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Proclamation Pardoning Whiskey Rebellion Participants

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A Proclamation

By Henry Lee, governor of Commonwealth of Virginia, Major General therein,
and commander-in-chief of the Militia Army in the service of the United

A Proclamation
 By the virtue of the powers and authority in me vested by the president of
the United States, and in obedience to his benign intentions, therewith
communicated, I do by this, my proclamation, declare and make known to all
concerned, that a full, free an entire pardon (excepting and providing as
hereinafter mentioned) is hereby granted to all persons residing within the
counties of Washington, Allegheny, Westmoreland and Fayette, in a state of
Pennsylvania, and in the County of Ohio in the state of Virginia, guilty of
treason or misprisoned of treason against the United States, or otherwise
directly or indirectly engaging in the wicked and unhappy tumults and
disturbances lately existing in these counties, excepting nevertheless from
the benefit and effect of this pardon all persons charged with the
commission of offenses against the United States, and now actually in the
custody or held by recognizance to appear and answer for all such offenses
at any judiciary court or courts, excepting all persons avoiding fair trial
by abandoning their homes, and excepting, moreover, the following persons,
the atrocity of whose conduct renders a proper to mark them by named for the
purpose of subjecting them with all possible certainty to the regular course
of judicial proceedings and whom all officers, civil in military, are
required to endeavor to apprehend bring to justice, to wit:

Benjamin Parkison
Thomas Hughes
George Parker
Arthur Gardner
William Hanna
John Holcroft
Edward Wagner Jr.
Daniel Hamilton
Thomas Lapsley
David Lock
William Miller
Ebenezer Gallagher
Edward Cook
Peter Lyle
Edward Wright
John Shields
Richard Holcroft
William Hay
David Bradford
William McIllhenny
John Mitchell
Thomas Patton
Alexander Fulton
Stevenson Jack
Thomas Spiers
Patrick Jack
William Bradford
Andrew Highlands
 all of the state of Pennsylvania,

William Sutherland
John Moore
Robert Stephenson
John McCormick
William McKinley
 all of Ohio County, Virginia

 Provided, they asked that no person shall hereafter willfully obstruct the
execution of any law of the United States, or be in anywise 18 or abetting
Marianne, shall be entitled to any benefit or advantage of the pardon here
the day before granted; and provided, also, that nothing herein contained
shall extend or be construed to expand to the remission or mitigation of any
forfeiture or any County into your by reason of any infraction of, or
obstruction to, the laws of United States for collection of a revenue upon
distilled spirits or steals.

Given under my hand, and headquarters in Elizabethtown,
  this 29th day of November, 1794.            Henry Lee

 by order of the commander-in-chief.
  G. K. Taylor, aid-de-camp

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