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God Bless America

This WebPage contains genealogy information on the Parkison line that I am researching. While the primary focus of my research has been the Parkison, Gabbard, Jackson, Goodpaster, Dickson, Harford and Clark families of Decatur and Shelby Counties of Indiana, is also includes information on members who moved on west to Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska and Oregon. Also available on this site are records of Land Patents and purchases, census records and pictures taken of gravesites of family members in the Trackwell & Middletown Cemeteries, in Shelby County, Indiana. The Union Chapel, Union Baptist , & Jackson Cemeteries, in Decatur County, Indiana. The Mound Cemetery, in Jasper County, Illinois, and the Brandon Cemetery, in Buchanan County, Iowa.

Have also added a listing of early Parkison/Parkinson families in America, information about DNA testing, Y-DNA test results and the Parkison DNA Testing project.

Be sure to read the notes in My Dreambook and please leave a note. You may find a connection to your family.


"You should be aware that the search for truth is like a story that never ends"
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While I believe all information posted to be accurate, please treat this site as only a research aid.
We should each be responsible for verifying our own work. Hopefully this site will be of some assistance to you.

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This Site is dedicated to the memory of my wife and best friend,
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