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Scrapbook of Avarilla Bell Hess

Submitted by Teri Hewitt

Second Scrapbook of Ava Rilla Bell Hess (1871-1957)
This scrapbook contains newspaper clippings and handwritten notes.

(The following was transcribed from a handwritten scrapbook of my great grandmother’s.  Many of the names are misspelled but rather than guess at them I’ve transcribed them just as they were.  I do not know how accurate the dates are, however I have been able to obtain several family death certificates based on the information contained in this scrapbook.) -- Teri Hewitt

Note from webmaster:  I've added some corrected spellings in parenthesis following some of the entries.  These corrections are made in order to assure that searches made within this website will return this page.  Most corrections are made because I believe I have added the correct family name, due to the fact that they are either related to myself, or I am familiar with the name.  Corrections follow the entries, I have not changed the original text as transcribed. -- Mike 
*In Memoriam  In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Allen H. LUTES, who
died three years ago today, November 24, 1925 ...........William J. LUTES and Family
(newspaper clipping Nov. 24, 1928)

“Stops train suddenly two men are injured”  ....was feat of Engineer Frank McCLAIN
at California this week.  N.A. LAWRENCE of W. Brownsville was bruised and James
MAGILL of Charleroi was cut above the left eye.  His left leg was severely bruised...the
train was on its way from Conway to W. Brownsville Junction, and in charge of conductor
W. W. HAWKINS of Charleroi. (newspaper clipping)

“Maple view man dies of fractured skull sustained in fall two years ago”  Lewis N.
BELL Succumbs to injury after long illness.  Lewis Nelson BELL, aged 30 years died
Tuesday evening at 8:15 o’clock, at his home in Maple View, Speers, following an illness
of two years duration.  Death was due to results of a fractured skull sustained in a fall two
years ago.  Mr. BELL suffered a sun stroke collapsed at the time, the injury resulting in
the fracture which was to ultimately result in his death.  He is survived by his mother, on
brother William of Charleroi, and four sister.  They are Mrs. Max CRANE of Pittsburgh,
Miss Beatrice BELL of Pittsburgh, and Misses Valeria and Youaldean BELL at home.
Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday December 6, 1930 from the late home.
Interment will be at Howe Cemetery. (newspaper clipping)

“Pioneer citizen of Roscoe dead at his home”  William A. FURLONG died at his home
in Roscoe, Pa., on Tuesday morning, December1, aged 74 years.  His death was caused by
cardiac failure.  Mr. FURLONG was well known in Washington county through the active
part he took in politics as a strong supporter for Democratic candidates.  He was post
master at Roscoe during both terms of President Cleveland and Wilson.  He served for
numerous terms as school director and councilman.  Mr. FURLONG was ardently
devoted to outdoor life and hunting until the time of his death.  In early life he spent active
years in the opening up of the state of Missouri.  he was a captain of his father’s tow-boats
on the Monongahela river, and went to Alaska at the time of the gold strike in 1898.  Mr.
FURLONG is survived by his wife and three sons, Commander W. Rea FURLONG, U.S.
Navy; R. Grant FURLONG, M.D., Burgess of Donora; John L. FURLONG, Burgess of
Roscoe; by two brothers, John F. and Otho S. FURLONG of the state of California and by
three sisters, Mrs. Josephine HEWITT of Upland, California, and Mrs. Alice PIPER and
Miss Letitia FURLONG of Charleroi.  Funeral services will be held at the FURLONG
home on Thursday, December 3, at 2 p.m., conducted by Rev. SPANGLER of the
Methodist Episcopal church, assisted by Rev. LAUGHLIN of the Presbyterian church of
Roscoe.  The Masonic lodge of Fayette city, of which Mr. FURLONG was a member for
40 years will attend the funeral, performing the last rites of the Masonic service at the
grave. (newspaper clipping)

“Boy is saved by ferry passenger”  Allenport man dives into the Monongahela and
makes a heroic rescue of child.  ....at noon today 4 year old Stewart McKECHNIE clung
frightened and desperate to the cable operating the boat......While playing at the wharf the
boy seized the ferry cable and in an instant was being drawn out over the water ....The
farther out the little boy was drawn the deeper the lower part of his body sank in the swift
moving current....Among the passengers on the ferryboat was William McFALL, of
Allenport assistant postmaster at Charleroi.......McFALL tore off his coat and leaped into
the swollen river......Henry TROY, watching the midstream drama shouted to McFALL to
“hang on” and pushing a skiff from shore, started to aid the rescuer and rescued.  he and
his unconscious burden were being carried downstream rapidly when TROY drew
alongside him.  McFALL still holding the boy with on hand was drawn to shore.
(newspaper clipping)

