The Perrott Baronets
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The Perrott Baronets
Sir Robert • Sir Richard • Sir Edward • Sir Edward George • Sir Herbert

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This line is thought to have descended from Robert Perrot, of the Oxford branch of the family. However, the use of 'Henry Dive' as a family name links them to a group of Perrots living in Kent in the 1590's (Perrett, 1985).

Sir Herbert Charles Perrot, last of the baronets, was granted use of the traditional Perrot arms on 18 Sep 1911 (Grants 80/292), retroactive to 1716, when the baronetcy was first created. Woodcock (1984), the Somerset Herald, wrote that the conferring of arms did not appear to be based on any descent. There is also a question as to whether the baronetcy was legitimately created in first place (Nichols, 1874; Perrett, 1985), such that J.G. Nichols (1874) said ofSir Richard Perrott, the second Baronet was "One of the most, daring pretenders to title and pedigree in the last (i.e. 18th) century".

Sir Herbert Charles Perrot died without male heirs in 1922, ending the baronetcy. However, descendants Sir Herbert's uncle or granduncle are suspected of having emigrated to Australia (Perrett 1985). The pedigree below is based on the information provided by Parrett (1985).

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  • References:

    The following is eprinted from: Burke. 1912. Peerage and Baronage. Pp 1504-1505.

    "Sir Herbert Charles Perrott, 1st Bart.,O.B. late lieut.-col. commanding, and hon. col. 3rd batt. "The Buffs" (East Kent regt.), formerly ensign 21st and 26th Kent rifle volunteers, and captain reserve of officers. Sir Herbert is Knight of Justice from 1876, and secretary-general of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England from 1910. He was asst. sec. 1875-88, and secretary St. John Ambulance Association from its formation in 1877. Sir Herbert b. 26 Oct. 1849; m. 10 Dec. 1901, Ethel Lucy, (Lady of Justice of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem and Superintendent-in-Chief Nursing Corps, has Coronation medal 1911), eldest dau. of the late Capt. Marona Stanley Hare, R.N., of Court Grange, Newton Abbott, by Matilda Jane, his wife, dau. of William and Lady Anna Maria Tollemanche, and has issue, Maria Louise Priscilla (for whom H.H. Princess Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein was sponsor), b. 20 Dec. 1909.

    "Sir Herbert Charles Perrott was created O.B. (civil) 1902, and a baronet 21 June 1911, with remainder to the heirs male of his body with precedence from 1 July, 1716.

    "Lineage: Sir Robert Perrott, styled 1st Bart., of Richmond, Surrey, a scion of the ancient Perrott family to which belonged the celebrated Sir John Perrott, lord deputy of Ireland, temp. Queen Elizabeth, was, in reward for eminent diplomatic services, created a baronet it is said 1 July, 1716, with limitation to his brother and the heirs male of his body, but no patent was registered in the College of Arms. Sir Robert d. 29 May, 1759. His nephew,

    "Sir Richard Perrott, styled 2nd Bart., who was eldest son of Richard Parrott, of Broseley, Salop, by Rebecca, dau. of Isaac Wyke, of Waeton Court, Herefordshire. He was present at the battle of Culloden, in personal attendance on the Duke of Cumberland; he subsequently entered the service of Frederick the Great of Prussia, and serving in the Seven Years' War, obtained the order of the Red Eagle. Sir Richard was employed in several confidential negotiations, for which he received the order of the Black Eagle. A royal warrant, dated 3 Jan. 1707, under the sign manual and privy seal (but not under the great seal) countersigned by the secretary of state, the Hon. H. S. Conway (which warrant is entered in the Earl Marshal's Book, College of Arms, I. 32, fol. 55), declared "to avoid all doubt and dispute about the rank and precedency of our trusty and well beloved Sir Richard Perrott, Baronet, -- that he the said Sir Richard Perrott, and the heirs male of his body, lawfully begotten, should have and enjoy, in all places, assemblies, and meetings, the place, rank and pre-eminence, precedency, privileges, and immunities, of or belonging to a baronet of this our realm, and to take precedence from 1 July 1716." Sir Richard m. 3 March, 1782, Margaret Jemima, dau. of Capt. William Fordyce, gentleman of the bedchamber to George III. She d. 17 May 1832. He d. 22 Jan. 1796, having had issue,

    "1. Edward Bindloss (Sir), his heir.
    "2. Henry Dundee, lieut. R.N., d.s.p. 1861.
    "3. Jane Juliana Darnley, m. Oct. 1816, Garrett Brinsley Sheridan, of co. Cavan, and had issue. Their son, Henry Brinsley Sheridan, who was M.P. for Dudley 1857-86, d. 1906, leaving issue.

