Drag and Drop FTP for Mac OS9

Drag and Drop FTP for MacOS9

Macintosh owners! If you have OS 9, you, too, can do drag-n-drop FTP.

Well, maybe.  This works for me three out of five times.  One out of five, it crashes MacOS 9.  And it was not available in OS 8.0.  On one occasion, it converted all files to HQX format, so my Website had to be completely rebuilt.  If you still have OS 9 and want to take the risk.....

  1. Select Network Browser under the Apple Menu (if you've moved it, find it).

  2. If the box comes up to fill in your password to connect to your ISP, do so.

  3. Click the left, "pointing hand" icon, and select "Connect to server."

  4. Fill in the following URI (for freepages):
    Note that you must include the protocol prefix.  If you try to just put the hostname, your Mac will start searching all the AppleTalk zones in your chooser.

  5. You will either get a keychain access or a user ID & password box. If keychain, I hope you know what to do. If you get the "user ID / password" box, put in the ones given you by rootsweb for your freepages account.  (Or whatever, for another account.)

  6. You will get a view that looks a lot like a Macintosh list view. Opening and closing folders by clicking the triangle works the same (only slower). Dragging something from any folder on your hard drive (or floppy) into a folder in the Network Browser uploads a copy of it to rootsweb (or whereever). Reverse works for downloading. If the item dragged is a folder, all of its contents are uploaded/downloaded as well, and the directory layouts are preserved.

Drag and Drop FTP for MacOS9,  2000-2004 Wes Groleau
Republished here with permission.

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