“Fayette man falls dead”  Fayette City, PA. Jan. 21 George RUTLEDGE, aged 67, a
resident for many years and for the last six months steward at the Fayette County Poor
Farm, Uniontown, Pa., fell dead yesterday at noon while at work preparing and serving
the noonday mean for the inmates.  His wife died a year ago.  He leaves two sons, Harry
RUTLEDGE and William RUTLEDGE of this place.  Mr. RUTLEDGE was a mine
worker in his younger years. (newspaper clipping)

“Foreigner saved from drowning when craft is caught in swift current”  Fayette City,
PA. April 7 A foreigner who refused to give his name was rescued from drowning in the
Monongahela river at Allenport last night through the heroic work of William RAMSEY,
a ferryman at that place. (newspaper clipping)

“Second Victim to Accident on Railroad Dies”  Louis Furlong succumbs to injuries at
Pittsburgh Hospital on Friday - Davis about to get money - From injuries received when
he was run down along with Stanley Davis while walking on the railroad tracks above
Roscoe Friday morning Louis Furlong, aged 45 years, died in a Pittsburgh hospital Friday
afternoon.  Internal injuries caused his death.  Davis was instantly killed, his body being
literally ground to pieces.  Davis and Furlong were walking to work at the Globe mine.
they had taken the railroad in preference to the mud road paralleling the railroad between
Coal Center and roscoe when they were struck Coroner James T. Heffran investigated and
found it was a plain case of trespassing.  Davis was a young man of promise and the
mainstay of his family.  The family had lived in Roscoe but for a short time, coming from
Wales.  It is said that while working in a mine in that land he was injured and that an
agreement was reached whereby he would receive considerable money upon attaining his
majority.  Furlong was a married man and is survived by a large family. (newspaper

“Trespassing Inexcusable Says Coroner”  Up to people to stay off the R.R. tracks,
Townships should improve roads -  Accidents too numerous - .....Those who were killed
in the Wood Run vicinity in the last four weeks were those of Friday, Stanley Davis and
Louis Furlong, who met death Friday, William Eppley, on Christmas eve and a foreign
woman of Coal Center several days ago.  (newspaper clipping)

“River Steamer Sinks; 3 Die” Two women and man drown when the H.A. Laughlin is
wrecked of Allenport -   .....Effie Hughes, cook of West Virginia, Jane Lawrence,
chambermaid of Hazelwood and an unidentified fireman sank with the boat.  The women
were in their cabin, and were the only persons on board not awake when the watch was
changed at midnight.  No sooner had the steamer run into the storm than it became
unmanageable.  The boat swirled about helplessly in the middle of the stream until a high
wind and a wave struck it at the same time when the Laughlin broke from its tow turned
---- sank.  (newspaper clipping, 1912 hand written on article)

Obituary of John Noble - John Noble, aged 50 years died Monday, September 7, 1931 in
the St. Francis hospital, Pittsburgh, where he had been a patient for several weeks for a
heart ailment.  Mr. Noble, a well known resident of Allenport, is survived by his wife Mrs.
Lillie Maxwell Noble.  Funeral services will be held tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon at 2
o’clock at late residence followed by interment in the Mansfield cemetery at Fayette City.
(newspaper clipping)

Crawford-Champman Wedding - Yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o’clock in Pittsburgh the
marriage of Miss Myrtle O. Chapman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.F. Chapman of
Allenport, to Captain B. F. Crawford, Jr., son of Capt. and Mrs. B. F. Crawford, Sr. of
Allenport, was performed by Rev. A. Culmer Schultz pastor of the Brushton Methodist
Episcopal church in a quiet ceremony.  Attending the couple were Miss Edith Crawford,
sister of the groom, Thomas Chapman, brother of the bride and also the bride’s father.
Immediately after the service the bridal party joined other members of the immediate
families at the Penn McKee hotel in McKeesport, where dinner and reception was held.
Covers were laid for twelve at the bridal table.  The bride is a graduate of Charleroi High
School in the class of 1929 and attended California State Teachers College, while the
groom, who attended the local high school is master of a steamboat with the Carnegie
Steel Company.  Capt. and Mrs. Crawford, who are both well known in the valley younger
set will reside in their newly purchased home at 2813 Morlock avenue, McKeesport.
(newspaper clipping)

