Christine's Parkhill and Cameron ancestors and relations - John McKinnon

John McKinnon1

#108, (circa 1803 - between 1851 and 1861)

Charts Chris' ancestors
Descendants of John McKinnon & Lucy McNeill
Relationship 2nd great-grandfather of Chris Parkhill.

Birth*c. 1803 on Tyree, ARL, SCT2 
Marriage*23 Jan 1844 Tyree, ARL, Bride=Lucy McNeill3,1 
Death*bt 1851 - 1861 ?Tyree, ARL, SCT, not the 1857, 2*1859 nor the 1860 dths on Tyree, ages unknown in index, but 15 wks, 70, 79 and 6 mths resp. still 2*1864 to check. The 1860 is inconclusive without further research. Right age, 58, married, but doesn't say who to; s/o Donald an Ann, both MacKinnon; informant brother-in-law Neil MacDonald; died at Kilmaluag, buried Sorebie4,5,1 
Census*30 Mar 1851 Tyree, ARL, (a virtually unreadable image but my ideas gel with the ancestry transcript, which identified the final person as another dtr, Meron ?Marion) McKINNON: John mar, 48 crofter 10 acres (wife not with him): Dtrs: Grace, 6, Catherine, 4, both scholars and Meron, 2, Daughter=Grace McKinnon, Daughter=Catherine McKinnon, Daughter=Marion McKinnon2,6 
PotentlDup*1860 at Kilmoluag, Tyree, ARL, SCT, right age, not enough identifying information on cert to conclusively say this is Lucy's John, Principal=John McKinnon7 
CensusFail*7 Apr 1861 ?Tyree, ARL, not yet found, the only Lucy McKinnon on Tyree was apparently aged 22, so I didn't check the record, too many John's to easily find the right one, I've subsequently found what looks like Lucy as a widow, under her maiden name of Mac Niel with two of her dtrs, Grace and Marion, again, both mis-enumerated as MacNiel, Principal=Lucy McKinnon8,9 
Occupation*May 1866 ?Tyree, ARL, a farmer, dec.1 


Lucy McNeill b. bt 1811 - 1816, d. aft. 1871
Marriage*23 Jan 1844 Tyree, ARL, Bride=Lucy McNeill3,1 

Last Edited 6 Jan 2008


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