Our Family Roots Are Deep and Many! : Robert Blackwell
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We believe Robert Blackwell is a sibling to our Thomas Blackwell. This information is here in case someone has a connection to him. He is listed as a son of James and Catherine Blackwell. If we can prove Robert and Thomas are brothers then we will have proof that Thomas is the son of James and Catherine! If you have any information about him, please contact us with the e-mail link below.

An interesting fact: On 10 Aug 1819, ROBERT BLACKWELL signed the will of THOMAS BLACKWELL as a witness, it was also signed by GEORGE BLACKWELL and wife SARAH/SALLY BLACKWELL, wife of Thomas. THOMAS died the next day, 11 Aug 1819, Garrard Co., KY. The will was drawn up hastily and ROBERT was present at the time THOMAS was dying.

ROBERT BLACKWELL'S children may be:
SARAH BLACKWELL m. WILLIAM BROWN, 1 Aug 1811, Garrard County, Kentucky.

GEORGE BLACKWELL m. POLLY BLACKWELL, 7 Mar 1816, Garrard County, Kentucky. (THOMAS BLACKWELL was bondsman)

ZACHARIAH BLACKWELL m. MAHALA WALLACE, 30 Mar 1818, Garrard County, Kentucky.

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ELIZABETH BLACKWELL m. MULKY LOYD, 20 Aug 1812 (or it could be BETSY BLACKWELL m. MOSES LOYD, 11 Aug 1818 - ROBERT BLACKWELL was bondsman)

24 Jul 1822 (ROBERT BLACKWELL was bondsman)

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