“Holds Gun at head of Charleroi taxi driver, captured after chase”  (newspaper
clipping of no genealogy value)

“Meanest man enters and loots store of cripple at Dunlevy”  (newspaper clipping of
no genealogy value)

“Explosion of Powder” Fairhope (Pa.) miner’s home shattered and burning timbers
fall on sleeping children -  (Special telegram to Gazette Times) Fayette City, PA, Dec.
31 - Four children of James Hunter a miner of Fairhope were seriously burned and Hunter
and his wife were painfully burned about the hands when an explosion of giant powder this
morning wrecked their home.  The injured:  David Hunter aged 19 burned about the entire
body; taken to the Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh recovery doubtful, Jean Hunter aged 14
burned about body recovery doubtful, James Hunter, Jr. aged 11 burned about chest and
legs; condition serious, Christina Hunter aged 9 burned about the body in a serious
condition, James Hunter the father of the children burned about hands and Mrs. James
Hunter burned about the hands and arms.  David Hunter who works in the Naomi mine of
the Pittsburgh Coal Company was preparing for work shortly before 8 o’clock this
morning and started to open a 25 pound keg of giant powder with a knife.  The friction
caused as the knife went into the powder caused an explosion.  The four sides of the
house were blown away like so many cards and the roof collapsed.  It fell flat on the iron
posts of a bed in which the three younger children were sleeping.  Hunter and his wife
were in the basement of the house.  They found the roof and bed clothing in flames when
they went upstairs.  Before they could tear away the burning bed clothing all three children
were burned from head to foot and the mother and father were burned about the hands
and arms.  Flames burst out immediately after the explosion and the clothing of David
ignited.  Before he could extinguish the fire with his hands and rolling in the  snow the
young miner was burned so badly he may die.  The homeless family was taken care of by
neighbors and Dr. A. N. Marston of Belle Vernon was called.  Dr. Marston ordered the
four children to a Pittsburgh Hospital, but the mother frantically refused to part with them.
Despite her protests the physician sent David to Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh.  The Hunter
home which was valued at $1500 was completely destroyed.  (newspaper clipping date of
1910 hand written on article)

“Ten year Old Drowned in Railroad Reserve” - Robert Sowden meets death in watery
grave near Vesta - Woman goes to rescue - Makes heroic effort to save boy and has to be
pulled from water - Robert Sowden, the 10 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Sowden
of near the White Barnstop, between Dunlevy and Vesta was drowned Sunday afternoon
in the Pennsylvania Railroad Company’s reservoir near Vesta.  Mrs. John Savelein, a
Slovak woman of Vesta who saw the boy fall into the water plunged in after him at the
risk of her own life, and narrowly escaped being pulled under and drowned.  She was
rescued by Charles Saloski, 17 years old of Vesta.  The body of the drowned boy was
recovered a few minutes later by Saloski and removed to the home of the parents.  Little
Robert was playing with John Savolein another boy about his own age along the edge of
the reservoir at about 4:30 o’clock.  Getting too near the edge he lost his foot hold and
tumbled in.  his efforts to gain shore only resulted in getting him in deeper water....
(newspaper clipping handwritten date of May 14, 1911)

Obituary of Thomas Ghrist - Thomas Ghrist, aged 79 years, former well known resident
of Allenport, died yesterday morning, Wednesday, September 21, 1933 at 9:15 o’clock at
the home of his daughter, Mrs. Abner Addleman of Clarksville, PA.  Death was attributed
to infirmities due to advanced age.  The deceased was a son of the late Jeremiah and Mary
M. Layton Ghrist.  He was born May 5, 1854.  Three of five children survive.  they are
Mrs. Abner Addleman of Clarksville, Mrs. M. C. Crispen of San Benito, Texas and Mrs.
Laura Fury of  Canonsburg.  Eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren also
survive.  Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at 1 o’clock at the Addleman
residence followed by further services at 8 o’clock in the Perryopolis Christian church
with the Rev. Charles Aldrich of Clarksville in charge.  Interment will be in the Mt.
Washington cemetery at Perryopolis.  (newspaper clipping)

