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The 'Colston' Parrys

The purpose of this page is to support research into those Parry families who made use of the name "Colston", since it is suspected that they could descend from a common ancestor. However, since the Colston name does appear as a forename for many other surnames as well, it is possible that separate Parry families made use of the name, each having their own reasons for being grateful to the Colston family.

Collecting together in one place the details of all the entries that relate to the name, which have been found in a variety of records, should facilitate discussion on the families. It also allows for a possible pedigree to be drawn up which can then be used to direct further research, as the evidence for each link can be examined and those requiring further confirmation become apparent.

Please note that any pedigree is only as accurate as the evidence on which it is based. Unless a link is clearly stated as proven through certificates, or the examination of relevant original documents, it must be regarded with some caution. Family links derived from records such as censuses may not be accurate. In view of this, please do not copy the tree to other sites until it has been proven more thoroughly, since you may be perpetuating erroneous information.

If you have any information to add to the details here, or that you think may relate to these families, then please get in touch, preferably via the message board or the mailing list so that the information can be shared with the other researchers interested in the families.

On this page:

Still to be added:
Probate Index entries
Burgess Index entries


Draft Pedigree

Draft Pedigree of the 'Colston' Parrys


Family Groups, with evidence for individuals

[If no names are listed after a census reference, then all of the expected family are present.]

Starting point

Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
Possibly related marriage of an earlier generation on BVRI & IGI
William Perry to Elizabeth Colston 27 AUG 1758 St James, Bristol, GLS, ENG
Original records to confirm spelling of William's surname
 Christenings for William Colston Parry and Edward Colston Parry, to establish their parentage and whether or not they were siblings

"Generation 1"

F1 - the family of William Colston Parry
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
 Marriage of William Colston Parry to Mary
Christenings on BVRI, Christchurch Film 1596358, Bristol, GLS, ENG
Elizabeth Parry 25 Feb 1787
Sarah Parry 25 Feb 1787
William Parry 25 Feb 1787
John Parry 03 Jan 1790
Joseph Colston Parry 22 Apr 1792
Mary Parry 06 Aug 1793
Ann Parry 01 Jul 1798
Original records of christenings

F2 - the family of Edward Colston Parry
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
 Marriage of Edward Colston Parry to Mary
Christening on BVRI, Christchurch Film 1596358, Bristol, GLS, ENG
Edward Colston Parry 14 Aug 1803
Original record of christening

"Generation 2"

F3 - the family of Joseph Colston Parry b.1792
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
Marriage on IGI Batch I040740
11 Aug 1816, St John Baptist's, Bristol, GLS, ENG
Original record of marriage
Christenings on IGI, Batch C170971:
Helen Parry 29 Jun 1817
Joseph Colston Parry 18 Jun 1819
Emma Parry 22 Sep 1822
Henry Parry 18 Jan 1824
Richard Colston Parry 16 Jul 1826
Eliza Colston Parry 08 Jun 1828
Catherine Colston Parry 02 May 1830
Julius Colston Parry 21 Oct 1832
Alfred Colston Parry 15 Nov 1835
Richard Colston Parry 24 Dec 1837
Clara Colston Parry 27 Sep 1840
Edward Colston Parry 16 Oct 1842
Original records of christenings
Possible GRO Birth entries
Richard Colston Parry: Dec 1837 Bristol 11 146
Clara Colston Parry: Sep 1840 Bristol 11 178
Edward Colston Parry: Dec 1842 Bristol 11 168
Birth Certificates
UK Census
1841: HO107/374/3 ED:5 F:19 P:33 St Paul, Bristol (Joseph, Caroline, Ellin, Elizabeth, Catherine, Julius, Alfred, Richard aged 3, and Clara)
1861: RG9/1718/113/1 Bristol St Paul, GLS (Joseph, Caroline, Helen, Clara and Edward)
1861: RG9/1625/90/1 Bridgwater, SOM (Julius)
1861: RG9/1694/34/22 Walcot Trinity, Bath, SOM (Richard b.1837)
1871: RG10/2526/52/10 St Paul, Bristol, GLS (Caroline and R.C.Parry, aged 30)
1851 census
Possible GRO Marriage Entry
Eliza Colston Parry: Mar 1849 Clifton 11 315 (to John Blandford, re GRO names and World Connect tree)
Catherine Colston Parry: Sep 1857 Bristol 6a 68
Richard Colston Parry: Dec 1881 Plymouth 5b 464
Possible GRO Death Entries
Helen Colston Parry: 50, Jun 1867 Bristol 6a 22
Joseph Colston Parry: 78, Mar 1870 Bristol 6a 26
Caroline Matilda Parry: 76, Jun 1874 Bristol 6a 18
  Possible death of Richard b.1826
Death or later identification of Joseph b.1819, Henry b.1824
1861: RG9/1625/90/1 On Ancestry as Julius Colstowparry.
1871: RG10/2526/52/10 Caroline recorded as "Wife" but is widowed. Has been interpreted on Ancestry as wife to "M.A", but M.A Hodges is the lady in the previous household.
Richard b.1837 possibly marries a Mary Ann Lewis, between Oct-Dec 1881 re GRO and 1901 census RG13/2369/62/5 (needs finding in 1881 and 1891)

