Anzac Roll of Honour - The Two World Wars




Serving Military

 in South Africa and then ANZACS in the World Wars and in Korea

I originally prepared this for the centenary of the first ANZAC action of 25 April 1915.

ANZAC DAY 25 April 2015
one hundred years on

Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) was a coalition of these two countries established to fight in the First World War. The worst and most commemorated day was the landing at Gallipoli, Turkey on 25 April 1915. It is now remembered annually in both countries as ANZAC Day.  More information  - (A link to NZ History site).

The name links below will take you to that individual's page and any information I have on him or her.

Military Service
Boundy, Leonard Vincent 1st WW NZEF
Bradley, John 2nd WW (USA)
Bradley, John Thomas 1st WW Naval Volunteer NZEF Samoa
Bradley, Patrick Joseph 1st WW, Gallipoli NZEF
Fitzpatrick, Charles 1st WW NZEF
Fitzpatrick, Michael Thomas 2nd WW (Pacific)
Fitzpatrick, Patrick Joseph 2nd WW (Fijian Defence Force); brother to Michael Thomas above.
Godsell, Amos William 1st WW, KIA Belgium Jun 1917; brother to James & John below
Godsell, James Richard 1st WW, NZEF
Godsell, John Amos 1st WW, KIA Belgium Aug 1917 NZEF
Logan, William Frederick 1st WW, KIA Gallipoli 25 Apr 1915 NZEF
McKeowen, James Joseph 1st WW NZEF
McKeowen, John Patrick 1st WW NZEF
McSweeney, Edward Knobbs 1st WW NZEF
Parrott, Francis Neil 2nd WW NZEF
Parrott, James Joseph 2nd WW Australian Army
Parrott, John Patrick 2nd WW Australian Army
Parrott, Leslie Sylvester 2nd WW, POW
Parrott, Patrick Arthur 2nd WW, NZEF
Parrott, Reginald Edward Anthony 2nd WW, Australian Army
Parrott, Vincent James 2nd WW Australian Army
Pickett, Alfred Clyde 2nd WW, Australian Army
Pickett, Arthur Sydney 2nd WW RAAF
Pickett, Gloria Doris 2nd WW RAAF
Pickett, Hillary Claude 2nd WW Australian Army
Pickett, Ian Edward 2nd WW Australian Army
Pickett, John (Jack) 2nd WW, KIA New Guinea
Pickett, Hugh 1st WW, Tunnellers
Pickett, Luke Jnr 2nd WW, RAAF
Pickett, Marie Evelyn 2nd WW RAAF
Pickett, Mark DCM Boer War (NZ), 3rd Contingent (Rough Riders)
Pickett, Michael James 2nd WW Australian Army
Pickett, Michael Joseph 1st WW, Australian Army
Pickett, Patrick Francis 1st WW, Wounded Oct 1917 Belgium
Pickett, Richard Malcolm 2nd WW Australian Army
Pickett, Spencer William 2nd WW Australian Army
Pickett, Stanley George (George)


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