“Nine year old Stockdale boy dies from injuries to head” - Fell while alighting -
Attempted to get off machine backwards walked two miles to his home - James Smith, the
9 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith of Stockdale died Monday evening at about
5 o’clock from injuries received in a fall from the delivery automobile of J. Frew, the
Charleroi furniture dealer.  The accident happened at about noon on Monday at Allenport.
the boy who had been stealing a ride on the machine leaped off backwards and fell his
head hitting a stone......(newspaper clipping hand written date of May 15, 1911)

“------ California burns”  California, PA December 29 three men burned to death in a
---- room and boarding house at Daisytown a mining hamlet near -----.  the men were
employed by the Monongahela River Consolidated Coal and Coke Co., at Daisytown.  Six
other roomers escaped the burning building by jumping from the window on the second
floor.  The dead:  Wesley McCloy aged 22 years of Brownsville employed as a drive by
the Monongahela river Consolidated Coal and Coke Co.; John Lowther aged 23 years of
Smock PA employed as a clerk in the store of Monongahela Consolidate Coal and Coke
Co.; J. McIntyre aged 23 years of Shuster W. Virginia employed as a carpenter by
Monongahela Consolidated Coal and Coke Co. of Daisytown.  The injured:  Charles
Pickett ankles sprained; O. G. Huffman carpenter ankles sprained; Harry Thomas legs and
body bruised; William Miller ankles sprained.....(newspaper clipping)

The following exerts were handwritten
-June 27, 1910 Mr. Hamilton and son killed with street car at beach park on Sunday
-Mrs. Josephine Wool died July 21, 1929
-Mrs. Marry Nicholas died August 6, 1929
-Mrs. Rachel Hess Williams died August 8, 1929
-Floyd Cowen married September 4, 1929
-Charlie Lang died January 9, 1930 at Gibson
-John McFeely --- buried January 9, 1930
-Mrs. Polly Tippins died September 19, 1929
-Mock Steward buried September 24, 1929
-Mrs. T. J. Woods buried 16, 1929
-Mr. William Miller died September 24, 1929 age 73
-George Hess baby born Jan. 1, 1930 died Jan. 2, 1930 buried on Friday, Mt. Tabor
-John Moose died Feb. 12, 1930 age 83
-Dr. Loots died Jan 19, 1929
-Mical DeFoll killed Feb. 1, 1930
-Dr. Grim died Feb. 8, 1930
-Charley Chester died March 4, 1930
-George Theodore Downer age 81 died in Philadelphia March 3, 1930
-Lizabet Pelters Anderson died March 1930
-Mr. William Welington buried March 29, 1930
-Mr. Louis Land age 50 years died Thursday 17 of April 1930
-Mr. Joseph Underwood died April 26 age 73 years 3 months of Stockdale
-Mr. Dan Blackford died May 24, 1930
-Catherine Hess born May 6, 1928
-Roberts baby born Alvie Hess April 7, 1930
-Mr. Billy Phfleghart died between 1 of July and 15, 1930
-Pat Demey got killed July between 13 and 24, 1930
-Reace Nicholas married July 24, 1930
-Blanch Myrtle died August 15, 1930
-Aden Jacobs died Aug. 17, 1930
-Mrs. Fred Meriman died Aug. 20, 1930
-Alven Robert Hess died Sept. 26, 1930 age 5 months,19 days
-Mr. George Crookham died Oct. 14, 1930
-Adam Young died Feb. 13, 1931
-Winfield Scott McFeely died Feb. 14, 1931
-Roberta Hess married Feb. 5, 1931
-William Jack died Dec. 9, 1930
-Frank Husher died April 10, 1931
-Norman Haywood killed July 8, 1931
-John Hess baby born July 19, 1931
-June Rose Friend born June 18, 1931
-George William Hess born Dec. 24, 1930 died Feb. 24, 1931 buried the 26th Mt. Tabor
-George Hess baby died Aug. 21, 1932 age 6 weeks
-Mr. Thomas Midealf died Sept. 20, 1931
-Mr. Robert Gates died Dec. 21, 1931
-Betty Jane Lewis died Jan 5, 1932 would be 2 in March
-George Mahan died Jan. 22, 1932
-Charley Dawles died Jan. 22, 1932