F4 - the family of Edward Colston Parry b.1803
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
 Marriage of Edward Colston Parry to Mary
Christenings on BVRI St James, Bristol, GLS, ENG Film 1596535
Frederick Parry 14 Apr 1833
Jane Parry 25 Oct 1835
Mary Ann Parry 05 Jul 1840 (also IGI C019656)
Christenings on IGI St Philip And St Jacob, Bristol, GLS, ENG Batch C012980
Harriet Parry 21 MAY 1843
Christenings of Edwin, Edgar, Thomas and Louisa
UK Census
1841: HO107/378/2 ED:3 F:5 P:4
1851: HO107/1955/370/4 Stapleton, GLS (Edward, Mary, Jane, Thomas, Mary Ann, Harriet and Louisa)
1851: HO107/1954/199/24 Bristol St Philip and St (Edgar and Frederick)
1861: RG9/1733/85/36 Bristol St Philip and St Jacob (Fredrick, Edgar, Mary Ann, Harriet and Louisa)
Possible GRO Death entries
Edward Colston Parry: Mar 1857 Clifton 6a 69
Possible Will of Edward Parry Bristol 1857 (appears in Bristol Wills Index 1793-1858)Copy of Will
Edwin's birth is perhaps abt 1827, not 1825, based on later censuses
1851: HO107/1954/199/24 Mistranscribed originally on Ancestry as PORRY, with Edgar as Jeedga Porry
1861: RG9/1733/85/36 Harriet's relationship mistranscribed on Ancestry as "wife" instead of "sister"

"Generation 3"

F5 - the family of Julius Colston Parry
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
Marriage identification based on presence of mother-in-law, Maria Thomas in 1871, and GRO Dec 1864 Bridgewater 5c 768 (see notes)Marriage certificate
 GRO birth references, followed by certificates
UK Census
1871: RG10/2377/33/4 Bishops Lydeard, SOM
1871: RG10/2373/6/4 St James, Taunton, SOM (Kate)
1881: RG11/2241/21/1 South Molton, DEV
1891: RG12/1771/15/24 South Molton, DEV (Julius, Maria, Edith, Ernest and Bernard)
1891: RG12/1963/25/6 St James, Bristol, GLS (Leonard)
1891: RG12/1204/22/15 Everdon, NTH (Kate)
1901: RG13/2364/28/1 Bristol, GLS (Maria, J. Arthur, Kate, Edith and Bernard)
1901: RG13/2358/74/8 Bristol, SOM (Leonard & Jessie)
Children missing in censuses
Possible GRO Death Entries
Julius Colston Parry: 66 Dec 1898 Bedminster 5c 410
Death Certificate
Possible first marriage for Julius, Sep 1862 Bristol 6a 74
Marriage in 1864 to Maria Anna Thomas mistranscribed on FreeBMD as "Parry Julius Caltron Newington 1d 391"
1871: RG10/2377/33/4 On Ancestry as Tarry
1901: RG13/2364/28/1 On Ancestry the children have all been given the father's name of "Moses", from the previous household

