Our Family Roots Are Deep and Many! : Family of Thomas & Sarah Blackwell
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Family of Thomas and
Sarah (a.k.a. Sally) Blackwell

We are counting Thomas and Sarah as Generation 1 although
we believe James & Catherine Blackwell probably his parents.

James was born 1733 in Virginia and died 1783 in Culpeper
County, VA. We also believe our Thomas had a
brother named Robert.

If you have any proof of his parents - please get in contact
with one us with the convenient e-mail links on each page.
We will be glad to exchange information on our family.

1. THOMAS BLACKWELL was born 1752-1755 in Virginia, and died August 1819 in Garrard County, Kentucky. He married SARAH.
  Fact 1: 1811, Aprox date of move to Garrard Co., Kentucky
  Fact 2: May have been the son of James and Catherine.
  Fact 3: May have had a brother named Robert.
  More About SARAH:
  Fact 1: Also known as Sally
Children of THOMAS BLACKWELL and SARAH are:
2. i. LEWIS (LOUIS) A.3 BLACKWELL, b. Abt. 1800, Culpeper County Virginia; d. 1880, Maries County, Missouri.

Click here to reach Lonnie J. Blackwell Sr.
Lonnie is a descendant of Thomas and Sarah through their son Lewis A.

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    ii. FANNY BLACKWELL, b. 1784 in Culpeper County, VA and died 1851, 1852 or 1859 in Garrard County, Kentucky.. She m. PETER WALDRIDGE March 12, 1807, Culpeper County, VA.

Click here to reach Darlene Amos
Darlene is a descendant of Thomas & Sarah Blackwell
through their daughter Fanny.

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 3.iii. RICHARD H. BLACKWELL, b. 17??, Culpeper County Virginia; d. 1839, Crawford County Mo.

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Pat is a descendant of Thomas and Sarah Blackwell
through their son Richard H.

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    iv. BETSY BLACKWELL, m. MOSES LOYD, November 11, 1818, Garrard Co., Kentucky.

     v. NANCY BLACKWELL, m. BENJAMON BLACKBURN, December 13, 1823, Garrard Co., Kentucky.
    vi. MARTHA "PATSY" BLACKWELL, m. ROBERT WILLIAMSON, May 17, 1824, Garrard Co., Kentucky.

Click here to reach Veda Lindsay
Veda is also a descendant of the Blackwell
family and has contributed much information to this site.

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