“California man, burned by contact with livewire, dies in Pittsburgh”  Robert N.
Newman, 44 virtually a lifelong resident of the California district who was severely burned
March 8 when he came in contact with a high tension wire at the Vesta Coal Company
substation at Vestaburg, died in the South Side Hospital, Pittsburgh at 9:35 p.m..
Wednesday.  Death was attributed to toxemia.  Mr. Newman was employed by the Vesta
Coal Company as an electrician at the time of the accident and had been connected with
the concern for the last 20 years.  he was widely known in this district.....Oddly enough his
death was recorded by a man with a similar name, Deputy Coroner Robert Newman of
Pittsburgh.  Mr. Newman was a member of the California Presbyterian Church.  He leaves
his wife, Mrs. Hazel Van Voorhis Newman, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Van
Voorhis of Monongahela; three daughters, Dorothy, Bernice and Sarah, at home; four
sisters, Mrs. Negley Anderson Mononghahela; Mrs. John Buckley Canonsburg; Mrs.
Gulip Turnblazer Pittsburgh and Mrs. William Dawson Millsboro; and a brother Joseph
Newman of Mather.  Funeral services will be held in the Callifornia Presbyterian Church at
1:30 p.m. Saturday, with the Re. John R. Burson, pastor, officiating.   Interment will be in
the Monongahela Cemetery. (Charleroi Mail newspaper clipping)

Death Roll Mrs. Hannah Sphar - Mrs. Hannah Sphar, wife of the late Henry C. Sphar,
of Roscoe, died yesterday morning, February 15, 1932 at 2:45 o’clock following an illness
of three months.  Mrs. Sphar of Scotch Irish parentage was born near Dayton, Ohio
October 5, 1844.  Her father William McElhiney was one of the early settlers of this
section.  He was a student of the Yale University, a teacher and a farmer during the
different periods of his life.  Mrs. Sphar was a graduate of Dayton Academy and was a
teacher for a number of years.  She was a member of the Olive Branch Literary Society of
Dayton.  On October 21, 1868 she was united in marriage with Henry C. Sphar, of
Washington County and lived on the farm, which is now the borough of Roscoe, for more
than sixty-three years.  Mr. Sphar died at the family residence about three months ago.
They had recently celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary.  Mrs. Sphar was a charter
member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, teacher of the ladies bible class in the Sunday
School and for years was active in all church organizations.  Surviving are three sons and
four daughters:  Mrs. T. R. Eagye, of Charleroi; Mrs. Henry D. Masterson of Rochester,
N.Y.; Mrs. Mary Underwood, of Tucson, Ariz.; Miss Lucy Spahar at home; E.F. Sphar, of
Roscoe; Dr. R.A. Sphar, of Brownsville; W.H. Sphar, of Council, Idaho; Eleven
grandchildren, three great grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. Margaret McElwain, of
Pittsburgh also survive......Interment Thursday morning at 11 o’clock in Howe’s cemetery.
Rev. Bonner, of the Roscoe church will be in charge.  (newspaper clipping)

Obituary - Andrew Cairns - Andrew Cairns, aged 55 years, brother of Mrs. Mary
Carroll of Third Street, died yesterday morning October 23, at 5:25 at his home in
Roscoe, after a week’s illness of a heart condition.  A son of the late Andrew and Annie
Cairns, the deceased was very well known throughout the district, having resided in
Roscoe for the past forty years.  Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Nell Cairns, one son
Glenn; two grandchildren Maryann and Glenn Cairns Jr., of Roscoe; two sisters, Mrs.
Carroll of Charleroi and Mrs. Janie Dryzerg of Denbo; three brothers, John of Roscoe,
William of California and Frank of Denbo.  Requiem High Mass will be held at St.
Joseph’s Church, Roscoe at 9 o’clock Friday morning, October 26.  Interment will be
made in Calvary Cemetery, Coal Center. (newspaper clipping)

Death Roll - Mrs. Lena Benedetti - Mrs. Lena Benedetti, aged 68 years, died yesterday,
July 11, 1932, at her home in Dunlevy.  She is survived by five daughters, Mrs. Sabatino
Marricini, Mrs. William McCracken, Mrs. Angelo Tollari, all of Dunlevy, Mrs. Pete
Labrasco of Belle Vernon, and Mary of Italy, and one son John at home.  Funeral services
will be held from her late home Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock in charge of the pastor of
the United Brethren Church of Dunlevy.  Interment will take place in the Monongahela
Cemetery. (newspaper clipping)