Leonard J Parry and Jessie K Smith had at least one son, Alfred Parry (TH)

F6 - the family of Alfred Colston Parry
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
Marriage to Emma Sophia Barr based on first names in census & GRO Dec 1858 Bristol 6a 12Marriage certificate
Possible GRO Birth entries:
Alfred Colston Parry: Mar 1864 Bristol 6a 69
Sydney Colston Parry: Sep 1871 Bristol 6a 53
GRO birth references, followed by certificates
UK Census
1861: RG9/1718/133/7 Bristol St Paul, GLS
1871: RG10/2536/60/8 St Augustine, Bristol, GLS
1881: RG11/2478/21/8 Bristol St Augustine, GLS (Alfred, Emma, Alfred, Arthur, Hedly, Amy, Sydney and Edith)
1891: RG12/1961/4/1 St Paul, Bristol, GLS (Alfred b.1835 and Sidney)
1891: RG12/3265/95/62 Crumpsall, Lancashire (Emma and Edith, with Henry William Parry's family)
1901: RG13/2401/117/36 Bristol, GLS (Emma and Sydney)
Children missing in censuses
Possible GRO Marriage Entry
Sidney Colston Parry: Sep 1908 Bristol 6a 311
Marriage Certificate
Possible GRO Death Entries
Alfred Colston Parry: 21 Jun 1885 Bristol 6a 15
Alfred Colston Parry: 63 Dec 1898 Bristol 6a 15
Death Certificates
1871: RG10/2536/60/8 Alfred originally on Ancestry as Alfred Elston Parry
1881: RG11/2478/21/8 Amy as "Amy S", instead of "Amy C"

Query with regard to F7 and F8

F7 - the family of Edward Colston ParryF8 - the family of Edward Colston Parry
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
Marriage to Emma Cox Bet. Apr - Jun 1864, based on census, GRO (June 1864 Clifton 6a 204), and AECW's account of ancestors
However, Edward is not present with Emma in any census.
Also an Edward Colston Parry marries Helen Heley 13 Mar 1871 Toronto, York Township
Sources: Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s (Ancestry), Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1857-1922 (Ancestry),
Although the Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1857-1922 has his name transcribed as Edwd Coleton Parry and gives his birthplace as Wls, the age (27) and parents' names of "Josh Colston Parry" and "Matilda Catherine Parry" seem sufficiently close to suggest that this could possibly be the same Edward.
Emma is shown as married in 1871 and 1881, but widowed in 1891. The possible 1901 entry (see notes) shows that "Ellen" as married.
Marriage certificates to both Emma Cox and Helen Heley
Possible GRO Birth entries:
Joseph Colston Parry: Mar 1865 Clifton 6a 91
Edward Colston Parry: Dec 1868 Keynsham 5c 701
Helen Colston Parry: Mar 1871 Keynsham 5c 728
Minnie De La Touche Parry: Sep 1875 Bath 5c 630
GRO birth references, followed by certificates, especially for Minnie and Gertrude.
Other birth information
From Canadian census, Edward Colston Parry jnr was born Dec 1869 but MB posting by starryline (11 Feb 2000) gives 19 December 1868
Check GRO
UK Census
[1861: Emma Cox is possibly a servant to Alfred Colston Parry's family at RG9/1718/133/7 Bristol St Paul, GLS]
1871: RG10/2499/6/2 Bitton, GLS (Emma, Joseph, Catherine, Edward, Helen)
1881: RG11/2445/24/17 Bitton, GLS (Emma, Edward, Helen, Minnie)
1881: RG11/2454/48/6 (Catherine, as niece to Frederick J and Mary A Howe)
1891: RG12/1972/140/33 The united parishes of St James and St Paul, Bristol (Emma, Katherine, Edward, Minnie and Gertrude)
1901: RG13/4988/13/17 (Gertrude, visiting sister Catherine E, who is now married to Edmund Price)
1901 possible entry for Minnie and Emma - see notes
Children missing in censuses
GRO for Catherine's marriage
Possible GRO Death Entries
Helen Colston Parry: 14 Jun 1885 Bristol 6a 24
Death Certificate
1871: RG10/2499/6/2, on Ancestry as TARRY
Re 1881: RG11/2454/48/6 - a marriage entry on FreeBMD, Dec 1865 Bedminster 5c 1369, where two of the names are Mary Ann Cox and Frederick John Howe, help to suggest that this is the correct Catherine, Mary Ann probably being the sister to Emma Cox, Catherine's mother. A possible census entry for the Cox family in 1851 (HO107/1944/31/18) does contain an Emma and a Mary of the correct ages.
Possibly relevant - marriage of Minnie De La Touche Parry, Sep 1895 Bristol 6a 56, most likely to an "Albert Callaway Pullen" (based on FreeBMD possibilities and a census entry in 1901 to match the other two names). There is also a possible census entry for Albert and Minnie at RG13/2391/139/11, although it needs further investigation because the names have been modified since the original entry was recorded. (Now recorded as Albert G Pullen, wife Mary Doris T Pullen, with child Ethel Clara Pullen, mother Ellen Parry, and a boarder. But entry was originally just initials - could someone have "filled in" names just to make the entry look complete?)

