PAF-Finders Genealogy Club  

A Wake County
NC Genealogy Club

.......................................(PERSONAL ANCESTRAL FILE)

       Genealogy is the discovery of your FAMILY HISTORY.  At present, it is the
fastest growing hobby in the country.  We have combined our research and record
 keeping by using our "friendly home computer".  Come join us, whether you are
    computer literate or not.  We will be glad to help you get started.

 Meeting Location

                        The meetings are held at the Cary Church of Jesus Christ
...................of the Latter-day Saints, which is located at the corner of
                  Cary Parkway and Seabrook Avenue, Cary, NC
           See Map

            Meetings are held on the third Saturday of every month
           ....9:00 a.m. - Officers business meeting
           ........9:30 a.m.  - Question and Answer Period (Everyone is Welcome!)
            ......10:00 - 12:00 - Regular Meeting (see below for program)

  ..... ..Membership is $15.00 per year.
          .... For information telephone: (919)-876-6456
       .....P.O.  Box 17494
       .. ... .Raleigh, NC 27619-7494

............. .......Club Officers - 2001 to 2002
............. .......Beginners Tips - To most frequently asked questions
............. .......Links to Genealogical Sites on the World Wide Web
............. .......Regional Locations of Research and Information
............. .......Other Area Genealogical Societies
                            1.   Genealogical Forum - Their meeting is held at the Page Walker Hotel
                                  in downtown Cary (behind the Cary City Hall, off Academy Street)
                                  The Genealogical Forum is a round table discussion and they meet
                                  once a month.  Contact person: John Barron
........................... 2. Wake County Genealogical Society
........................... 3. Durham-Orange Genealogical Society
............................4. National Genealogical Society (NGS)

..........Programs for this year (2000)
.......   Saturday, May 20, 2000 PAF Meeting Notes

Meetings for 2000


  January 20, 2001    Ric Wright will be presenting a program on  PAF 6.0
   Also, bring any questions you have for Ric on the PAF 
   program you are presently using.
  February 17, 2001   Lou Anne Mobley will be presenting the program for this
  Saturday Morning.  The topic is "Photo Restoration".
  Nominations for new officers will take place today.
  March 17, 2001   The program for this Saturday will be presented by our own 
  member Fred Duthie and his wife Anne.  The topics are
  "Creating A CD of Your Family History", and Anne's topic is
  "The Magna Charta".
  April 21, 2001   Ric Wright will be presenting a program on Legacy's new   Family History software.
                         "Happy Easter"
  May 19, 2001   To be announced (Do you have any suggestions for programs?
  If you do please contact Betty Rupp
  June 16, 2001  This program will be presented by our members.  It will be a panel discussion or "sharing" on "Resources You Used to Research Your Family History".
  July 21, 2001                     "Independence Day"
  August 18, 2001  Field Trip to Olivia Raney Family History Library.  Sue Zowkowski will give us a tour of the library and point out good resources which are available to us. 
  September 15, 2001
  October 20, 2001
  November 17, 2001                       "Happy Thanksgiving"
  December 15, 2001   We will have our annual Christmas Meeting - "Show and Tell"
  Bring an article or story about an Ancestor.  Also, bring some
  finger food to share.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and 
  Happy New Year. 



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PAF-Club Officers


TREASURER  William Wring
Assistant Editors
 Alma Council (
 Rita and Wayne Adams
                                                *Ric Wright - LDS Liason

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 FAQ'S By Beginners

        1.  Where is the meeting located in Cary?
                ans.   At the corner of Cary Parkway and Seabrook Avenue
                          (1811 Seabrook Avenue)

        2.  How do I get there?
                ans.   Take US 1 & 64 (the Beltline) South to the Cary Parkway Exit. Turn right
                            onto Cary Parkway.
                 ..Seabrook is the second street on your right and has a stoplight.
                          Turn right onto Seabrook Avenue and the Church is the first  building on
                              your right.
                          Go to the second driveway and park.  Use the side entrance to the church.
                          When you enter the church bldg., turn to your left.  The meeting is in the
                              first room on your left.
                          You may also take Kildaire Farm Road south and turn left onto Seabrook
                              Avenue.  (Seabrook Avenue is about 0.6 mile from Kildaire Farm Road, at light).
          See Map

           3.  What type of computer do I need?
                    ans.   If you are reading this page, you qualify. It is possible to use an
                              IBM 286, or comparable, as the PAF program will run on it.
                              Call and we will be glad to discuss computers with you.

            4.  What computer programs does the Club use?
                     ans.  We use PAF which is a program that we purchase from the Mormon
                                 Church in Utah.  However, we are not affiliated with the church.
                                 PAF stands for Personal Ancestral File.  Other programs we use are
                                 Family Tree Maker, Ultimate Family Tree, Ancestral Quest,  etc.
                                 All are good.  It just depends on your purpose for using them.

           5.   What is the focus of the group?
                     ans.  The club provides information on the use of computers in genealogical
                              research and record keeping of your family history data. Today our
                              membership consists of a cross section of the triangle area; young families,
                              older families, empty nesters, senior citizens and anyone else who wants to
                              trace their roots.  Many members have published their family history.