    "The elder son,
    Sir Edward Bindloss Perrott, styled 3rd Bart., and officer in the Royal West Middlesex Militia, b. 1 Sept. 1784; m. 10 May, 1810, Louisa Augusta, dau. of Col. N. Bayly, M.P., of the 1st foot guards, brother of Henry, 1st Earl of Uxbridge, and uncle of the 1st Marquess of Anglesey, K.G., and by her (who d. aged 81, 15 June 1860) had issue,

    "1. Edward George Lambert (Sir), his heir.
    2. Henry Dive, b. 31 July, 1813; d. unm. 23 June 1889.
    3. Richard Elrington, b. 9 Dec, 1814, d.s.p. 25 June, 1872.

    "Sir Edward d. 24 March, 1859. His eldest son,
    Sir Edward George Lambert Perrott, styled 4th Bart., K.J.J., Capt. East Kent militia, Vice-President and for over thirty years Chairman of Preparatory Committees of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and was awarded its gold medal. He was b. 10 May 1811; m. 13 Oct. 1847, Emma Maria, only dau. of Charles Evelyn Houghton, commander R.N., descended in the female line, from John Evelyn, the accomplished author of Sylvia, and grand-niece of Sir Hugh Evelyn, last Bart. of Wotton, and by her (who d. 15 June, 1878) had issue,

    "1. Herbert Charles (Sir), created a baronet.
    2. Evelyn Edward (26, Salisbury Road, West Brighton), b. 8 Oct. 1851; m. 29 Dec. 1881, Caroline Eleanor Fraser, dau. Of the late Richard Matthews, of Oatlands Park, Weybridge. She d.s.p. 22 Dec. 1896.
    1. Fanny Augusta, d. 19 Jan. 1885.

    "Sir Edward d. 4 June, 1886."

    1. Perrot .

    Perrot married someone.

    His children were:

       2 M    i. Sir Robert Perrot was born in Richmond Surrey and died on 29 May 1753. He had no relationships and no children.

    General Notes: "created a baronet, it is said,on 1st July 1716 with limitation to his brother and the heirs male of his body, but no patent, sign manual or docquet is on record." - Perrett, J. 1984. The College of Arms correspondence. Family Notes 1(4):93-95.

    + 3 M    ii. Richard Perrot was born in 1728 in Broseley in Shropshire or in Shewsbury.

    Second Generation (Children)

    3. Richard Perrot (Unknown1) was born in 1728 in Broseley in Shropshire or in Shewsbury.

    Richard married Rebecca Wyke.

    Children from this marriage were:

    + 4 M    i. Sir Richard Perrott died on 22 Jan 1796.

       5 M    ii. James Perrot .

       6 M    iii. Eleazer Perrot .

    Third Generation (Grandchildren)

    4. Sir Richard Perrott (Richard2, Unknown1) died on 22 Jan 1796.

    General Notes: For an analysis on Richard and his baronetage, see Nichols, 1874: Sir Richard Perrott, a soi-disant baronet

    Note: A reported birthdate of 1716 cannot be right, unless he married at age 66 and started having children. More likely, we has born ~1740, which jives better with 1728, the reported birthdate for his father. 1716 is the date when the baronetcy was said to have been created by his uncle.

    Society of Gentlemen, 1770. Remarkable Advertisements, &c. Oxford Magazine: Or, Universal Museum, Volume 4:68.

    Richard Perrott, Bart.
    Whereas Sir Richard Perrott, Bt. has absconded from his bail in a certain action now depending against him in his Majesty's Court of Kings-Bench at Westminster, any person procuring the surrender of the said Sir Richard Perrott in discharge of such his bail, shall, upon such surrender, receive Twenty Guineas reward, to be paid by Meffrs. Gilliess and Broome, Attornies for the bail, at their Chambers in Gray's-Inn, Holborn. -- N.B. This is the same Richard Perrott who has lately infested the principality of Wales, and the same that presented the Flint petition.

    Matikkala, A. 2008. The Orders of Knighthood and the Formation of the British Honours System 1660-1760. The Boydell Press, p 247.

    "Sir Richard Perrott, second Baronet and a charlatan, pretended to be one, and has been occasionally mentioned as such in different contexts. Although the author of the ODNB article states that 'Reliable information on Richard Perrott is sparse', he accepts as fact the information that he was awarded the Prussian Orders of the Red Eagle and the Black Eagle. Roger T. Stern, 'Perrott, Sir Richard, Second Baronet (1716 - 1796)', ODNB, XLIII, 818. Perrott's baronetage, allegedly created in 1716, was confirmed for him by royal warrant in 1767. G.E. C.[okyne], Complete Baronetage (5 vols, Exeter, 1900 - 6), 33. 35."

    Richard married Margaret Jemima Fordyce on 3 Mar 1782. Margaret died on 17 May 1832.

