Our Family Roots Are Deep and Many! : BLACKWELL


The Descendants of
Thomas Blackwell and
his wife Sarah (aka Sally)

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Family of Thomas & Sarah Blackwell

Generation 2

Generation 3

Generation 4


Robert Blackwell
No proof of his relationship yet but we
are hoping someone has information about him.
We think he is a brother to our Thomas.


Some Blackwell descendant charts.

Blackwell web page
This site has lots of Blackwell information - including a listing of
the people we believe to be the siblings of our Thomas Blackwell!

Blackwell Genealogy Study Group
Online Web Notebook

Lots of Blackwell information here. Check it out now.

GenForum - Blackwell
Exchange Blackwell information on GenForum by clicking here.

Click here to reach Ken Hollingsworth's web page.
Joseph Kenneth Hollingsworth (Ken) is a Blackwell descendant.

Del White's web page
Del's web page shows two connections with the White and Blackwell families.


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