of Isaac Crow - on Buck Swamp - Sylvia Sutton was a heir - 23 acres (no indication of her husband) - Benjamin Sutton got a separate piece in right of his wife Matilda
Nov Court 1842
Who was this Benjamin?
The later Benjamin on Buck Swamp indicates that James may have had children.

   7.   vi.   RICHARD SUTTON was born CA 1755 - 1773 in Dobbs County, North Carolina. He married Susanna (Sutton). He died between 1800 and 1810 in Lenoir County, North Carolina; 1810 Lenoir Co, NC Census.; 1800 Lenoir County, NC Census.
When editing this report, I realized Richard Jr being a son of Richard Jr probably does not make sense from the age of Susannah. For the time being just going to leave it and maybe something will appear one day to document this line.
The age of Richard on the 1800 Census supports his being a son of John I. The number of people and slaves in his household and their age supports Susannah on the 1810 Census being his widow. Who the two daughters were is not known. Who the son was is not known, but the later Richard's age on the 1830 Census supports his being a son of this Richard. Of course, Richard could have been a son of Benjamin or John Jr. but the Census does not support his being a son of either.
BOOK 18 - 1798, 1799
William Wooten    to     Richard Sutton    85
BOOK 23 - 1805, 1806 to Aug 1810
Susannah Sutton    to     Moses Hinson     282
BOOK 24 - Aug 1810 - Aug 1819
Benjamin W. Harper ??    to     Richard Sutton    500
It is not possible to tell if this was the older Richard or the younger one but given the page number, I am inclined to think the younger one.

  8.   vii.   SIMON SUTTON was born between 1765 and 1767 in Dobbs County, North Carolina. He married Mary (Polly) (Sutton). He died before January 1813 in Duplin County, North Carolina.
The name Simon first shows up when he had his accounts settled in 1786 indicating he was a young man but not able to pay his own bills for some reason. He was on the 1800 Lenoir County Census indicating birth between 1755 and 1773. There was a female in the household of the same age, but no children. He was not on the 1810 Census. I am inclined to think because of his age, he was one of the youngest sons of John I. He does appear in Book 18 of the Cross Indices which dates were ca 1798, 1799. He was in Book 23 as a Grantor and this book was ca 1805 - 1810. Simon voted in 1788 cutting his birthyear from what the census indicated.
Simon appears to have moved to the Goshen Swamp area of Duplin County as he is found there in the Court Records in 1805 and on the 1810 Census. He was on the 1806 Duplin Tax List with 100 acres and one white poll.
Simon Sutton - two males 0-9, one male 10-15, one 26-44; two females 0-9, one 26-44
This indicates his earliest birth would have been ca 1766 and it also suggests he had other children. Could the male 10-15 have been a son by a previous marriage who was not living with his father on the 1800 Census?
received of John Herring for Simon Sutton in full on account - M.R. Croom - 22 Dec 1786
NOTE: This indicates a possible connection with John Herring - maybe he was the father-in-law of Simon especially if Simon was married two times

BOOK 18 - 1798, 1799
Elijah & W. Skeen    to    Simon Sutton     65
BOOK 23 - 1805, 1806 to Aug 1810
Simon Sutton     to     Benjamin Lewis     39
No further entries for Simon
Court of Quarterly Pleas
22 Oct 1805 - on jury - SIMON Sutton and Thomas Daile - etc to lay out new road
22 Jan 1806 - Wiley Garner to Simeon Sutton - 100 acres
Simon was deceased by January 1813.
Court Records
10 Jan 1813 - Wiley Garner obtained administration of estate of Simon Sutton dec - Bond of 250 pds
21 April 1813 - Inventory of estate of Simon Sutton by Wiley Garner

There is no Sutton on the printed 1820 Census so his widow and children must have been living with someone. Most likely the Mary and Polly Sutton on the 1830 is a double entry and she is probably his widow. She may have moved in the middle of the census. There is an age discrepancy for the older female and it is possible they were two different people as Thomas may have also been in this area although he does not appear on the Census Records.
p 142 - Israel Sutton - one male under 5, one male 10-15, one male 30-40; two females under 5, one 10-15, one 30-40
p 146 - Polly Sutton - one male 15-20; one female 20-30, one female 40-50 she lived next door to Curtis Deal
p 171 - Mary Sutton - one male 15-20; one female 20-30, one female 50-60 was this a double entry?
p 31 - Mary - one female 30-40; one female 60-70
the younger woman was probably Penelope who would have been 36 according to the 1850 census
p 35 - Thomas - one male under 5, one male 20-30; one female under 5, one female 20-30
lived next door to Dennis Summerlin

dwelling 287 - Mary Sutton 60
Lived next to Calvin Deal and two doors from Alfred Deal. This age is not consistent with the previous census records or with the age of Penelope's mother.
Dwelling 291 - Thomas 38, Mary 40, Nancy 15, William 13, Mary A. 10, Giles 4, Sarah 7 Mary died in 1858/1859 based on the following record
Book 23 page 88
January Court Term 1859 - Commissioners to divide the lands of Mary Sutton, deceased - Lot #1 to Thomas Sutton - 55 acres worth $210 - Lot #2 to Curtis Dail and wife Penny - on Reedy Branch - 64 acres and value of $210- lot # 3 to Luke Herring and wife Phereby Herring - Miry Branch - 55 acres worth $190. Lot #1 to pay Lot #3 $6.66 - Lot #2 to pay Lot #3 $6.66
Signed N. B. Whitfield, J. D. Summerton, Henry R. Kornegay, Wm Kornegay, Kinsey Jones,
This does not indicate that Mary was the mother and she could have been a sister. The age of Mary on the 1850 Census is not right for her to be the mother of Penelope so I am inclined to think the census was incorrect. There may be estate records in Duplin County. There is no indication of how Mary obtained this land but probably through inheritance. Some of Simon's land was on Mirey Branch as was the land Mary had in her estate.
From: "James M. Garner"
To: "Martha Marble"
Subject: Re: [NCLENOIR] Duplin Co - Sutton, Ellis, Hardy etc
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 07:55:00 -0500
Thank you for your post of Sutton and Garner deeds. The Wiley Garner mentioned below had a son named William who married Elizabeth Sutton (b. abt. 1795). Any ideas as to who her father was? Simon was a neighbor of Wiley Garner and the Dail Family were also neighbors. It is very possible that Simon was the father of this Elizabeth, of Thomas who married Mary Creech and of Penelope who married Curtis Dail.
(Note: The Census records do not indicate an older daughter and there is no Elizabeth in the estate records for Mary)
14 Jan 1811 - Simon Sutton of Duplin to Wiley Garner - $36 - Mirey Branch adj Garner and Sutton
WIT D. Glisson, Needham (x) Garner
To Court April Term 1824
BOOK 1-5-10-14-15 p 279
William Creech to Thomas Sutton and wife - already have somewhere
BOOK O p 273
7 April 1805 - Wiley Garner to Simon Sutton - 65 pds - 100 acres - SS of the NE on the Mirey Branch
WIT Needham (x) Garner, Jr, Needham (x) Garner Sr.

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