F9 - the family of Edwin Parry
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
 Marriage of Edwin Parry to Mary
Christenings on BVRI, Holy Trinity, Bristol, GLS, ENG Film 1596359
Mary Parry 21 Feb 1847
Edward Colston Parry 07 Jul 1850
Original records of christenings
Possible GRO Birth entries
Edward Colston Parry: Sep 1850 Clifton 11 283
Herbert Colston Parry: Sep 1858 Keynsham 5c 714
UK Census
1851: HO107/1954/117/18 Bristol St Philip And St Jacob (Edwin, Mary b.1828 and Edward)
1861: RG9/1734/34/19 Bristol St Philip And St Jacob (Edwin, Mary b.1828, Edward and Herbert)
1871: RG10/2564/47 St Philip And St Jacob (Edwin, Mary b.1828, Edward and Herbert)
1881: RG11/2495/88/3 Bristol St Philip And Jacob Out (Edwin, Mary b.1828, and Herbert)
1891: RG12/1980/64/18 St Philip And St Jacob (Mary b.1828, with family of Herbert)
  Possible death of Mary b.1847 as an infant
Death of Edwin between 1881-1891
1861: RG9/1734/34/19 Edwin recorded as just Edwin Parry but Mary is as Mary Colston Parry.

F10 - the family of Frederick Parry
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
 Marriage of Frederick Parry to Jane Byerley
Christenings on BVRI, Holy Trinity, Bristol, GLS, ENG Film 1596359
Frederick Byerley Parry 21 Feb 1864
Arthur Parry 26 Aug 1866
Lillian Jeannie Parry 03 Jan 1869
Lucy Colston Parry 06 Nov 1870
Edgar Parry 16 Jun 1872
Original records of christenings
Possible GRO Birth entries
Lucy Colston Parry: Dec 1870 Clifton 6a 104
UK Census
1871: RG10/2564/46/2 St Philip And St Jacob
1881: RG11/2494/78/9 Bristol St Philip And Jacob Out
1891: RG12/1991/123/25 Stapleton, GLS
1901: RG13/2396/30/3 Bristol, GLS (Frederick, Jane, Arthur, Lillian and Lucy)
1901: RG13/5329/50/7 Royal Navy Vessel, Gibraltar (Harold)
Children missing from censuses
Discrepancy on Edgar's age - 8 in 1881, 12 in 1891.

"Generation 4"

F11 - the family of Henry William Parry
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
Possible GRO marriage entry
Dec 1881 Bristol 6a 64 Henry William Parry and Blanche Gertrude Alloway [NB This is after the birth of Blanch S, b.1879, and after the 1881 census]
Marriage certificate
 Birth references
UK Census
1891: RG12/3265/95/62 Crumpsall, Lancashire (presence of mother, Emma S. Parry and sister, Edith E. Parry, help to confirm this entry)
1881 entries for Henry, Blanche and Blanche - possibly in separate households
1901 census entry (see notes)
1901: RG13/3659/56/8 A Hen. Wm Parry aged 40, born Bristol, occupation Traveller, appears as a boarder. However, he's recorded as single. Need to confirm whether there were two Henry William Parrys born in Bristol around 1860, and what might have happened to the rest of his family if he was the only one.

