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Benjamin Soden and his wife, Sophia Emery, came to the United States from England prior to the birth of their son William in 1837. They lived in New York state for some time and then went on to Wisconsin where they both lived until their deaths. We have a lot of information on their descendants

The parish of Epwell, Warwickshire, England where
Richard and Elizabeth Soden were married
in 1796. This is a recent photo!

Family of
Richard SODEN and
Elizabeth WALKER

Richard SODEN
m 04 Oct 1796 Epwell, Warwickshire, ENG
His birthdate and parents are still unknown.
bap. 30 May 1777, Compton, Wyniates, Warwickshire, ENG
m 04 Oct 1796 Epwell, Warwickshire, ENG
Her father: Richard WALKER
Her mother: Elizabeth _____?
1. Joseph SODEN
bap. 16 Jan 1798, Tysoe, Warwickshire ,ENG

2. John SODEN
b. 11 Aug 1803, White House, Wynyates, Warwickshire, ENG
bap. 14 Apr 1805

3. William SODEN
b. 16 Dec 1804 White House, Wynyates, Warwickshire, ENG
bap. 14 Apr 1805.

4. Richard SODEN
bap. 14 Apr 1805, White House, Wynyates, Warwickshire, ENG

5. Benjamin SODEN
b 10 Mar 1809 Tysoe, Warwickshire, ENG
d 25 Jun 1873 Fulton,WI

6. Sarah SODEN
b. 25 Oct 1812 Tysoe, Warwickshire, ENG

7. Rebecca SODEN
bap. 24 Mar 1816, Tysoe, Warwickshire, ENG

8. James SODEN
bap. 15 Jun 1819, d. 20 Jun 1819, Tysoe, Warwickshire, ENG

Benjamin Soden

Sophia EMERY Soden

The Family of Benjamin Soden and Sophia Emery

          Family Group Sheet May 2, 1998

          FAMILY OF Benjamin SODEN AND Sophia EMERY Soden

          Benjamin SODEN
          b 10 Mar 1809 ENG
          m 09 Feb 1832 ENG
          d 25 Jun 1873 Fulton, WI
          His Father: Richard SODEN
          His Mother: Elizabeth WALKER

          Sophia EMERY Soden
          b 20 Jul 1810 Northamptonshire, ENG
          m 09 Feb 1832 ENG
          d 21 Mar 1888 Fulton, WI
          Her Father: John EMERY
          Her Mother: Sarah (Sally) MATTHEWS Emery


          1. Sarah SODEN
          b 02 Apr 1833 ENG
          d Apr 1834 ENG

          2. Sarah L. SODEN Barrett
          b 25 Dec 1835 Tysoe, Warwick, ENG
          d 29 Oct 1927 Valley Center, Sedgwick, KS
          m Peter BARRETT 09 Feb 1857

          3. William SODEN
          b 29 Aug 1837 Gilbersville, NY
          d 31 May 1917 Edgeley, ND
          m Harriett Louisa HAYES Soden 13 May 1866 Oregon, WI

          4. Rebecca SODEN
       b 10 Mar 1839 Fulton, WI
          d 24 Feb 1848 Fulton, WI

          5. Thomas SODEN
          b 15 Mar 1841 Otsego, NY
          d 09 Sep 1918 Ridgefield, Clark, WA
          m Kate Rose BELDEN Soden 28 Feb 1866 Stroughton, WI

          6. Elizabeth "Liddy" SODEN Barrett
          b 13 Apr 1843 Gilbert Villa, Osage county, NY
          d 22 Oct 1924 Valley Center, KS
          m George BARRETT 05 Jul 1860

          7. Mary SODEN Belden
          b 12 Jan 1847 Fulton, WI
          d 18 Jan 1923 Valley Center, KS
          m Samuel Marshall BELDEN 03 Jun 1866 Edgerton, WI