Death Roll - Mrs. Hannah Langford - Mrs. Hannah Langford, 71, widow of Charles
Langford, died at her home in Roscoe Saturday, October 1 at 12:55 o’clock after a
lingering illness.  She was well known in the district having spent her entire life in Roscoe.
Five daughters and one son survive:  Mrs. Clara Carson and Mrs. Bessie Jobes, of Roscoe;
Mrs. Ellen Whiteacre, Monessen; Mrs. Ethel Jobes, New Kensington, and Miss Hannah
and Joseph Langford at home.  Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2
o’clock at the Langford home.  Interment will be in the Howe Cemetery.  (newspaper

Death Roll - Eino William Heino - Eino William Heino, aged 25 years son of Mr. and
Mrs. William Heino, died yesterday morning, September 2, 1932, at 11:45 o’clock at his
home in Dunlevy.  The family, residents of Vesta for a number of years, moved to Dunlevy
just a few days ago.  The young man had been ill for a long period.  Surviving are his
parents, three sisters, Martha, Sally and Lila and one brother Leonard, all at home.
(newspaper clipping)

Death Roll - Mrs. Bessie Black - Mrs. Bessie Black, a resident of Allenport for the past
forty years died yesterday afternoon, Thursday, October 13, 1932 at 1:30 o’clock
following a prolonged illness.  Mrs. Black, wife of George Black was aged 75 years and
was well known.  Surviving with her husband are three sons James Black of Washington,
Pa., William Black of Allenport and Donald Black of Rochester, Pa.  Funeral services will
be held at the late home Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock with interment following in Fayette
City cemetery.  Rev. R. R. Merriman of Stockdale will be the officiating minister.
(newspaper clipping)

“Ore Bridge falls at Pittsburgh Steel Plant in Monessen, killing workman Probe to
be held” - Wilkes’ body not crushed - The body of George Wlilkes, aged was recovered
yesterday morning 5:45 o’clock from the wreckage of huge No.. 1 ore bridge of the
Pittsburgh Steel Company in Monessen which collapsed Monday, falling a distance of 70
feet, and imprisoning him in the wreckage.  Death was probably instantaneous.  It was
necessary for workmen to use acetylene torches to burn the steel away so that it could be
removed and the body recovered.  Strange as it may seem the body was not crushed or
mangled.  Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock from the United
Brethren Church in Monessen, with interment in Grandview cemetery in the same city.
Wilkes is survived by a wife and three sons......(newspaper clipping )

“Stockdale Mourns” - Tragedy Stalks Boys in Building ‘Park’ - Clyde Crouch,
Millworker, and father of two victims, supervises work of crews dragging river - The
bodies of three Stockdale boys, drowned yesterday afternoon were recovered at noon
today, following a 20 hour search.  Howard Crouch’s body was taken from the water
shortly after 11:30 o’clock, by Samuel LWiggs, Stockdale fireman, who had been aiding in
the search throughout the night.  Floyd Crouch’s body was recovered a few minutes later
by John Seaup, another searcher.  John Nantis was found at 12:45 p.m. by Curtis and
Arthur Huhn.k  Each of the bodies was brought up by use of grappling hooks.  While
Clyde Crouch, father of two of the victims, watched the operations rescuers brought the
remains of his two sons to the surface.  The bodies were found within a 50 foot area
between the tipple and the breaker wall.  They were removed to the Parkins morgue at
Roscoe.  Attempting to cross the swollen Monongahela river in a flimsy rowboat, three
Stockdale boys, two of them brothers, were drowned yesterday afternoon at 5 o’clock
when the skiff overturned at the Colonial Mine tipple across the river from Stockdale.......
The Crouch boys sons of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Crouch and young Nantis son of Mr. and
Mrs. John Nantis, Sr.....Charles Bailey 21 of Stockdale is believed to have been the only
witness.  At the time he was standing near his home in Stockdale...(newspaper clipping
hand dated May 10, 1933)

