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The Maier home - north of Atwater, Minnesota

When Amelia FÖRSTER Ryff became a young widow with four small children, she married German born Wilhelm (William) Maier, a young Civil War veteran. She had 10 more children by William and then was left a widow again. You can see her first four children by clicking on RYFF - Jacob Ryff was her first husband.

We were able to visit Amelia's farm home at Atwater, Minnesota in 1996. Someone is still living in the old home where she lived when she and William had their ten children and where she lived until her death in 1914. She and William are buried at the Lutheran Church cemetery about two miles from their home.

We have a lot of charts, pictures and other information about this family - please contact us if you think you are related.

Amelia, William and some of their children
are buried in the graveyard at this beautiful church.

The Family of
William Maier &
Amelia Förster Ryf

FAMILY OF William (Wilhelm) MAIER AND Amalia Augusta FÖRSTER

          William (Wilhelm) MAIER
          b 14 Apr 1838 Scharnhausen, Wuerttemberg, GER
          m 1866 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          d 18 Jun 1891 Willmar, Kandiyohi, MN
           His Father: Albrecht MAIER

          Amalia Augusta
FÖRSTER Ryf/Ryff Maier
          b 18 Mar 1839 Weinbele (Wunbele), Sachsen, GER
m 1866 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          d 13 Jul 1914 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          Her Father: Samuel
Her Mother: Johanna Rosina "Rosa" NELSON Förster
          Her Other Husbands 1: Jacob RYF/RYFF/RIFF/RIEFF

          1. Carl Wilhelm MAIER
          b 14 Mar 1867 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          d 13 Nov 1955 Willmar, MN

          2. Anna Maria Louise MAIER Gratz
          b 27 Dec 1868 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          d Sep 1936 prob died @ Willmar, MN
          m William Frederic GRATZ 09 May 1895 Atwater, MN

          3. Henrietta Auguste Mathilde MAIER Wolf
          b 08 Dec 1870 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          d 04 Sep 1967 Fort Wayne, IN
          m Frederich WOLF 01 Jan 1891 Garfield Heights, Cuyahoga, OH

          4. August Gottlieb Carl MAIER (twin)
          b 14 Jan 1873 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          d 20 Jan 1963 Willmar, Kandiyohi, MN

          5. Mathilde Auguste Margarethe (Tillie) MAIER Goeglin (twin)
          b 14 Jan 1873 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          d 10 Apr 1937 Ft. Wayne, IN
          m Valentine J. GOEGLIN 23 Oct 1912 Fort Wayne, IN

          6. Catharina Margarethe Auguste MAIER
          b 13 Mar 1874 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
  d 03 Sep 1874 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN

          7. Joseph Christian Johann MAIER
          b 22 Apr 1875 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          d 06 Apr 1957 prob. Willmar, MN
          m Caroline Fredricka Anna BEHM Maier 12 Jun 1901 Kandiyohi county, MN

          8. Albert Christian Anton MAIER
          b 13 Nov 1877 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          d 13 Mar 1955 Willmar, Kandiyohi, MN

          9. Bertha Auguste Friederike MAIER
          b 23 Jul 1880 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          d 07 Apr 1964 Willmar, Kandiyohi, MN

          10. Scharlotte Louise Magdalena MAIER
          b 11 Aug 1882 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          d 20 Feb 1884 Willmar, Kandiyohi, MN

William Maier

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