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The name SNAPP originated as SCHNEPP in Germany. We finally found information on our family in the book From The Rhine to The Shenandoah by Daniel W. Bly.

Family of
George SNAPP and
Maria Magdalena LOWENGUT

This information is from page 173 of From The Rhine to The Shenandoah by Daniel W. Bly:

"Georg SCHNEPP (George SNAPP) was born in Alsace about 1726, married Maria Magdalena LOWENGUT (LIEBENGUT) at Gumbrechtshofen, 14 Aug 1749, emigrated to America in 1750 and died in Nicholas County, KY in 1808. Maria Magdalena was born at Gumbrechtshoffen, 3 Jan 1726, daughter of Johann Jacob Lowengut (Liebengut) and wife, Anna Margaretha and died after 1807."

Their children were:
1. Catherine SNAPP, b. 1750, m. Philip Fryman
2. John George SNAPP, b. Feb 1751, d. 1845
3. Elizabeth SNAPP, b. 1754, m. Michael RICHARDS
4. Anna Magdalena SNAPP, b. 27 Mar 1756, m. William RITCHIE
5. John Peter SNAPP, b. 23 Feb 1758, d. about 1854
6. Johannes (John) SNAPP, b. 1760, d. young
7. Eva SNAPP, b. 31 Dec 1761, d. young
8. HANNAH SNAPP, b. 1763, m. ANDREW HOUSE, lived PA.
9. Adam SNAPP, b. 1764, d. about 1828
10. Anna Margaret SNAPP, b. 13 Feb 1766, m. Samuel RUNNELS

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