F12 - the family of Hedly
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
 Marriage of Hedly Parry to Emma
 Birth references
UK Census
1891: RG12/1975/148/23 St George, GLS
1901: RG13/2389/86/24 Bristol, GLS
1891: RG12/1975/148/23 On Ancestry as "Headley Gel Pol Parry", with "Emma Geo Parry"
1901: RG13/2389/86/24 On Ancestry as Hedley G C Parry, children as Tom and Hetty

F13 - the family of Joseph Colston Parry b.1865
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
Marriage to "Lillian", daughter of Henry Scuse and Emily, based on 1891 census and GRO Sep 1889 Axbridge 5c 872 where the two names "PARRY Joseph Colston" and "SKUSE Sarah Elizabeth L" both appearMarriage certificate
Possible GRO Birth Entries
Helen Colston Parry: Dec 1889 Barton Regis 6a 192
Evelyn Colston Parry: Mar 1893 Barton R. 6a 49
Birth certificates
UK Census
1891: RG12/1992/35/7 Stapleton, GLS
1901: RG13/2396/43/29 Bristol, GLS (Joseph, Lilian, Lilian, Evelyn and Catherine)

F14 - the family of Edward Colston Parry b.1869
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
Marriage of Edward Colston Parry to Fanny Maryann Barnard 24 June 1894, MB posting by starryline (11 Feb 2000. Beware misquoted date of 1984 on another MB posting)
GRO reference
Edward Colston Parry: Jun 1894 Bristol 6a 53 (Fanny Mary A Barnard)
Marriage certificate
Possible GRO Birth entries
Edward Colston Parry: Jun 1901 Bristol 6a 227
Two possibilities for Joseph Colston Parry:
Mar 1904 Bristol 6a 238
Jun 1905 Bristol 6a 223  
Birth certificates
UK Census
1901: RG13/2402/57/21 Bristol, GLS
 Emmigration record/passenger list UK to Canada (1904, based on 1911 census)
Canadian Census (Ancestry database)
Census Year: 1911
Province: British Columbia
DISTRICT: Vancouver
District Number: 12
Sub-District: North Vancouver
Sub-District Number: 60
Place of Habitation: Esplonade
Page: 1
Probable entry in Seattle Passenger and Crew Lists, 1882-1957 (Ancestry Database)
Name: Edward Colston Parry
Arrival Date: Jan 1919
Age: 17
Estimated birth year: 1902
Birthplace: England
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: English
Port of Arrival: Blaine, Washington
Line: 1
Microfilm Roll Number: M1383_37
[Father's name: Edward C Parry, with address in Vancouver]
Probable entry in Canadian Soldiers of World War I, 1914-1918 (Ancestry Database)
Name: William Edward Parry
Residence: Weeds Drive-Capilano, North Vancouver, British Columbia
Birth Date: 25 Nov 1895
Birth Location: Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Relative: Edward Colston Parry
Relationship: Father
Regiment Number: 2023119
1901: RG13/2402/57/21 On Ancestry as Perry

F15 - the family of Edward Colston Parry b.1850
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
Possible GRO marriage entry
Sep 1880 Barton Regis 6a 231
Marriage certificate
Christenings on BVRI, Holy Trinity, Bristol, GLS, ENG Film 1596359
Hubert Arthur Parry 20 Jan 1889
Original record of christening
GRO certificate
UK Census
1881: RG11/2494/78/9 Bristol St Philip And Jacob Out
1891: RG12/1980/64/18 St Philip And St Jacob
1901: RG13/2395/122/37 Bristol, GLS

F16 - the family of Herbert Colston Parry
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
Possible GRO Marriage entry
Herbert Colston Parry: Sep 1886 Thornbury 6a 351 (to Susanna Canning)
Marriage certificate
Christenings on BVRI, Holy Trinity, Bristol, GLS, ENG Film 1596359
Edwin Herbert Parry 01 Apr 1888
Roland George Parry 18 Jun 1890
Stanley William Parry 18 Jun 1890
Original records
UK Census
1891: RG12/1980/64/18 St Philip And St Jacob (includes Mary Parry, widowed mother)
1901: RG13/2389/13/17 Bristol, GLS (Herbert, Edwin and Stanley)
1901: RG13/2397/176/6 Colstons Endowed Schools, Bristol, GLS (Roland)
 death of Susanna between 1891-1901