    Children from this marriage were:

       7 M    i. Richard Perrott was born on 26 Sep 1783 in Chelsea, St. Luke.

    + 8 M    ii. Sir Edward Bindloss Perrot was born on 1 Sep 1784 and died on 24 Mar 1859 at age 74.

       9 F    iii. Elizabeth Margaret Perrott was born on 29 Aug 1875 in Westminster, St. Martins.

       10 M    iv. Owen John Perrott was born on 11 Jul 1787 in Westminster, St. Martins.

    + 11 M    v. Henry Dundas Berry Perrott died in 1861.

       12 F    vi. Jane Juliana Perrot .

    Jane married Darnley.

    Fourth Generation (Great-Grandchildren)

    8. Sir Edward Bindloss Perrot (Richard (Sir)3, Richard2, Unknown1) was born on 1 Sep 1784 and died on 24 Mar 1859 at age 74.

    General Notes: Bigsby, Robert. 1869. Memoir of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem: From the Capitulation of Malta in 1798, to the Present Period.... Richard Keen, Irongate, Derby, pp 211-212.

    "Sir Edward Bindloss Perrott, (3rd) Baronet.--K.C.J.J.

    "Was descended from Howel, Prince of Anglesey and King of Man, A.D. 808, brother of Conan, King of Wales, by his wife Alfwyna, grand-daughter of Alfred the Great. Of this family was Sir John Perrott, an eminent statesman, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, temp. Queen Elizabeth.

    "Sir Richard Perrott, the second Baronet, Sir Edward's father, was created a Baron of France by Louis XV., with the privilege of the 'tabouret' to the wives of his successors. This Sir Richard Perrott was in personal attendance upon the Duke of Cumberland at Culloden, and had, during the Wilkes riots, his house in Gloucesterview, Park-lane, dismantled adn burnt by the mob.

    "Sir Edward married, in 1810, Louisa Augusta, third daughter of the late Colonel N. Balyly, M.P., formerly of the Grenadier Guards, uncle of the late Field-Marshal the Marquis of Anglesey, K.G., leaving issue by her three sons, the eldes of whom is the present Sir Edward George Lambert Perrott, Bart., G.C.J.J. He was uncle of the present Member for Dudley, Henry B. Sheridan, Esq., K.J.J., barrister-at-law, and first cousin of Sir Fitzroy Kelly, M.P., late Her Majesty's Attorney-General."

    Edward married Louisa Augusta Bayly on 10 May 1810. Louisa was born in 1779 and died in 1860 at age 81.

    Children from this marriage were:

    + 13 M    i. Sir Edward George Lambert Perrot was born on 10 May 1811 and died on 4 Jun 1886 at age 75.

    + 14 M    ii. Henry Dive Perrott was born on 11 Jul 1813 and died on 23 Jun 1889 at age 75.

       15 M    iii. Richard Elrington Perrot was born on 9 Dec 1814 and died on 25 Jun 1872 at age 57. He had no relationships and no children.

    11. Henry Dundas Berry Perrott (Richard (Sir)3, Richard2, Unknown1) died in 1861.

    Henry married Sarah.

    The child from this marriage was:

    + 16 M    i. Henry Bray Perrott was born on 1 Sep 1813 in Shoreditch, St. John.

    Henry next married Mary Ann Sherrell or Hotchkiss on 22 Oct 1849 in St. Pancras.

    General Notes: Not sure of which Henry she married.

    Fifth Generation (Great Great-Grandchildren)

    13. Sir Edward George Lambert Perrot (Edward Bindloss (Sir)4, Richard (Sir)3, Richard2, Unknown1) was born on 10 May 1811 and died on 4 Jun 1886 at age 75.

    Edward married Emma Maria Houghton on 13 Oct 1847.

    Children from this marriage were:

    + 17 M    i. Sir Herbert Charles Perrott was born on 26 Oct 1849 and died on 15 Feb 1922 at age 72.

    + 18 M    ii. Evelyn Edward Perrot was born on 8 Oct 1851 and died on 13 Feb 1915 at age 63.

    14. Henry Dive Perrott (Edward Bindloss (Sir)4, Richard (Sir)3, Richard2, Unknown1) was born on 11 Jul 1813 and died on 23 Jun 1889 at age 75.

    General Notes: Interestingly, a Henry Dive married Alice Paret in Tonbridge on 3 Nov 1622, Kent. A Robert Perret also appears as the father of several children baptised between 1592 and 1614, so this branch could have originated in Kent.

    J P-rr-tt Soc 1(4):95. 1985.

    Henry married Catherine.

    Children from this marriage were:

       19 M    i. Edward Perrott was born on 21 Jun 1840 in St. Mary Magdalene, Woolwich.

    Edward married someone.