Thomas & Kate Belden Soden

The Family of Thomas Soden and Kate Rose Belden

          Family Group Sheet May 2, 1998

          FAMILY OF Thomas SODEN AND Kate Rose BELDEN

          Thomas SODEN
          b 15 Mar 1841 Otsego, NY
          m 28 Feb 1866 Stroughton, WI
          d 09 Sep 1918 Ridgefield, Clark, WA
          His Father: Benjamin SODEN
          His Mother: Sophia EMERY Soden

          Kate Rose BELDEN Soden
          b 04 May 1845 East Whately, MA
          m 28 Feb 1866 Stroughton, WI
          d 04 Nov 1911 Ridgefield, Clark, WA
          Her Father: Meriwether Lewis BELDEN M.D.
          Her Mother: Judith MARSHALL Belden


          1. Benjamin Lewis SODEN
          b 07 Apr 1867 Dunkirk, Dane County, WI
          d 24 Apr 1960 Vancouver, Clark, WA
          m Emily M. ANDERSON Soden 27 Apr 1892 Ridgefield, Clark, WA

          2. Elmina Alverda SODEN Edmonds
          b 22 Nov 1868 Dunkirk, Dane County, WI
          d 19 Sep 1957 Vancouver, WA Ridgefield IOOF Cemetery
          m Albert Marion EDMONDS Jr. 22 Oct 1890 Clark County

  3. Maude Kate SODEN Dittmer McMullen Crosby
          b 18 Jun 1871 Dunkirk, Dane County, WI
          d 29 Dec 1961 Ridgefield, Clark, WA
          m Eugene Merrill DITTMER 18 Dec 1887 Vancouver, Clark, WA
          other marriages 2: William J. MCMULLEN, 3: Elmer CROSBY

          4. Thomas William SODEN
          b 06 Aug 1873 Dunkirk, Dane, WI
          d 29 Jun 1964 Retsil, Kitsap, WA
          m Marie Christina ANDERSON Soden "Chrissie" 25 Aug 1900 Kalama, Cowlitz, WA
          other marriages 2: Anna TOWNER Soden, 3: Minnie ORMSBY Soden, 4: Olive T. TODD Soden, 5: Abbie Whitman O'NEILL Davis Soden

          5. Guy Belden SODEN
          b 25 Jul 1875 Dunkirk, Dane County, WI
          d 06 Feb 1899 Manila, Spanish-American War

          6. Sylvia Ann SODEN Horn
          b 30 Dec 1879 Eagle Township, Sedgwick County, KS
          d 12 Aug 1961 Ridgefield, WA
          m Gustave William HORN 05 Sep 1899 Clark County

          7. Sarah Subrina SODEN Mathys
          b 23 May 1883 Eagle Township, Sedgwick County, KS
          d 22 Jan 1969 Retsil, WA
          m Frederick MATHYS 19 Mar 1902 Mobile, AL

          8. Rock Rollo SODEN
          b 27 Oct 1885 Eagle Township, Sedgwick County, KS
          d 05 Jun 1948 Eureka, CA
          m Dawn Thalia LANE Soden McCullough 27 Feb 1907 Vancouver, Clark, WA

Grandpa Thomas Soden

I had a Grandpa Soden whom I admired very much
Although at times, no long ago, he was the subject of talk and such.
Men thought he ran from the Civil War - a slacker - who never fought.
Not once did he defend himself, nor answer to such a taunt.
He stood all the ridicule and was tagged a "yellow" man,
But still he'd not defend himself - from gossip never ran.
It's sure he had some friends, but to him it didn't matter,
For by his quite nature he seldom engaged in chatter.
I loved my Grandpa dearly, not for his kind ways alone'
His voice in anger was never raised, never a surly tone.
We never heard him utter a word, his character to defend,
And he spent but little time with the few he called "my friend."
He had traveled to California, Lincoln's orders to complete;
Our history books skim through the facts of the gold shipment he helped defeat;
But never a word from Grandpa even when the war was done.
Our Union was saved from destruction but Gramps never carried a gun.
Never does his name appear for one courageous deed,
His Civil War activities were his constant, silent, creed.
You know by now that Grandpa was the "apple of my eye,"
It was only after his death we learned, he had been a Northern Spy.

