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These pages have been created in order to facilitate discussions on the Parry surname mailing list and message board, and to help list members in their research. The pages are arranged in two groups, both of which are linked to from the top of every page. The first group consists of pages relating to particular family trees which are under investigation but which have not yet been proven sufficiently to be submitted to RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project. Making them available in this way allows for easier collaboration between researchers. The second group contains administrative information which it is hoped will be of use to list members and board users.

If you have any suggestions with regard to further information which you think it would be helpful to include here, then please contact the list administrator at

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The PARRY mailing list

The official Rootsweb list information page can be found at

The mailing list is for the discussion of PARRY surname genealogy and family history research. It includes variant spellings such as PARREY, PARRYE, and PARRIE. Since the surname is generally recognised as having its origins in the Welsh patronymic system, discussion of the early occurrences of the surname in the forms such as "AP HARRY" or APHARRIE is also welcomed. For questions about this list, contact the list administrator at


The PARRY Message Board

The message board is available through both Rootsweb and Ancestry sites. It is not necessary to become a subscriber in order to post messages to the board, although you do need to register with the site. When posting a message, it is possible to request to be notified when someone replies to the thread. It is also possible to request "alerts" to be sent to you whenever anyone posts to the board.

The board is gatewayed to the mailing list. This means that whenever a posting is made to the board, it is also sent to the mailing list subscribers. If you are a mailing list subscriber, it is important to remember that the person posting the message on the board may not be a subscriber to the list. This means that replies must therefore be made on the board, not via the list, in order for the original poster to become aware of them.


Other Parry Resources at Rootsweb


Other Parry Resources (not on Rootsweb)

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