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Research Locations in Wake County

         1. Olivia Raney Library
                             4016 Carya Drive
                             Raleigh, NC 27610
                     .....  Telephone  (919) 250-1196
          ...This is not your normal library. If you are not familiar with the Olivia Raney
              Library, then as a genealogist you must visit it.  The library contains many materials
              on Wake County and the surrounding area (including books, tapes, cd-roms, etc.)
              The library specializes in local history and genealogy.  Even if you are not from
              Wake County or North Carolina, the library is a great resource for Family History
              research material from the United States, Canada, Europe, etc.

          2.   N. C. State Archives
                             109 E. Jones Street
                             Raleigh, NC 27601-2807
                             Telephone  (919) 733-3952
           The Archives contain many original documents.  Examples
............of these documents are Military Records, Census Records,
............Land Grants, Vital Statistics, etc.

          3.  LDS Family History Center
                             5060 Six Forks Road (at rear of church)
                             Raleigh, NC
          ..................Telephone (919) 783-7752
           ...........Hours:  Monday - Saturday 9am - 1pm
                                           Wednesday -Thursday 6pm - 9pm
           The Family History Center is operated by the Church of Jesus Christ
............of the Latter-day Saints.  It is a wonderful resource for researching
............your family's history.  This is a good place to get started.
........... You may access most of the records which
          .are found in Salt Lake City, Utah; at the Family History Center..

          4.   N. C. State Library
                             Genealogy Section
                             109 E. Jones Street
                             Raleigh, NC 27601
                             Telephone   (919) 733-7222

           5.    D. H. Hill Library
                               N. C. State University
                               Raleigh, NC 27695-7111
                               Microform Reading Room:
                               Telephone  (919) 515-3370
                               Reference Room:
                               Telephone  (919) 515-2935

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  Addresses to Genealogical Web Pages

                 Below are a few Web Sites you may want to use for your computer research.
                 These are the most frequently used internet web sites.

                                This is a very large site and is a good location to begin doing
                           your genealogical research.   It will lead you to many more interesting
                 ....   .places on the Web.

                    2... Wake County USGenWeb
            ............     This site is sponsored by WCGS for the purpose of helping genealogist's
                            research their family history in Wake County and surrounding areas.

                    3...  WorldGen Web Project Site
           ...........      .There goal is to someday to have every country in the world represented
                             by an online website.

                    4.... A Barrel of Genealogical Links
                   .........   This location has a hyperlinked listing of genealogy sites around the
                  ....  .  world.  It is a great site!

                     5... LDS Web Page  - new
           ..........           This is the offical family history web page of the LDS Church
.............................which was launched in April 1999.    You can  find  and download
.............................the latest PAF program here.  At present, the latest PAF program is
                             PAF 5.0.  It is available to download and it is free.

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The red "x" is the location of our meeting.
64 is Highway #1 and #64, the Beltline. (Brown highway)
The yellow highlighted road is Cary Pkwy.
Location of Meeting


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  Thank you for visiting our website.

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Family Websites and Webpage Builders

May 20, 2000 Meeting Discussion by Betty Rupp

            I.  What is a Family Website

                            A.  How they differ from a Webpage - Websites are interactive,
                                                         Webpages are not.

                            B.   Advantages of a Family Website

                                      1.  Keeping in touch
                                      2.  Cheaper and Faster
                                      3.  Sharing - List of things we can share
                                                     a.  news or information
                                                     b.  Recipes - remberances of "the good ole days"
                                                     c.  Photos - past and present
                                                     d.  Family jokes - inside family jokes

                            C.  List of Family Website Addresses

                                                       a.  *

                            D.  What You Will Need to Create a Family Website

                                                        a.  Decide who you are going to put on your Family Website.
                                                             Of course, these people are going to need a computer and
                                                             access to the Internet.  Make a list.
                                                         b.  Their email addresses.
                                                         c.  Their birthdays, as there is a calendar on the site to re-
                                                              mind you about birthday cards, etc.
                                                         d.  A password to secure this site.  The site administrator
                                                              contacts each member for this.

                             E.  Other Advantages of Your Site

                                                          a.  Schedule chat times.
                                                          b.  Build a Family Tree.
                                                          c.  Poll members on their opinions of movies,
                                                               books, etc.
                                                          d.  A Bulletin Board.
                                                          e.  The site is secure.

       II.  Webpage Builders - Below is a list of webpage builders.

                             There are easier ways to construct a webpage without knowing HTML.
                             This can be done by using several software programs that I am familiar
                             with.  They are call HTML Editors.

                                                          a.  Netscape Composer - This is part of Netscape
                                                                             Communicator which can be downloaded free.
                                                          b.  Microsoft Front Page 2000 - This is an expensive software
                                                                              Program.  (It is a great program, much more power-
                                                                              ful than Netscape)
                                                          c.  Almost all of the Genealogy programs have the ability
                                                                               to create a Webpage.  ex. PAF 4.04, Family
                                                                               Treemaker, Etc.
                                                          d.  Cyndi's list has a Webpage Construction Kit - address
                                                          e.  Most ISP's have information as to how to create a
                                                                                free Webpage.