     Written by Alverda Edmonds 9 Sept 1957

The Story of Guy Belden Soden

This letter was apparently written by Sarah S. Soden before her marriage in 1902 as she signed it with her maiden name. It was among some things that Sarah Subrina Soden Mathys had written about her family during her younger years. It gives some information about her brother Guy Belden Soden and is in Sarah's handwriting. It gives several facts about the Soden family which are quite interesting and will aid us in tracing the family roots in years to come.

"Guy Belden Soden, son of Thomas Soden and Kate Belden Soden, was born July 25, 1875 at the Village of Dunkirk in the township of Dunkirk Dane County, Wisconsin. He was named Guy after Guy giant (Ghent or Gaunt?), the owner of the Warwick Castle at Warwickshire, England. His grandfather Benjamin Soden was raised near the castle.

Young Guy and his family lived at Dunkirk until April 1877 when they migrated to Kansas, crossed the MIssouri River the 4th day of May, 1877, landed in Kansas in June, 1877, the year of the flood . . . the largest flood ever known in Kansas.

They settled at Eagle Township, Sedgwick, Kansas and remained there until July 23rd, 1887 when we left Kansas and came to the west. We lived near Portland in Oregon a short time and then we went to Washington and settled near Ridgefield and Guy's parents have been there ever since.

Guy made one trip to Astoria, Oregon and several times went to Silverton hoppicking. Guy enlisted at Vancouver Barracks on June 26th, 1896 and when the war broke out Guy, with his regiment, the 14th W.S. Infantry regulars, left Vancouver on May 7th, 1898. Guy was made Corporal May 23rd, 1898 at Presidio; left Presidio May 24th, 1898 for Manila.

He left Honolulu June 4th, 1898; left Guam Island June 23, 1898 and landed at Manila July 1st, 1898.
His first engagement with the Spanish was August 5, 1898. And captured Manila August 13, 1898. He was wounded in the battle of August 5 and again Feb 5th, 1899 in a battle with the Insargents. He died of his wounds Feb 6th, 1899 at Manila and was buried at Manila Feb 6, 1899. His remains were taken up and brought back to Vancouver and buried Feb 8th, 1900 in the Soldier's cemetery at Vancouver Barracks, Clarke County, Washington.

Written by Guy's sister.
Sarah Subrina Soden
Who was born May 23rd, 1883
at Eagle township, Sedgwick County, Kansas"


The William Soden Family

The Family of William and Harriett Hayes Soden

          Family Group Sheet 29 Jun 1998
          FAMILY OF William SODEN AND Harriett Louisa HAYES Soden
          William SODEN
          b 29 Aug 1837 Gilbersville, NY
          m 13 May 1866 Oregon, WI
          d 31 May 1917 Edgeley, ND
          His Father: Benjamin SODEN
          His Mother: Sophia EMERY Soden

          Harriett Louisa HAYES Soden
          b 27 Nov 1831 Lima, IN
          m 13 May 1866 Oregon, WI
          d 25 Aug 1917 Edgeley, ND
          Her Father: Enos HAYES
          Her Mother: Louisa HAZEN Hayes

          1. Lora SODEN
          b 14 Jul 1867 Edgerton, WI
          d 10 Dec 1955 Edgeley, ND

          2. William Thomas SODEN Jr.
          b 27 May 1869 Evansville, WI
          d 07 Mar 1939 Shreveport, LA
          m Letha WEBB Soden
          other marriages 2: Maude HARRIS Soden

          3. Minnie Grace SODEN Salisbury
          b 29 Sep 1871 Oregon, WI
d 06 Dec 1964 Fargo, ND
          m Lincoln Cornelius SALISBURY 20 Mar 1889 Oregon, WI

          4. Fred E. SODEN
          b 05 Oct 1873 Evansville, WI
          d ca 1960 CA
          m Nellie G. MELVIN Soden 12 Jan 1897 Oregon, WI
          other marriages 2: Sadie HOPKINS Soden

Descendants of Thomas Soden - abt. 1502-1557
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