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Our Schmidt family is from Pommern, Germany - which is like looking for a needle in a haystack. With Matilda Schmidt's maiden name being written by various people, it isn't much help to us in our search but one spelling now seems to be more correct - WERBELOW We are hoping this is finally the correct spelling of her surname as it's written differently on each document we find. We've seen it as Peplow, Bebelow, etc.

The Family of Carl & Matilda Schmidt

We've now located the Schmidt family in the series of books "Germans to America, Vol. 56" which shows them arriving on the ship Slavonia from Stettin to New York on 21 November 1888. The original film for this book series shows them leaving from Kl. Wendorff and some census records show Pommern which narrows the search down considerably.

Back: Elizabeth Mary & Augusta
Front: Anna, Matilda and Carl


          Carl Frederick SCHMIDT
          b 04 May 1853 Pommern, GER
          m ca. 1877 Pommern, GER
          d 21 Aug 1917 Ridgefield, Clark, WA
          His Father: Frederick SCHMIDT

          Matilda W. WERBELOW? Schmidt
          b 20 Oct 1854 Pommern, GER
          m ca. 1877 Pommern, GER
          d 13 Nov 1928 Ridgefield, Clark, WA


          1. Elizabeth Mary SCHMIDT
          b 06 Aug 1877 Pommern, GER
          d 14 Dec 1920 Ridgefield, Clark, WA

          2. Augusta M. SCHMIDT Bauer
b 10 Aug 1880 Pommern, GER
          d 28 Apr 1912 Ridgefield (Sara), Clark, WA
          m Charles (Karl) BAUER 11 Mar 1901 Ridgefield, Clark, WA

          3. Anna Wilma (Wilhemina?) SCHMIDT Gregory
          b 10 Dec 1886, Clark County, WA
          d 7 Nov 1954, Waldport, Lincoln, OR
          m Alfred Norris GREGORY 26 Dec 1906 Clark County, WA
He was b. 13 Apr 1880, Oregon City, Clackamas, OR
& d. 12 Dec 1947, Waldport, Lincoln, OR

          4. Stillborn girl 8 Jul 1892 - Clark County, WA

          5. unknown child

          6. unknown child

          7. Clarence SCHMIDT (adopted)
          b 1902/1904 OR

The Tragic Story of Carl Schmidt's Death

The story of Carl Scmidt's death is a tragic one. His adopted son, Clarence, had trained a calf to jump up on people - somewhat like a large dog. The calf continued doing this as she became larger and larger. One day she playfully jumped at Carl Schmidt, knocking him to the ground and causing fatal injuries. The story from the local newspaper is below.

Ridgefield, Wash
Friday, August 24, 1917
     Carl Schmidt died at the family home near Sara on Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. On Monday Mr. Schmidt was working in the barnyard when a vicious cow trampled on him breaking his neck.

He is survived by a wife and two daughters, Mrs. Anna Gregory, of Ridgefield and Miss Eliza living at home and an adopted son, Clarence. He was 64 years of age.

Mr. Schmidt with his family came to this country from Germany in 1888 and has since made his home here. He was a member of the German M.E. Church. Funeral services will be held at the family home today at 10 a.m. Interment will be made in the German cemetery.

Services will be in charge of Rev. P.J. Schnert, pastor of the German M.E. Church.

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