F17 - the family of Frederick Byerley Parry
Evidence FoundMain Evidence Required
 Marriage of Frederick Byerley Parry to Kate
 GRO birth entry for Frederick (jnr)
UK Census
1901: RG13/2396/30/3 Bristol, GLS


Known issues and anomalies

Minor errors, such as mistranscriptions in census entries, have been noted under the relevant family group sections, as have many of the events for which details are required in order to start to prove the links in the pedigree.

The most obvious anomaly at the moment is the two marriages for which there only seems to be one suitable "Edward Colston Parry" (in Clifton district, June 1864 to Emma Cox, and in York County, Toronto 13 Mar 1871 to Helen Heley), since Emma Cox is clearly still alive at the time of the second marriage.


Entries currently unaccounted for

Group 1

GRO Birth - Colston Joseph W Parry: Sep 1889 Westbury S. 6a 250

1891 census - RG12/2006/99/5 Abenhall, GLS, ENG
Lucy Parry, wid, b.abt 1861 in East Dean, GLS
Her son, Colston J W Parry, b.abt 1890 in Abenhall
Her nephew, Walter Parry, b.abt 1881, Pontshill, HEF

Immigration record - New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 (Ancestry Database)
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England : Ship Name: Umbria : Port of Arrival: New York, New York : Arrival Date: 8 May 1893
Lucy Parry, b.abt 1860 Widow
Colston Parry, b.abt 1890
William Parry, b.abt 1866
(all born in Gloucester and travelling to Illinois)

Since Lucy is shown as a widow, perhaps William is a relative of her late husband (who is, as yet, unidentified).

1910 US Census shows Colston Parry, b.abt 1890 in ENG, as a single, Hired Man, in Waltham, LA Salle, Illinois (An Edward E Parry, aged 15, in the same household, is possibly meant to be the son of the Newcumber family)
1920 US Census shows Colston Parry, b.abt 1890 in ENG, as married to a Margaret (b.abt 1896 in Illinois), with a daughter, Irene, b.abt 1819 in Illinois, in Eden, LA Salle, Illinois. A date of 1917 is given for Colston's naturalisation but the column for "naturalised or alien" seems to have "Pa" rather than "na" in it.
1930 US Census shows Colston Parry, b.abt 1890 in ENG, as married to a Margaret (b.abt 1895 in Illinois), with children, Irene, b.abt 1819 in Illinois, and Harold, b.abt 1921 in Illinois, in Tonica, Lasalle, Illinois.

Ages at 1st Marriage for Colston and Margaret were 28 and 20 (from 1930 census). Since the age difference in the census ages is only 5 or 6 years, it's possible Margaret had a prior marriage around 1915/6 before they married abt 1918.

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Colston J Parry
City: Not Stated
County: Putnam
State: Illinois
Birthplace: England
Birth Date: 10 Jul 1889

Registration card states wife and mother are solely dependent on him.

There is an entry for a "Lucie Parry" in the 1910 US Census, Peru Ward 5, LA Salle, Illinois, who may be his mother, along with entries in the 1920 and 1930 US Censuses for Eden, LA Salle, Illinois. (But in neither case are any other relatives shown in order to help identify her. Identification is based purely on name, age, birthplace and year of immigration).

Group 2

1920 US Census, for Shamong, Burlington, New Jersey shows the following family:
Arthur Colston Parry 54 b.abt 1866, England
Francis Parry 39 b.abt 1881, New Jersey
Arthur C Parry 17 b.abt 1903, New Jersey
Sidney C Parry 15 b.abt 1905, New Jersey
Hellen C Parry 13 b.abt 1907, New Jersey

An alternate name of "Arthur Colaton Parry" has been added on Ancestry, but with no source details. His immigration year is given as 1816, which is clearly incorrect.

