Christine's Parkhill and Cameron ancestors and relations - John Ann McKinnon

John Ann McKinnon1

#292, (20 October 1872 - )

FatherJohn McKinnon1 b. c. 1845, d. bt 1871 - 1872
MotherMarion McKinnon1 b. c. 1849, d. aft. 1881
John Ann McKinnon|b. 1872|p292.htm|John McKinnon|b. c. 1845\nd. bt 1871 - 1872||Marion McKinnon|b. c. 1849\nd. aft. 1881|p258.htm|||||||John McKinnon|b. c. 1803\nd. bt 1851 - 1861|p108.htm|Lucy McNeill|b. bt 1811 - 1816\nd. aft. 1871|p109.htm|

Charts Descendants of John McKinnon & Lucy McNeill
Relationship 1st cousin 2 times removed of Chris Parkhill.

Birth*20 Oct 1872 at Kirkapoll, Tyree, ARL, SCT, cert. shows John Ann as female, born 7pm to John McKinnon sailor, dec'd and Marion m.s. McKinnon, who married Nov 1868, Glasgow. Inf Grand uncle Donald McKinnon, reg. 28th Oct at Tyree, Informant=Donald McKinnon1,2 
Name Variation1881 Joan McKinnon3 
(Witness) CensusPoss1881 at Balinoe, Tyree, ARL, SCT, CAMPBELL: Neil 32 bolier maker ; wife Marion 32 both b Tyree (Gaelic); Children: Neil and John, 6 both b Glasgow (Gaelic); Chrstina 4, Duncan 2 (both Gaelic), unnamed Female 3 wks all b Tyree; Stepchildren: Hector McKINNON 9 b Glasgow,Joan 8, b Tyree, both (gaelic) scholars; (although this data fits for Joan as dtr of Marion, assuming Marion remarried, I've not been able to verify this, and if so, who is Hector, he should be on the IGI at that age, but I couldn't find him with mother Marion, there's one 1871 to John and Sarah McKINNON, and an 1872 to Lachlan McKINNON and Mary McKAY), Principal=Neil Campbell, Principal=Marion McKinnon3 
CensusPoss*1891 at Westwood, Govan, LKS, SCT, Joan McKINNON, gen serv b Tiree, ARL, in hsehold of John (banker, b Ayr) & Elizabeth LAING4 

Last Edited 7 Jan 2008


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