Burial Records from 1748-1803 for the Parish of Mentmore, Buckinghamhire

For the surname of MEAD

Apr 29 1748	Joseph Mead Aff made
Feb 23 1757	(Damares) Mead Wid Aff made
Apr 15 1760	Hannah dau of Henry and Hannah Mead Aft made
??? ?? 1770	William son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Mead Aft made
Apr 21 1778	Able Mead buried
Jan 15 1781	Frances Mead inft buried
May 29 1782	Hannah Mead a pauper buried
Jan 15 1790	Benjamin Mead Buried husband of Martha Mead
Dec 03 1794	Matha Mead wid of Benjamin buried
May 19 1800	Benjamin son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Mead buried
Mar 11 1802	Thomas son of Thomas and Dinah Mead Buried
Feb 20 1803	James son of Benjamin and Martha Mead buried

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