Boonastiel Stories


T.A. Harter's introduction to his series of Boonastiel stories

Introducing Boonastiel

In a Den of Hexes

The Smart Boy

What is Becoming of our Youth?

Old Beckie Shtitsel in the Poorhouse

Beckie Returns Home

Boonastiel in Court

Happiness--Unsought and Uncalled

Becoming an Editor

At the Teacher's Institute

The Dutchman and the Yankee

Old Mike Blotner

The Church Fair

The New Pastor

The Breakup with Polly

Courtship and Marriage

The Tortoise

Old Billy Sultzer and the Vultures

The Candidates

Boonastiel Runs for Office


The Party Platform

Rabbit Hunting

House Cleaning Fever

Gentlemen of the Jury

Fourth of July Speech

A Need for New Laws

Who Should I Marry?

A Girl Asks About Marriage

Men and Monkeys

The Wedding Mule

Two-Legged Pigs

Strife at Hullahecka's

Boonastiel the Lawyer

Sally Writes for Advice

Sally's Wedding Plans

Dr. Brown-Sequad's Life Elixir

The Census Numerator

Girls Are Like Small Fish

Give Me Chewing Tobacco

Butcher Days

The Pastor's Visit

The Rabbit Mountain Museum

In the Churchyard

At the Noggeration Ball

Helping Grover Move

A Dream

New Kind of Railroad

The Bicycle

The Country Dog and the City Dog

The Spoiled Boy

Should Priscilla Marry?

College Boys

The Gossips

The New Neighbors

The Poor Among Us

New Year's Resolution

His Deathbed

Going Fishing

Lies and Liars

Hay Harvest

Character vs. Reputation

Style Unbecoming


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