Christine's Parkhill and Cameron ancestors and relations - Lucy McNeill

Lucy McNeill1

#109, (between 1811 and 1816 - after 1871)

Charts Chris' ancestors
Descendants of John McKinnon & Lucy McNeill
Relationship 2nd great-grandmother of Chris Parkhill.

Birth*bt 1811 - 1816 prob. on Tyree?, ARL, SCT, year range assumes correct id in 1841 census2 
Birthc. 1805 on Tyree, ARL, SCT, according to the 1871 census3 
Birthc. 1811 on Mull, ARL, SCT, according to the 1861 census4 
Marriage*23 Jan 1844 Tyree, ARL, Groom=John McKinnon5,1 
Death*aft. 1871 ?Tyree, ARL, SCT, should be able to find this one in theory, but I've failed so far. In 1871 census at Cornaig Beg, with all 3 dtrs, and several grandchildren1,6 
CensusPoss*1841 at Hough, Par. of Tiree, ARL, SCT, Lucy McNeil, 25, F.S. b Argyll, in same hsehold as 3 other "F.S.", all b Argyll: Marion McNeil, 20, Ann Cameron 13, and Lucy Giles, 8 (they start them young)2 
Married Namebef. 1845 McKinnon1 
CensusFail*1851 not enumerated with husband and dtrs at Cornaig Vegg and certainly not immediately obvious (to me) as McKinnon or McNiel in Scotland7 
Census1861 at Cornaigveag, Tyree, ARL, SCT, MacNIEL: Lucy 50 widow crofter of 11 acres b Mull, ARL; Dtrs: Grace 16, Marion 13 both b Tyree (on same page as assorted Macdonals and MacLeans, all at Cornaigveag, and although they are shown as MacNiel, Lucy's maiden name, not McKinnon, I think this is the right family), Daughter=Grace McKinnon, Daughter=Marion McKinnon4,8 
CensusFail*7 Apr 1861 ?Tyree, ARL, not yet found, the only Lucy McKinnon on Tyree was apparently aged 22, so I didn't check the record, too many John's to easily find the right one, I've subsequently found what looks like Lucy as a widow, under her maiden name of Mac Niel with two of her dtrs, Grace and Marion, again, both mis-enumerated as MacNiel, Principal=John McKinnon9,7 
Census*1871 at Cornaig Beg, Tyree, ARL, SCT, McKINN (as transcr by ancestry): Lucy 66, head, farmer 24 ac 11 arable b Tyree; Dtrs: Grace 26 dairymaid; Marion 22 tailor wife; Cathrine 20 housemaid; Son-in-law: John 24 sailor; Grdsons (McLEAN): Alexander 34; John 34 farmer (shown on ancestry as grddtr); John 2; Rachel 3 1mth; All b Tyree; The actual image offers the following corrections/additions: McKINON: Lucy is a widow, Grace and Marion are both married, John McLEAN and John McKINON are both sons in law, farmer and sailor resp., grdson Alexander McLean is 3 ½ not 34. Living in 3 rooms with one or more windows. On same page at CornaigBeg are assorted McDONALDs and BROWNs, Daughter=Grace McKinnon, Daughter=Catherine McKinnon, Daughter=Marion McKinnon, SonDtrInLaw=John McLean, Grdchild=Alexander McLean, Grdchild=John McLean, Grdchild=Rachel McLean, SonDtrInLaw=John McKinnon6,3 


John McKinnon b. c. 1803, d. bt 1851 - 1861
Marriage*23 Jan 1844 Tyree, ARL, Groom=John McKinnon5,1 

Last Edited 6 Jan 2008


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