Ambrose Genealogy

Ambrose Genealogy

By 1770, there were a bewildering number of AMBROSE families in Frederick County, Maryland, and the adjacent areas of Virginia and Pennsylvania. By 1850, descendants of those families had migrated from Maryland to Florida and California, and settled in many states or territories between. In researching my own AMBROSE family (Henry of Berkeley Springs), I discovered different family lines had settled in the same vicinity at the same time, and I needed to identify them to track my own ancestors. Thus, the site has grown to encompass not only my own German Ambrose family, but several others, including English, Irish, and some whose European roots are not yet known.

While records are difficult if not impossible to find in the 17th and 18th century, we now have the advantage of DNA testing to confirm family lines as we have believed them to be.  The Ambrose DNA Project is seeking male descendants of any AMBROSE line.  If you have documented your descent, by being tested you can help others find their ancestors.  If you are still seeking your ancestors, comparing your DNA with others can help to verify your Ambrose lineage.  

  Richard Baxter Cunningham
& Mary Etta Ambrose, 1892


AMBROSE in the War of 1812 - Name index.
AMBROSE in the Civil War - Name Index.
The Arkansas Feud - The Terry-Wagoner feud a.k.a. the Ambrose-Terry feud.
DOCUMENTS - Deeds, Wills, and more.
PHOTO Album - Our wonderful collection of photographs, primarily from the mid to late 1800's, as well as some recent tombstone photos. My sincere thanks to everyone who has generously shared their treasured family photos.
MAPS - A migration map.

Some of the lines on which we have extensive data are:
David Ambrose (1696-1745) of Chowan County, North Carolina
Henry Ambrose (1740-1811) of Berkeley County, Virginia
Joseph Ambrose (1725-1781) England > Virginia > Kentucky
Mathias Ambrose (1696-1784) Germany > Pennsylvania > Maryland

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