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These pages have been created in order to facilitate discussions on the Parry surname mailing list and message board, and to help list members in their research. The pages are arranged in two groups, both of which are linked to from the top of every page. The first group consists of pages relating to particular family trees which are under investigation but which have not yet been proven sufficiently to be submitted to RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project. Making them available in this way allows for easier collaboration between researchers. The second group contains administrative information which it is hoped will be of use to list members and board users.

If you have any suggestions with regard to further information which you think it would be helpful to include here, then please contact the list administrator at

Parry Families

Each of the pages linked to below relates to a family which is either being researched by members of the Parry mailing list or which has been discussed on the Parry Message board*. The purpose of the pages is to provide a "collecting point" where the initial pieces of information thought to relate to a particular family line can be gathered together in one place and made easily available to a wider audience than if it was just being exchanged between individual researchers, or was spread across various list and board postings.

The hope is that doing this will help to direct further research, as possible links will become apparent and the evidence required to confirm them can then be investigated. It should also advance the research more effectively by promoting discussion on the families, enabling collaboration, and avoiding researchers spending time or money repeating research which has already been carried out.

Please note that any pedigree is only as accurate as the evidence on which it is based. Many of the pages here will contain draft pedigrees that have not yet been substantiated properly. Unless a link is clearly stated as proven through certificates, or the examination of relevant original documents, it must be regarded with some caution. Family links derived from records such as censuses may not be accurate. In view of this, please do not copy pedigrees to other sites until they have been proved more thoroughly, since you may be perpetuating erroneous information.

Pages available

* The following pages have been added from Barbara Griffith's original "Parry Family History" site, which has temporarily disappeared following the ISP's decision not to support webspaces anymore. They will eventually also appear on the new One-Name Study website.

"Famous" Parry Families (ie those primarily from published sources)

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