Body Parts

Some of you may notice the similarity between some of the English and German names; while observing that others are completely different. The English "eye" and the German "Auge" are quite different; yet "eyebrow" and "Augenbraue" and "eyelid" and "Augenlid" are half different and half similar. Note that PA-Dutch said "Au'adeckel"; "Deckel" being the German word for lid".

The Germans have two words for "mouth"; one is "Mund", the other is "Maul". The PA-Dutch used the latter word. In English, we say, "Hold your tongue"; in PA-Dutch, we said, "Halt dei Maul".

The Germans say "Kinn for "chin"; the PA-Dutch said "Bort" which is the German word for "beard", although spelled "Bart".

The Germans also have three words for "neck": "Hals", "Nacke", and "Genick". The PA-Dutch used "Genick", which they pronounced "G'nick" for the back of the neck; saying, "Ich hops im Gnick", literally, "I have it in my neck".

Similarly, intestinal discomfort was disclosed by, "Ich hops im Leib", another German word for "belly".

Not daring to risk trying your patience, I shall bring my little essay on "body parts" to a close. I should feel gratified if I could be certain that I have afforded some of you a small measure of amusement.

Parts of the body Korpertheilen Koroppahdaila

English, German, and Pennsylvania Dutch names for body parts
English German German Plural PA-Dutch PA-Dutch Plural
Finger der Finger die Finger dah Finger (like singer) dee Finger
Fingernail der Fingernagel die Fingernägel dah Fingernogel dee Fingernegel
Knuckle der Fingerknöchel die Fingerknöchel dah Fingergnechel dee Fingergnechel
Thumb der Daumen die Daumen dah Dahma dee Dahma
Hand die Hand die Hände dee Hond (like fund) dee Hend
Right Hand die rechte Hand   dee recht Hond  
Left Hand die linke Hand   dee lings (like sings) Hond  
Wrist das Handgelenk die Handgelenke dah Wrisht dee Wrisht
Arm der Arm die Arme dah Orrem dee Airem
Elbow der Ellbogen die Ellbogen dah Elboh dee Elboh-a
Shoulder die Achsel die Achseln dee oksel dee Oksla
Head der Kopf die Köpfe dah Kup dee Kep
Hair das Haar die Haare e'n Hoar dee Hoar
Forehead die Stirn die Stirnen dee Shtunn dee Shtunna
Eye das Auge die Augen dah Auk dee Au'a
Eyebrows die Augenbraue die Augenbrauen dee Au'abrau dee Au'abraua
Eyelid das Augenlid die Augenli der dah Au'adeckel dee Au'adeckel
Ear das Ohr die Ohren dah Oar dee Oara
nose die Nase die Nasen dee Naus dee Nais
Cheeks die Backe die Backen dee Bocka dee Bocka
Mouth der Mund die Mun der dah Moul dee Meilah
Lip die Lippe die Lippen die Left dee Left
Tooth der Zahn die Zähne dah Tzau dee Tzay
Chin das Kinn die Kinne dah Bort dee Bort
Neck der Hals die Hälse dah Hols dee Hels
Throat die Kehle die Kehlen dah Hols dee Hels
Chest die Brust die Bruste dee Brusht dee Brushta
Breast ebenfalls ditto    
Belly der Bauch die Bäuche dah Bauch dee Beich
Navel der Nabel   dah Novel  
Hips die Hьfte die Hьften dee Hift dee Hifta
Leg das Bein die Beine dah Bay dee Bay
Thigh der Schenkel die Schenkeln dah Shenkel dee Shenkla
Knee das Knie die Knie dah Gnee (sound the g) dee Gnee
Calf die Wade die Waden ? ?
Ankle der Knöchel die Knöchel dah Gnechel dee Gnechel
Foot der Fuss die Fьss dah Foos dee Fees
Toe der Zeh die Zehen dah Tzay dee tzaya
Toenail der Zehennagel die Zehennägel dah Tzayanogel dee Tzayanegel

Contributed by Richard Emlin Reed.


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