Obituary - Hamilton - Augus Benton Hamilton, aged 72 years, a resident of Fayette City
during his entire life, was found dead in the kitchen of his home last Monday evening
February 15, 1932, at 7:10 o’clock, death having been due to heart failure.  A son in law,
David A. Mathewson, who was in the habit of calling at the Hamilton home each day,
found the body.  Doctors W. E. Trezise, B. L. Stollar and Deputy Coroner, Jas. W.
Davidson, who were summoned, viewed the body after which it was removed to the
McCrory mortuary.  After preparation the remains were taken to the home of a daughter
Mrs. David A. Mathewson in Gillespie from which place the funeral was held Thursday
afternoon at 2:00 o’clock with the Rev. E. J. Knepshield, pastor of Little Redstone
Presbyterian Church, officiating.  Interment was made in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Fayette
City.  Deceased is survived by his widow Mrs. Emma Elizabeth Hamilton and three
daughters, as follows: Mrs. Samuel Crow, McMechen, W. Va., Mrs. David A.k
Mathewson and Mrs. Melrose Gardner, both of Fayette City.  A son Frank Hamilton, died
in September 1908.  Four grandchildren also survive.  Mr. Hamilton was a glassworker by
trade and was active in that line at the time the glassworks were in operation in Fayette
City.  Mr. Hamilton had lived a retired life for some years due to ill health.  He was born
here August 25, 1859. (newspaper clipping)

Obituary - Mrs. Clara A. Crawford - Brownsville, Pa., Oct. 4, Mrs. Clara A. Crawford,
86 died yesterday at her home here just 24 days after the death of her husband, Thomas B.
Crawford.  She was born in Pittsburgh, a daughter of the late Henry Snively.  She leaves a
sister, Mrs. George W. Dewsnapp, Pittsburgh. (newspaper clipping)

“Aged solider dies at home in twilight” - Robert Gardner Bickerton dead after lingering
illness - The fast fading ranks of the “boys in blue” were further depleted yesterday with
the death in Twilight of Robert Gardner Bickerton, son of the late Arthur and Margaret
Bickerton.  His death occurred at 4 o’clock Sunday morning, after lingering illness.  He
was born at Wheeling, W. Va., on Oct. 11, 1847 and was a Civil War veteran, having been
a member of Company A, Third Regiment, West Virginia Cavalry Volunteers.  He was a
member of Wheeling Lodge No. 9, I.O.O.F. for 57 years and a member of St. Matthew’s
Episcopal Church at Wheeling.  He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Grace Franks
Bickerton, and the following children, Mrs. William Baker of Speers; Mrs. Fred Boyce,
Belle Vernon; Mrs. Burton Bailey, Columbus, Ohio; Mrs. Ray Winnett, California.  Jesse
of Holidays Cove, W. Va.; William, of Twilight, Arthur and Robert at home.  Also eleven
grandchildren.  Two sisters, Mrs. Mary Dickle of McKeesport; Mrs. Margaret Walker, of
Fayette City and one brother, William of Charleroi.  Charleroi I.O.O.F. will hold services
tonight at 7:30 o’clock.  Services will be held at the home Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock,
with Rev. C.D. Buell of the Speers M.E. church in charge.  Interment will be in the Maple
Creek cemetery with full military honors in charge of American Legion Post No. 22 of
Charleroi.  (newspaper clipping)

Obituary - Charles Palmer - Charles Pallmer, aged 52 years, passed away at 4 o’clock,
Wednesday afternoon, May 23, 1933 at his home in Allenport.  For the past 18 years he
had been a resident of that community and was well known throughout this district,
especially with the retail grocery and meat business.  Surviving are his wife, Loretta H.
Palmer and three sisters, Mrs. Nora Slifer, of Allentown and Mrs. Mary Harwick and Mrs.
Minnie Link, of Quakertown, Pa.  Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 2
o’clock at his late home with interment following in Monongahela Cemetery.  (newspaper

Handwritten Notes:
Mrs. Sara  Prinks died Sept.21, 1933
Charles Sweney got married Sept. 27, 1933
Aunt Kate Mennar died March 16, 1934
Aldin Eugene Miller found dead in bed Sept. 8, 1934
David Durst found dead in bed Oct. 17, 1934
Shorty girl Helen died Nov. 22, 1934
Ted Ashton died Nov. 31, 1934
Frank Bell died Nov. 30, 1933 Thanksgiving Day/Roscoe
Harry Furlong wife died Jan. 18, 1933
Red Mchold found dead May 11, 1935
Mrs. Nicholas baby born June 5 & died on 9th mother died the 11th, 1935 buried the 14th
Mrs. Mahon died Sept, 1935

