Ghost Story

I can't call my story a "Ghost Story" but it was eerie! My husband, daughter, and I were traveling home from a visit to Lancaster Co. Pa. We were nearing Berks Co. and I have been searching my roots there for a long time. On one visit a lady told me she thought my ancestors homestead was still standing and gave me directions. I never went there then about 10 years prior due to lack of time so on this day I thought I wonder if I could find it. Traveling in a complexly different direction from last time, I was very skeptical, plus no directions and very few street signs. Off we went, and "something" kept pointing me in the right direction. After about the 10th turn my husband said I had managed to get him totally lost and my daughter saying where are we. I found a two rutted driveway to what seemed to be nowhere and told my husband turn here. His exact quote was..Here! It doesn't go anywhere, and if it does you are going to get us all shot! At this point I was even doubting where I was being led. Well it was the right house and just after we came down this long driveway stopped and saw a large barn and beautiful home another car approached us and my husband said Oh Boy!!! I got out of the car, the diplomat that I am and said Hello, I think this home belonged to my ancestors many years ago. He mentioned a name and I was crushed and said no I thought this was the Stapleton home and he said Oh yes they were the people that built the home and barn. By now the rest of the family was out of the car and saying I don't believe it. He invited us in and told us the history that he know of the house, showed us the barn with their initials carved in the woodwork around the barn door and took us on a guided tour of the house. Then the real eerie part happened. My husband, I, and daughter were enjoying the tour but I was mesmerized. If you knew me, I would never leave this nice man in his home taking us on tour to go off on my own, EVER, even if I really wanted to but...

"Something" sent me down a hallway, around a corner, and into another room right up to a window. Standing there looking out I didn't actually see but visioned a woman with a black hat and long cape driving a buckboard across the field. I was startled back to reality when the gentleman said Aha! I see you have found the original part of the house and the only surviving window. I said I am so sorry I don't know what came over me to just come here. My husband is giving me one of those look and said Honey, what are you doing ?? I was feeling slightly cold and shaky. I just couldn't believe what I had just done. A few years later I learned that at this house, the daughter, with her stepfather looking on drowned on a very windy day by falling into the water off of a bridge on the property wearing a long cape. To this day all I have to do it think about standing at that window again and the image is crystal clear, no face but it was a woman with a black hat and cape. Does anybody have any idea what this episode was? Ghost?? or what! I would love to know.

Submitted by Sally.


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