Christine's Parkhill and Cameron ancestors and relations - Janet Cameron

Janet Cameron1

#65, (circa 1905 - 5 July 1959)

FatherDonald Cameron2 b. 7 Jan 1861, d. 3 Feb 1950
MotherMarion McLean2 b. 8 May 1872, d. 31 Jul 1948
Janet Cameron|b. c. 1905\nd. 1959|p65.htm|Donald Cameron|b. 1861\nd. 1950|p66.htm|Marion McLean|b. 1872\nd. 1948|p67.htm|Hector Cameron|b. 1828\nd. 1872|p68.htm|Janet McLean|b. 1834\nd. 1915|p69.htm|John McLean|b. 1837\nd. aft. 1891|p106.htm|Grace McKinnon|b. c. 1845\nd. aft. 1901|p107.htm|

Charts Chris' ancestors
Descendants of Matthew Parkhill & Sarah Bratton
Descendants of William Temple & Margaret Cook
Descendants of Archibald Cameron & Margaret McLean
Descendants of Donald McLean & Rachel McKinnon
Descendants of John McKinnon & Lucy McNeill
Descendants of John McKinnon & Christy/Catherine Campbell
Relationship Mother of Chris Parkhill.

Birth*c. 1905 in NZ3,4 
Marriage*2 Jan 1932 in Hastings, HBY, NZ, Groom=Donald Parkhill2 
Death*5 Jul 1959 in Wellington, NZ2 
Name Variation Jeannet Cameron2 
Married Name2 Jan 1932 Parkhill2 


Donald Parkhill b. 5 Jul 1905
  • Chris Parkhill (living)2
  • Mary Parkhill (living)5

Last Edited 5 Jan 2008


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