       20 M    ii. Henry Brown Perrott was born on 16 Jul 1857 in St. Mary Magdalene, Woolwich.

       21 F    iii. Louisa Augusta Perrott was born on 13 Mar 1845 in St. Mary Magdalene, Woolwich.

       22 M    iv. Richard Erlington Perrott was born on 12 Jul 1846 in St. Mary Magdalene, Woolwich.

    16. Henry Bray Perrott (Henry Dundas Berry4, Richard (Sir)3, Richard2, Unknown1) was born on 1 Sep 1813 in Shoreditch, St. John.

    Henry married Priscilla.

    Children from this marriage were:

       23 M    i. Alfred David Perrott was born on 21 Jan 1842 in Shoreditch, St. John.

       24 F    ii. Margaret Jemima Perrott was born on 4 Apr 1843 in Shoreditch, St. John.

       25 F    iii. Elizabeth Priscilla Perrott was born on 7 Jun 1848 in Shoreditch, St. Leonards.

       26 M    iv. Charles Henry Perrott was born on 7 Jun 1848 in Shoreditch, St. Leonards.

    Sixth Generation (3rd Great-Grandchildren)

    17. Sir Herbert Charles Perrott (Edward George Lambert (Sir)5, Edward Bindloss (Sir)4, Richard (Sir)3, Richard2, Unknown1) was born on 26 Oct 1849 and died on 15 Feb 1922 at age 72.

    Herbert married Ethel Lucy Hare on 10 Dec 1901 in St Peter's Eaton Square, London. Ethel was born in 1875 in Court Grange, Newton Abbott and died in 1934 at age 59.

    General Notes: The Times of 6 July 1939

    Lady Perrott died on Tuesday at Withypool, Minehead, Somerset. She was Ethel Lucy Hare, daughther of the late Captain Marcus Hare, R.N. A correspondent writes:--

    Lady Perrott devoted the unremitting service of a lifetime to a cause with which the name of her husband is very closely associated. Sir Herbert Perrott held high executive office in the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Lady Perrott was appointed the first Lady Superintendent-in-Chief of the St. John Ambulance Brigade by King George V and immediately threw herself into the work whih an enthusiasm that never flagged. She reorganized the whole of the nursing service, instituted a more suitable and becoming uniform in place of the heavy black serge dress which was then regulation, and made a personal inspection of every Nursing Division of the Brigade throughout the country in order to satisfy herself of the efficiency of each unit of the organization under her control. The value of the training that was being given to the Nursing Division was fully recognized and in 1911 Lady Perrott was appointed Lady-in-Chief of the Women's County Companies of the Territorial Branch of the Ambulance Department of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Subsequently those County Companies became known as Voluntary Aid Detachments.

    At the oubreak of the Great War the national advantage of the excellent training whcih the Nursing Divisions had been receiving became immediately apparent; inasmuch as Lady Perrott was able to send out at once a larage number of members versed in hospital routine and ready to act as probationers to trained nurses in war zones. The despatch of nursing sisters was not, however, the only War-time service in which Lady Perrott was interested. In August, 1914, a Women's Committee of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem had been instituted, of which Lady Perrott was honorary secretary. This committee was responsible for the formation of the St. John Warehouse, where necessities for the relief and comfort of soldier patients were made and despatched. Lady Perrott was a member of the original committee for the organization of the St. John Ambulance Brigade Hospital in France. She was the means of collecting some £17,000 for the support of this hospital. She went to France and worked personally in the hospital and was actually there during the time when the hospital came under enemy fire. In 1915 her services had already proved so valuable that she was decorated with the R.R.C. First Class.

    In 1928 the Order of St. John of Jerusalem was by the King's command enlarged by the addition of the rank of Dame Grand Cross, together with the corresponding order of Knight Grand Cross for Knights of the Order. Lady Perrott thereupon was promoted from the previous highest rank of Lady of Justice to become a Dame Grand Cross of the Order.

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    Children from this marriage were:

       27 M    i. Son Perrot was born on 7 Sep 1911.

       28 F    ii. Marie Louise Priscilla Perrot Baroness Forester was born on 20 Dec 1909 and died in 1988 at age 79.

    Marie married Cecil George Wilfred Weld-Forester 7th Baron Forester in 1931. Cecil was born in 1899 and died in 1977 at age 78.

       29 F    iii. Helena Ruth Perrot Viscountess Maitland was born on 14 Aug 1912 and died on 1 Sep 1999 at age 87.

    Helena married Ivor Colin Viscount Maitland in 1936. Ivor was born on 29 Aug 1915 and died on 18 Jan 1943 in North Africa (killed in action) at age 27.

    18. Evelyn Edward Perrot (Edward George Lambert (Sir)5, Edward Bindloss (Sir)4, Richard (Sir)3, Richard2, Unknown1) was born on 8 Oct 1851 and died on 13 Feb 1915 at age 63.

    Evelyn married Carolyn Frazier.

    The child from this marriage was:

       30 F    i. Fanny Augusta Perrot died on 19 Jan 1885.

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