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We're trying to find parents for our great grandfather, Robert Hardy. A seaman, Robert Hardy came from England and his citizenship papers show he was born in Norfolk. However, there is no birth registration that can be found for him. Perhaps he had an unknown middle name of which we are unaware. If you have any connection, Let us know.

Robert Hardy & his sister in England?

An old tintype from long ago shows a little boy and his sister. With the time frame for tintype photography, the comparison of the eyes and ears of the little boy and our Robert Hardy - we think it's a photo of him as a youngster of between two and three years of age in England.

If this picture is familiar - please contact us with information. We have been unable to find any birth record for him in England. We do know that he was a seaman and he came to the United States in 1870. We have extensive information on his descendants.

Robert Hardy about 1906

The Family of Robert Hardy and Mary Alice Ross

          Family Group Sheet 06 May 1998
          FAMILY OF Robert HARDY and Mary Alice ROSS
      Robert HARDY
          b 11 Dec 1852 Norfolk, ENG
          m 12 Oct 1878 Vancouver, WA
          d 05 Nov 1936 Vancouver, Clark, WA
          Mary Alice ROSS Wigginton Hardy
          b 22 Aug 1854 Multnomah County, OR
          m 12 Oct 1878 Vancouver, WA
          d 09 Dec 1929 Vancouver, Clark, WA
          Her Father: Stephen Evan ROSS
          Her Mother: Nancy Jane HOUSE Ross Godard
          Her Other Husbands 1: John G. WIGGINTON

          1. Nellie Jane WIGGINTON Quackenbush Dimick
          b 30 Dec 1875 Portland (Cedar Mills), Multnomah, OR
          d 25 Aug 1965 Cremated at Chula Vista, CA
          m Hector QUACKENBUSH
          other marriages 2: Joseph W. DIMICK

Nell's family links
This link includes information on Wigginton, Quackenbush, Dimick, Lovering and Knarr with a memorial to Lauren Lionel Lovering, a casulty of WWII.

     2. Alice Euphemia HARDY McKee (See McKee for her family)
          b 02 Aug 1879 Portland (Cedar Mills), Multnomah, OR
          d 17 Sep 1956 Vancouver, Clark, WA
          m George Elden MCKEE 03 Jan 1897 Amboy, Clark, WA
          3. Robert Lewis HARDY
          b 02 Apr 1882 Portland (Cedar Mills), Multnomah, OR
          d 06 Mar 1952 Vancouver, Clark, WA
          m Coral Gertrude JONES Hardy 10 Nov 1907 Vancouver, WA
          4. George Henery HARDY
          b 24 Jul 1884 Cedar Mills, OR
          d 03 Apr 1885 Cedar Mills, OR Hillsboro Cemetery
          5. Thomas William HARDY
          b 13 May 1886 Portland (Cedar Mills), Multnomah, OR
          d 03 Mar 1944 Vancouver (Orchards), Clark, WA

          6. Grover Harold HARDY
          b 28 Mar 1889 Amboy, Clark, WA
          d 02 Apr 1965 Portland, Multnomah, OR
          m Floy Elela "Tot" BARCHUS Hardy 22 Nov 1916 Vancouver, Clark, WA
          other marriages 2: Marguerite A. "Tweets" CLEMENTS Thrash Hardy
          7. Ralph Elden HARDY
          b 12 Jun 1891 Amboy, Clark, WA
          d 25 Aug 1970 Vancouver, Clark, WA
          m Agnes Leona TENNANT Rausch Hardy 31 Oct 1934 Stevenson, WA
          other marriages 2: Myrtle Ida WELCH Lehtonen Hardy Bylsma

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