Our Family Roots Are Deep and Many! : Pictures from Bill McKee's past.
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These two old pictures (labeled Picture #1 and #2) were with
the possessions of Stella "Tottie" MARTIN McKee Whaley
when she died but are not anyone in her Martin family.
It is believed picture #1 is a photo/painting of William Robertson McKee
and his first wife, Susie Baker Pepper at the time of their wedding
in Vernon County, Missouri in 1879.
The picture of the older couple has now been identified
as being of Ben Pepper and Rebecca Baker, his first wife.

It was possibly a wedding present to Bill & Susie
but was taken 11 or 12 years prior to their marriage.

Click on the pictures for a larger version.

Picture #1:

We think this is a picture of William Robertson McKee and his bride, Susan Baker Pepper. They were married in 1879 at Vernon County, Missouri and resided in Junction, Kimble, Texas until their deaths.

Below is a picture from the Junction Eagle which was probably taken a short time prior to Susie's death in 1928.

About 1928:

Below are two pictures of Bill's Junction, Texas, home. One was taken during the 1920s when our McKee family traveled there and the other one was taken in 2001. I was amazed at how good the house looks and thought you'd enjoy it, too.

Bill's house during 1920s.

Bill's house in May 2001.

Below Picture #2 are the pictures of Ben Pepper, Rebecca (his first wife) and Sally (his second wife).

Picture #2:

Ben Pepper

Rebecca with youngest son Jefferson Davis Pepper.

Sally Coyle Pepper

The Pepper home in Junction, TX - 2001

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