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You probably already know he was the builder of the USS Constitution.  You may also already know he was a soldier--and he was wounded--at Bunker Hill.  Did you know about the other ship he built. The Rebecca? And did you know that his great-grandfather, the first Claghorn of the family to come to New England, was a Scottish prisoner of war?

James Claghorn, George's great-grandfather was one of 150 Scots shipped to New England and bound out as indentured servants to wealthy persons after the Battle of Dunbar.  He was assigned to Bernard Lombard (Lumbart, Lambert), and after a time married the daughter, Abiah. The Banks' History Of Martha's Vineyard says Abiah hung herself in Oct 1677. These children were recorded in the Barnstable vital records:

"James Claghorn and Abia Lumbard 6 January 1654
his son James born 29 January 1654 (!)
his daughter Mary born 26 October 1655
his daughter Elizabeth born in April 1658
his daughter Sarah 3 January 1659
his son Robert born ye 27 October 1661
"Shobal not recorded"

Shubael got recorded later; he married Jane Lovell. He had a son Shubael. This son Shubael was on the expedition to Louisburg in 1745, under Col. Gorham. Shubael Jr. was also the father of George Claghorn.

Banks says George was a shipwright: "He served in the Revolution and held the rank of Colonel in the militia." (He was at Bunker Hill and was shot in the knee.) "His most famous product was the USS Constitution which he built for the government in Boston."

Banks then enumerates the children of George and his wife, Deborah Brownell, and moves on to the some of the other Claghorns. [George Claghorn--Page 2] [Home]