The same family can possibly be found in the 1910 US Census, Shamong, Burlington, New Jersey, but with no middle name/initial for Arthur, Francis recorded as Fanny, and the addition of a daughter, Edith, b.abt 1901. This census indicates that Arthur emigrated in 1881.

Trying to identify the family in 1930 US Census - only possible entry found so far is one for the son, Sidney, but the surname (which is hard to read) is given as Penry:
Medford, Burlington, New Jersey
Sidney C Penry 26
Viola V Penry 19
Stanton Penry 3
Sidney Penry 1
This family has been quoted here only because of the similarity of names to the MB posting by Chandra 21 Aug 2002 and the fact that the difficulty reading the surname may mean that it has been mistranscribed. Further investigation is necessary in order to establish the correct surname and, if it is Parry, whether this Sidney is Arthur and Fanny's son.

There is an Arthur C Parry in the 1900 US Census, in Medford, Burlington, New Jersey, b.abt 1867, who may be relevant. But this time the immigration year is shown as 1893.

There are two Arthur Parrys in the draft pedigree who were both born abt 1866. However, only one, the son of Alfred Colston Parry and Emma Sophia Barr (F6), appears in census records with the middle name of Colston. He would therefore be the most likely candidate to account for these entries, but proof of the connection is required.

Other entries

Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1907 (Ancestry Database)
Name: Sophie Colston Parry
Date of Birth: 13 Dec 1887
Gender: Female
Birth County: York (Toronto)
Father's name: Edward Colston Parry
Mother's name: Amy Sophia Parry
(The place for this birth might imply some connection to the Edward Colston Parry who married Helen Heley in 1871)

California Death Index, 1940-1997 (Ancestry Database)
Name: Edward Colston Parry
Social Security #: 534429665
Birth Date: 14 Jul 1946
Birthplace: Washington
Death Date: 9 Jul 1992
Death Place: San Francisco
Mother's Maiden Name: Pittenger

Obituary Name Index File of the Skagit Valley Genealogical Society P.O. Box 715 Conway, WA.
PARRY, Frances C. : - : 13 May 1905 : Bellingham : WA : 16 Nov 1997
PARRY, Joseph Colston : 93 : 06 Feb 1904 : Bristol : ENG : 27 Nov 1997
[I have included Francis here because there are just the two entries and it seems possible they could be a couple but I have no evidence for that]

FreeBMD Birth entries
One of the following should be the son of Edward Colston Parry and Fanny, the other's parents are unknown:
Joseph Colston Parry: Mar 1904 Bristol 6a 238
Joseph Colston Parry: Jun 1905 Bristol 6a 223

Possibly relevant
Births Sep 1902 Parry Coulston Stanley Newport, M. 11a 306
Deaths Jun 1903 Parry Coulston Stanley 0 Newport, M. 11a 145

BVRI Christening of an Edward Colston Parry 13 Dec 1891, St Philip and St Jacob, Bristol, GLS, ENG, to a William and Ada PARRY

However, on FreeBMD it appears under Perry - Births Dec 1891 Perry Edward Colston Barton R 6a 162 - and there are two other birth registrations with that surname in which "Colston" also appears:
Births Dec 1903 Perry Thomas Colston Bristol 6a 231
Births Mar 1908 Perry Hereward Colston Bristol 6a 227

There is also a christening for an Ernest Henry Perry to a William and Ada Kezia Perry on the BVRI and, from a 1901 census entry at RG13/2381/32/18, it would appear that this Edward Colston "Parry" is probably Ernest's brother. A marriage entry in Sep 1890, where two of the names are William Perry and Ada Kezia Chard, is likely to be relevant. Thus most of the evidence indicates that this family were probably surnamed Perry, although that requires further investigation since the two names are sometimes interchanged.


Further possibilities to be investigated


Sources and abbreviations

BVRI - British Isles Vital Records Index
IGI - International Genealogical Index
AECW - Researcher
TH - Researcher
GLS, SOM, HEF, LND, NTH - Chapman Codes for Gloucestershire, Somerset, Herefordshire, London and Northamptonshire (for a useful list of codes, see the Gwent FHS pages)

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