“Harry Remington, Jr. Aged 8, hurled thru window of father’s car and dies as
machine overturns near O’Neil Stop.” - A charge of manslaughter is awaiting Thomas
Sphar aged ?9, of 425 Fallowfield avenue who is being held in the local jail pending an
inquest into the death of Harry Remington, Jr. aged 5, of North Charleroi who was
instantly killed last night at 11:40 o’clock near O’Neil Stop on the Charleroi-Speers
Highway as the result of a he on collision between two automobiles.  The boy was riding
in the rear seat of a car driven by his father, Harry, Sr. when it was struck head on by the
Oldsmobile roadster driven by young Sphar.  The Remington car was turned over the
youth being thrown from the auto and his head crushed as he fell beneath the overturned
car.  Sphar was driving toward Speers and attempted to pass a car driven by Joseph
Nicolette, of 56 Highland Ave., Belle Vernon.  He did not succeed in passing the latters
car without collision as his car struck the rear fender of the Belle Vernon car.  As he did
so his car crashed head on into the sedan driven by Remington.  The child lay beneath the
sedan for some time before the body could be released.  Finally the crushed body was
placed in the Charleroi City Ambulance and rushed to the Charleroi Monessen hospital
where it was found that death had occurred.  Sphar was placed in the Charleroi jail and the
state motor patrol called.  The crash was investigated by State Highway Patrolmen A.A.
Myrter and John Finnell, who said this morning that a charge of involuntary manslaughter
will be preferred against Sphar.  the hearing has been set for next Friday.  In the
Remington car besides the father who was driving and the son who was killed were Mrs.
Remington and two other children.  An investigation disclosed that no other member of
the family was injured with the exception of one of the daughters who was said to have
received an injured finger......Sphar it develops was driving a car owned by Joseph
Katinsky, of 328 Fallowfield avenue, and was also using the latter’s drivers license.  This,
license was handed to the Highway Patrol and the latter had the impression that it was
Katinsky who had been held.  Deputy Coroner Joseph Frantz, of the Crowley Mortuary,
who was called immediately notified County Coroner William B. Baker, of Washington
who came here this morning for an investigation. (newspaper clipping handwritten Sunday
Oct. 16, 1933)

“Funeral for Boy Tomorrow” - ....Thomas Sphar will be given a hearing Friday morning
before Justice of the Peace J. B. Smith, of Charleroi.......Harry Remington, Jr. was born
April 5, 1928 and was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Remington of North Charleroi.
Besides his parents he is survived by one sister. (newspaper clipping)

Obituary -Alexander Fleming -  Alexander Fleming, aged 65 years, a life long resident
of Fayette City passed away at his home Connellsville Street, Sunday morning, February
14, 1932, at 7:10 o’clock, following a siege of illness covering several years, although not
confined to his home during all of that time.  The cause of Mr. Fleming’s death is stated as
pernicious anemia.  Funeral services were held at his late home, Wednesday afternoon at
2:30 o’clock, with the Rev. J. C. Burnworth, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church in
charge.  Interment was in Mt. Auburn Cemetery.  Deceased is survived by his widow,
Mrs. Myrtle Fleming , two daughters Mrs. Kathryn Brightwell and Mrs. Bernice Stark,
one son, Harold Fleming, a brother, William Fleming and one grandson, Master Wooda
Fleming Brightwell, all of Fayette City.  Mr Fleming was born in Fayette City, October 14,
1865, the son of the late Leroy and Florintha Hough Fleming and had spend his entire life
here.  He was a member of Morning Star Council, No. 29,, Fraternal Patriotic Americans.
Active pallbearers at the funeral were former associates of the deceased, members of the
recently organized Fayette County Fox Hunters Association and were Zern Hellyer;
Thomas Martin, John Armstrong, Albert Perry, Ephriam Shackleford and August Opfar.
Mr. Fleming was an enthusiastic lover of the sport of fox hunting, having at one time
owned a kennel of blooded fox hounds and was an active participant in the hunt until his
illness prevented it.  (newspaper clipping)

“Mill Policeman found dead in bed last night” - Oliver Laverick, 60, Likely heart
disease victim - A victim of heart disease, Oliver Laverick, aged 60 years, constable of
Dunlevy and for several years policemen at the Allenport mill of the Pittsburgh Steel
Company, died suddenly last evening after he had retired.  He was found dead at the home
of his sister, Mrs. Robert Gray, Dunlevy several hours after a sudden heart attack.
Laverick was well known in Charleroi.  He was a member of the Charleroi Eagles.
Surviving are one brother and two sisters,  John Laverick of Charleroi, Mrs. Gray of
Dunlevy with whom he made his home and Mrs. Robert Handy of Denbo.  Funeral
services will be held at the Gray residence Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock.   Interment in
Charleroi Cemetery.  (newspaper clipping)

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