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John Hancock

born:  January 23, 1737 in Quincy, Massachusetts

died:  October 8, 1793 in Quincy, Massachusetts


Signer of the Declaration of Independence

7th President of the United States under the Continental Congress, 1785-86

Governor of Massachusetts, 1787-93


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Common Ancestors:  Nathaniel HANCOCK and Joanna WRIGHT, who are John's 2nd great grandparents and my 10th great grandparents. (my ancestors are in purple)


1. Nathaniel HANCOCK

    m. Joanna WRIGHT


2. Nathaniel HANCOCK    m. Mary PRENTICE

      Thomas HANCOCK    m. Rachel LEONARD


3. John HANCOCK    m. Mary CLARKE

      John HANCOCK    m. Anna WEBB


4. John HANCOCK    m. Mary HAWKE

      Mabel HANCOCK    m. George Colton COOLEY


5. John HANCOCK (3rd cousin, 8 times removed)

      Lucy COOLEY    m. Nathaniel CHAPMAN


6. Parley CHAPMAN    m. Mary OGLE


7. Sally CHAPMAN    m. William C. ROWLANDS


8. Lucy Jane ROWLANDS    m. Richard Henry PARKER


9. Edwin Chapman PARKER    m. Mary Amanda MURRAY


10. John Henry PARKER    m. Helen E. KOKE


11. James Melvin PARKER    m. Marjorie Elizabeth WEBER


12. Steven John PARKER    m. Laura Mary LAUBINGER


13. John Steven PARKER (me)