Our Family Roots Are Deep and Many! : Information about Edwin's death.
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Information about Edwin's death -
and how the government was proven wrong!

If you have cable or satellite TV, watch the History Channel for an interesting story about the sinking of the USS Eagle 56. It's History Undercover and it tells the entire story of the sinking of Edwin's ship. The original show was done in 2003 and is replayed occasionally on this channel.

Click here to see a tribute to Edwin.
Thanks to Phil Cohen of New Jersey for doing this memorial to Edwin.

Edwin's Purple Heart -finally!

Click above to see the picture taken May 31, 2004:
L-R: John Breeze (survivor of the 1945 sinking); my half-brother, Ken Mathys (legal brother to Edwin as he was adopted by our grandparents) and me - Patricia McKee Bauer.

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